Group 7 Rugby League

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Group 7 Rugby League
Current season or competition::
Group 7 Rugby League logo.jpg
Sport Rugby league
Formerly known as South Coast Rugby League
Instituted 1914
Inaugural season 1914 (as South Coast Rugby League), 1955 (as Group 7 Rugby League)
Number of teams 11 (in 1st Grade, 15 senior clubs)
Country Australia
Premiers South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo Superoos (2017)
Most titles Gerringong Lions (19 titles)
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South Coast Group 7 Rugby League (or Group 7 Rugby League for simplicity) is the divisional boundary drawn from the Southern Illawarra and South Coast regions (from the town of Warilla south to Batemans Bay) of New South Wales, Australia and is governed by the NSWCRL. The main competition, (named South Coast Group 7 VB First Grade for sponsorship reasons), comprises eight (10) teams from across the region. In 2011 the competition won't feature a team from central Shoalhaven for the first time in a long time.[1] Group 7 Rugby League also administers Reserve Grade, Third Grade and Under-18's competitions, as well as looking over many junior competitions.


There are nine (10) teams competing in the 2013 South Coast Group 7 VB First Grade Competition:

Albion Park-Oak Flats Eagles
Albion Park, NSW
Ground: Centenary Field
First season: 1933

Stingrays of Shellharbour
Shellharbour, NSW
Ground: Flinders Field
First season: 2017

Berry-Shoalhaven Heads Magpies
Berry, NSW
Ground: Berry Showground
First season: 1914

Gerringong Lions
Gerringong, NSW
Ground: Michael Cronin Oval
First season: 1914

Jamberoo Superoos
Jamberoo, NSW
Ground: Kevin Walsh Oval
First season: 1914

Kiama Knights
Kiama, NSW
Ground: Kiama Showground
First season: 1914

Milton-Ulladulla Bulldogs
Mollymook, NSW
Ground: Bill Andriske Oval
First season: 1930s

Nowra-Bomaderry Jets
Nowra, NSW
Ground: Nowra Showground
First season: 2008

Port Kembla Blacks
Port Kembla, NSW
Ground: Noel Mulligan Oval
First season: 2013

Warilla-Lake South Gorillas
Lake Illawarra, NSW
Ground: Cec Glenholmes Oval
First season: 1970

In Reserve Grade, an extra two (2) teams participate in an eleven (11) team competition:

  • Bay and Basin United Sharks (formed from merger between Wreck Bay and St Georges Basin Dragons)
  • Culburra-Greenwell Point Pirates

Former Teams

Foundation Clubs

Of the original eight teams that competed in the inaugural competition in 1914, only four teams remain playing in first grade. They are the Berry Magpies, Gerringong Lions, Jamberoo Superoos, and Kiama Knights. The Nowra Warriors were also a foundation club, but due to financial reasons were forced to merge with the Bomaderry Swamp Rats in 2007, creating the team Shoalhaven Jets which compete in Reserve Grade.

Club Traditional Colours Years contested Seasons
Played Premiers Minor Premiers Runners-up
Berry Magpies Western Suburbs colours.svg 1914 – current 100 12 10
Bombo 1914–1929 (merged with Kiama) 16 1 0
Gerringong Lions Great Britain colours.svg 1914–1924, 1928–current 97 19 16
Jamberoo Superoos South Sydney colours.svg 1914–1989, 2009–current 81 9 9
Kiama Knights North Sydney colours.svg 1914–current 100 11 13
Kangaroo Valley Australian colours.svg 1914–? 0 1
Naval College 1914–? 0 0
Nowra Warriors Castleford colours.svg 1914–2007 (formed Jets) 94 10 11

New teams

There have been a few teams to expand into the Group 7 Rugby League First Grade Premiership. Through the 20's-30's Albion Park were founded, joined the Illawarra Rugby League and returned to Group 7 in 1933. The Shellharbour Sharks are known to have joined the league at this time. Milton-Ulladulla Bulldogs also joined from Group 16 Rugby League. The Warilla-Lake South Gorillas were first introduced into First Grade during the 1970s and in 1978 the Batemans Bay Tigers were another team to move from Group 16.

Club Traditional Colours Years contested Seasons
Played Premiers Minor Premiers Runners-up
Shellharbour Sharks Annandale colours.svg 1920–2008 (to Illawarra) 89 5 14
Milton-Ulladulla Bulldogs Newcastle colours.svg (from Group 16) c. 1930–current 84 5 2
Albion Park Eagles Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg (from Illawarra) 1933 – current 81 13 6
Warilla Gorillas Parramatta colours.svg 1964–current 44 8 10
Batemans Bay Tigers Wests Tigers colours.svg (from Group 16) 1978–current 36 5 3
Nowra Saints early 1980s >5 0 1
Bomaderry Swamp Rats City colours.svg ?-2007 (formed Jets) 1 4
Bay and Basin United ?-2010, 2012 0 0
Nowra-Bomaderry Jets City colours.svg 2008–2010, 2012– 5 0 0
Port Kembla Blacks Western Suburbs colours.svg (from Illawarra) 2013– 1 0 0
Shellharbour Stingrays 2017 – current 1 0 0 0


Formative years

Rugby league has been played in the South Coast region of New South Wales since 1913, with the first competition taking place between teams from the Shoalhaven district. In May 1914, with other rugby clubs from across the region also splitting from rugby union to join the new code, the South Coast Rugby League was formed. The first season of what is now known as the Group 7 competition began with eight teams competing. These teams included: Berry, Bombo, Gerringong, Jamberoo, Kiama, Kangaroo Valley, Naval College, and Nowra. The First round began on 30 May 1914, with Kiama defeating Gerringong 6–3, Naval College defeating Bombo 7–5, Jamberoo Superoos defeating Kangaroo Valley 3–0, and Nowra Warriors defeating Berry Magpies 3–0. The inaugural premiers were Gerringong, winning the final 11–10 at the Kiama Showground. As soon as the league began, they entered a two-year hiatus due to World War I. No competitions were held between 1916 and 1917. When the competition reformed in 1918, Gerringong again won the title. The Nowra Warriors were the next team to win the title in 1919.


Gerringong went on to win the title a third time in 1920, with a 3–0 win over Jamberoo. During 1925–26, some of the northern teams moved into Illawarra Rugby League competition, including Gerringong, who took out the Illawarra Premiership in 1925. Jamberoo won the premiership in 1927. As a result, they were the first team to represent the South Coast in the first championship between South Coast and Illawarra Premiers. Jamberoo (South Coast) defeated Port Kembla (Illawarra) 15–11. In 1929, Bombo won their first (and only) premiership.


After winning their first premiership in 1929, Bombo merged with Kiama in 1930. The new entity, Bombo-Kiama, took out the title in their first season. They followed this up with another in 1933. Albion Park became re-affiliated with South Coast Rugby League in 1933. Milton-Ulladulla joined the league in the 1930s from Group 16 Rugby League. Between 1935 and 1937, the Berry Magpies won the premiership three years consecutively. Junior aged competitions (U-17's, 18's, 19's) were first introduced in 1938. The Shellharbour Sharks won their first premiership in 1939.


Again, the competition faced a hiatus, this time between 1942 and 1943, due to World War II. Albion Park won their maiden Premiership in 1944. Kiama (as a single entity) won the title in 1945. They went on to win a further three titles, becoming the first and only club to win four consecutive titles (1945–1948).

1950s – 1960s

For a second time, between 1952 and 1954, Berry record premiership wins three years consecutively. In 1955, the league was renamed Group 7 Rugby League. Shellharbour won the Premiership in 1962 after a 23-year drought. In 1967, Bomaderry record their first premiership win.

1970s – 1980s

In the 1970s, an expansion occurred when Warilla entered the first grade competition in 1970. They go on to win their first premiership in 1978. The Batemans Bay Tigers win their first premiership in 1979, after joining one year earlier in 1978 from Group 16. In 1980, the league was re-branded as South Coast Group Seven. Milton-Ulladulla record their first premiership win in 1987.

Modern Times

A hat-trick of premierships is again recorded, this time by the Albion Park-Oak Flats Eagles between 1998 and 2000.

Source: Group 7 Rugby League History


First Grade Premiers

Season Grand Final Information Minor Premiers
Premiers Score Runners-up
1914 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 11–10 Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1915 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo Forfeit Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
No competition held between 1916 and 1917
1918 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 12–3 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
1919 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 7–7
North Sydney colours.svg Kiama (Dinkums)
1920 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 3–0 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo
1921 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 8–7 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry
1922 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 11–0 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry
1923 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 6–5 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1924 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 10–0 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry
1925 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama 8–5 Australian colours.svg Kangaroo Valley
1926 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 13–10 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo
1927 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo 14–0 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry
1928 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 5–2 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1929 Bombo 12–7 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1930 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama-Bombo 3–3
Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1931 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo 10–0 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour
1932 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo 21–0 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour
1933 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama-Bombo 7–4 Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1934 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 16–10 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama-Bombo
1935 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 11–2 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama-Bombo
1936 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 22–4 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1937 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 15–2 Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1938 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 12–5 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1939 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour 4–2 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo
1940 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 6–2 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
1941 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 10–7 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
No competition held between 1942 and 1943
1944 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park 4–3 Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1945 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama 5–0 Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1946 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama 3–0 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
1947 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama 19–5 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo
1948 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama 5–5
Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry
1949 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park 2–0 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1950 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama 5–5
South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo
1951 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo 15–5 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
1952 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 8–0 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1953 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 12–2 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
1954 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 13–0 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo
1955 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 13–9 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour
1956 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 6–5 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo
1957 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 19–10 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour
1958 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo 18–8 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry
1959 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 8–6 City colours.svg Bomaderry
1960 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 7–3 Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1961 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo 7–2 Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1962 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour 13–6 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park
1963 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 3–0 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry
1964 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 6–5 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry
1965 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 14–9 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats
1966 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 4–0 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour
1967 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry 15–7 Castleford colours.svg Nowra
1968 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 15–9 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour
1969 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama 2–2
City colours.svg Bomaderry
1970 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 17–15 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour (Workers)
1971 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour (Workers) 8–0 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1972 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 13–7 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour (Workers)
1973 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour (Workers) 36–7 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1974 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo 13–5 (AET) Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats
1975 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 19–8 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1976 City colours.svg Bomaderry 14–12 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats
1977 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 21–7 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
1978 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla 10–2 City colours.svg Bomaderry
1979 Balmain colours.svg Batemans Bay 10–0 Newcastle colours.svg Milton-Ulladulla
1980 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South 14–10 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour (Workers)
1981 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 20–3 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South
1982 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South 27–7 Nowra Saints Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South
1983 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama 38–6 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour (Workers)
1984 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South 30–6 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
1985 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama 22–18 Castleford colours.svg Nowra Warriors
1986 Balmain colours.svg Batemans Bay 10–8 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla
1987 Newcastle colours.svg Milton-Ulladulla 13–12 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1988 Balmain colours.svg Batemans Bay 19–12 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1989 Newcastle colours.svg Milton-Ulladulla 8–4 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
1990 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 19–16 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
1991 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South 22–1 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama
1992 Balmain colours.svg Batemans Bay 26–6 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South
1993 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 16–12 City colours.svg Bomaderry Balmain colours.svg Batemans Bay
1994 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 9–6 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South
1995 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South 12–10 Castleford colours.svg Nowra Warriors
1996 Castleford colours.svg Nowra 42–6 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour
1997 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South 18–16 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South
1998 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 11–4 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South
1999 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 30–16 Balmain colours.svg Batemans Bay
2000 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 31–18 Wests Tigers colours.svg Batemans Bay
2001 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour City 22–20 Wests Tigers colours.svg Batemans Bay
2002 Wests Tigers colours.svg Batemans Bay 54–10 Newcastle colours.svg Milton-Ulladulla
2003 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 14–10 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
2004[2] Newcastle colours.svg Milton-Ulladulla 50–12 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry-Shoalhaven Heads Newcastle colours.svg Milton-Ulladulla
2005[3] Newcastle colours.svg Milton-Ulladulla 34–22 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats[3][4]
2006[5] Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 30–0 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour City Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats
2007 Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 44–10 Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry-Shoalhaven Heads Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats[6]
2008[7] Newcastle colours.svg Milton-Ulladulla 36–24 Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour City Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour City
2009[8] Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 25–22 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South
2010[9] Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 21–20 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats
2011[10] Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South 36–6 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South[11]
2012[12] Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats 16–14 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats
2013[13] Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 14–13^ Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong
2014 Northern Pride colours.png Nowra-Bomaderry 30–20 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South
2015 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 26–22 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South
2016 Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong 10–0 Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong[14]
2017 South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo 18–14 North Sydney colours.svg Kiama South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo

Total Premierships Won

Team Titles Years
Great Britain colours.svg Gerringong Lions 19 1914, 1918, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1924, 1940, 1956, 1960, 1965, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1990, 1994, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016
Manly Sea Eagles colours.svg Albion Park-Oak Flats Eagles 13 1944, 1949, 1963, 1964, 1975, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012
Western Suburbs colours.svg Berry-Shoalhaven Heads Magpies 12 1923, 1926, 1928, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1941, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1966, 1967,
North Sydney colours.svg Kiama Knights 11 1925, 1930, 1933, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1969, 1983, 1985
Castleford colours.svg Nowra Warriors 10 1919, 1934, 1938, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1977, 1981, 1993, 1996
South Sydney colours.svg Jamberoo Superoos 9 1915, 1927, 1931, 1932, 1951, 1958, 1961, 1974, 2017
Parramatta colours.svg Warilla-Lake South Gorillas 8 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984,1991, 1995, 1997, 2011
Annandale colours.svg Shellharbour Sharks 5 1939, 1962, 1971, 1973, 2001
Newcastle colours.svg Milton-Ulladulla Bulldogs 5 1987, 1989, 2004, 2005, 2008
Wests Tigers colours.svg Batemans Bay Tigers 5 1979, 1986, 1988, 1992, 2002
City colours.svg Bomaderry Swamp Rats 1 1976
Bombo 1 1929
Northern Pride colours.png Nowra-Bomaderry Jets 1 2014

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