Groupees Unreleased EP

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Groupees Unreleased EP
Celldweller Groupees Unreleased EP.jpg
EP by Celldweller
Released May 4, 2011
Recorded 2004–2011
Genre Electronic rock, industrial metal, drum and bass, electronica
Length 28:29 (with bonus tracks)
Label FiXT Music
Producer Klayton
Grant Mohrman
Celldweller chronology
Cellout EP 01
(2011)Cellout EP 012011
Groupees Unreleased EP
The Complete Cellout
(2011)The Complete Cellout2011

Groupees Unreleased EP is an EP by the American electronic rock band, Celldweller. On May 2, 2011, Klayton announced a 72 Hour Exclusive 4EP Bundle Sale on Groupees with 20% of the benefits going to Red Cross for Tornado Relief. The bundle included the Unreleased EP, which contained previously unreleased tracks and remixes, including a song from the then unreleased Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 2 Chapter 02 and a previously unreleased Beta Cessions demo. If the goal of $10,000 reached within the duration of the promotion, two more tracks would be unlocked for every donor. This goal was later decreased to $6,000 and was reached. The top donor was rewarded with a bonus unreleased track which is exclusively his/her until its official release. The EP was only available for 72 hours, from May 4 to May 7, therefore it is no longer available.[1][2][3]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "So Long Sentiment (Metal Revision by Paul Udarov)" 5:31
2. "Eon (Drop RMX)" 4:08
3. "Senorita Bonita" 0:59
4. "Louder Than Words (DNA Remix)" 6:46
5. "Shapeshifter (Klayton Revision)" 2:58

Bonus tracks

No. Title Length
6. "Atmospheric Light (Unreleased Beta Cessions demo)" 3:14
7. "The Lucky One (Voicians Remix)" 4:49


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