Gone with the West

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Gone with the West
Gone with the West FilmPoster.jpeg
Original movie poster
Directed by Bernard Girard
Produced by William Collins (producer)
Written by Monroe Manning
Douglas Day Stewart
Marcus Demian
Starring See below
Music by Bob Ross
Cinematography Gerald Perry Finnerman
Edited by Andrew Herbert
Pat Somerset
Release date
2 July 1975
Running time
92 minutes
95 minutes (Netherlands)
Country United States
Language English

Gone with the West is a 1975 American Western film starring James Caan and Stefanie Powers, directed by Bernard Girard.

The film is also known as Little Moon & Jud McGraw in Australia and Little Moon and Jud McGraw (American reissue title). It was filmed in 1969 under the title Man Without Mercy but did not find a cinema release.[1]

Plot summary

Jud McGraw gets out of prison and seeks revenge against Mimmo, a man who wronged him. He meets Little Moon, a woman who also has good reason to go looking for justice.

Mimmo pretty much owns the whole town, including the sheriff, whose sister Billie is also Mimmo's woman. A quick-draw gunslinger for hire, Kid Dandy, plays billiards and helps keep Mimmo safe from harm, at least until McGraw gets to town.



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