Gyerim Territory Area Command

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Gyerim Territory Area Command
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 鷄林州都督府
Korean name
Hangul 계림대도독부
Hanja 鷄林州都督府
Gyerim Territory Area Command

Gyerim Territory Area Command is an autonomous administration established in Silla territory by Tang dynasty. In the place of Baekje and Goguryeo, the Tang created the Protectorate General to Pacify the East, Ungjin Commandery and Gyerim Territory Area Command.


In 660, when Tang dynasty destroyed Baekje, Tang dynasty established 5 protectorate named Ungjin Commandery. In addition, Tang established Gyerim Protectorate in Silla's land and established another state and prefecture in the bottom part and name it as Jimizhou. Munmu of Silla was nominated as first commander.[1][2] After that 16 kings of Silla was nominated as commander.

In the 8th century, An Lushan Rebellion began, Ping Lu Fanzhen (Hanja:平盧藩鎮) was moved to Shandong Peninsula and renamed as Zi Qing Ping Lu Fanzhen (Hanja:淄青平盧藩鎮), Fanzhen started to hold a post of Commander of Gyerim Protectorate concurrently.

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