Gurvan Saikhan Mountains

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Gurvansaikhan Mountains
Peaks of Zuun Saikhany Nuruu after a September snowstorm
Highest point
Peak Dund Saikhany Nuruu
Elevation 2,825 m (9,268 ft)
Coordinates 43°38′06″N 103°46′45″E / 43.63500°N 103.77917°E / 43.63500; 103.77917Coordinates: 43°38′06″N 103°46′45″E / 43.63500°N 103.77917°E / 43.63500; 103.77917
Native name Гурван Сайхан
Country Mongolia
Aimags Ömöngovi
Region Gobi desert
Parent range Gobi-Altai Mountains (Altai Mountains)
Geological features Yolyn Am

The Gurvan Saikhan (Mongolian: Гурван Сайхан, lit. "three beauties"), is a mountain range in the Ömnögovi Province of southern Mongolia. It is named for three subranges: Baruun Saikhany Nuruu (the Western Beauty), Dund Saikhany Nuruu (the Middle Beauty) and Zuun Saikhany Nuruu (the Eastern Beauty).

A yurt in front of the Gurvansaikhan Mountains

The highest peak is found in Dund Saikhany Nuruu, and is 9,268 feet (2,825 meters) above sea level. A notable gorge, Yolyn Am, is found in Zuun Saikhany Nuruu. Though the range is surrounded by the Gobi desert, Yolyn Am contains a semi-permanent ice field.

The range forms the eastern part of the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park.

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