Gondi languages

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Gondi languages
Ethnicity Gonds
Throughout Central India, mostly Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh
Linguistic classification Dravidian
  • South-Central
    • Gondi-Kui
      • Gondi languages

The Gondi languages are a subgroup of the Dravidian family that includes Gondi and related languages. Gondi proper is the most widely spoken language, with over 2.7 million speakers.[1] Other languages in this subgroup include Muria, Madiya, and Koya. It is undetermined whether Pardhan is a separate language or a dialect of Gondi, although current fieldwork suggests it is a dialect.[2] Khirwar is a poorly-attested language spoken by people in the general Gond area, and so is assumed to be related to Gondi.


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