Grand Hamad Stadium

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Grand Hamad Stadium
اســتــاد حــمــد الــكــبــيــر
Al-Arabi Stadium
Full name Grand Hamad Stadium
Location Doha, Qatar
Coordinates 25°15'31"N 51°31'19"E
Owner Al-Arabi Sport Club
Capacity 13,000
Surface Grass
Al-Arabi SC

The Grand Hamad Stadium (Arabic: استاد حمد الكبير‎), also known as the Al-Arabi Sports Club Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Doha, Qatar. The stadium holds 13,000 people, and is currently used mostly for football matches, as it is Al-Arabi SC's home ground. The stadium was used extensively during the 2006 Asian Games, and was a venue for several different sports, including football, table tennis, rugby sevens, and fencing. The Iraq national football team played their 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) matches at the stadium, as did the Yemen national football team in their 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) matches.

FIFA World Cup qualification matches

FIFA World Cup qualification matches that were held in the stadium:

Date Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round
25 March 2001  Malaysia 4-3  Palestine Group 3
11 November 2011  Iraq 1-0  China PR Group 1
29 February 2012  Iraq 7-1  Singapore Group 1
12 June 2012  Iraq 1-1  Oman Group B
16 October 2012  Iraq 1-2  Australia Group B
14 November 2012  Iraq 1-0  Jordan Group B
11 June 2013  Iraq 0-1  Japan Group B
12 March 2015  Yemen 3-1  Pakistan First Round
8 September 2015  Yemen 0-4  Bahrain Group H
17 November 2015  Yemen 1-3  Uzbekistan Group H

Friendly (national team) Matches

Friendly (national Team) Matches that were held in the stadium.


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Coordinates: 25°15′31″N 51°31′14″E / 25.258708°N 51.520509°E / 25.258708; 51.520509

Date Team #1 Res. Team #2
6 November 2011  Iraq 1-0  Lebanon
29 May 2013  Oman 1-1  Lebanon
25 March 2014  Yemen 2-0    Nepal
11 April 2014  Philippines 3-0    Nepal
30 October 2014  Philippines 3-0    Nepal
16 December 2018  Palestine 2-0  Pakistan
31 December 2018  Vietnam 4-2  Philippines
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