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The Gokaigers transformed: (from left) Gokai Pink, Gokai Green, Gokai Silver, Gokai Red, Gokai Blue and Gokai Yellow. The Jolly Roger on the background consists of a folded Ranger Key over two crossed swords.

The Gokaigers (ゴーカイジャー, Gōkaijā) are the protagonists featured in the 35th Super Sentai Series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. The Gokaigers battle against the antagonist group, the Space Empire Zangyack.

The Gokaiger characters make their debut in the film Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku where they briefly appear to fight against some of the Gedoushu and defeat Shitari of the Bones, with DaiGoyou as a witness whom they have promise not to tell his group. This appearance was later explained during the series proper in episode 40.

The Gokaigers are a group of young pirates from space that hear of the legend of the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, which leads them to Earth. However, on their journey, they cross paths with the evil Space Empire Zangyack, who conquered their planets long ago and placed bounties on their heads before indirectly interfering in their invasion of Earth and increasing the bounty as a result. When searching for treasure or before battle, the Gokaigers tend to say "Let's make this flashy!!" (派手に行くぜ!!, Hade ni ikuze!!). Whenever the Gokaigers change into a past Super Sentai group, they will sometimes refer to themselves as the "pirated" (海賊版, kaizokuban) version of that team. The Gokaigers oftens state that they are not heroes like the Super Sentai, but rather they say that they are merely pirates who only help out due to circumstance. But their experience on Earth, especially after Gai joins the crew, has led them to accept their role as Super Sentai as they value the earth and its inhabitants as they wish to protect the earth.

Each member of the Gokaigers has a bounty on their heads by the Zangyack Empire for opposing their invasion. At the beginning of the series, the Gokaigers' initial bounty collectively started off at Z=3,100,100 with the empire merely shrugging off their activities, but as the series went on, their constant interference increased that bounty until the death of Warz Gill, the Zangyack Emperor's son, which brought their bounties to an "Unlimited Reward" for Captain Marvelous and a collective total of Z=15,600,050 for the rest of the crew gaining the full attention of the empire. By that time, as the bounty now states them to be killed on sight, the Gokaigers decide to finally take the fight to the Zangyack. After the death of Akudos Gill and the fall of the Zangyack Empire, Marvelous returns the Ranger Keys, along with the Great Powers within them, back to the respective previous warriors, and he and his crew departs the Earth, going on a journey to the homeworld of Zangyack to find what he presumes to be the second Greatest Treasure. However, the Gokai Galleon crew find themselves overwhelmed by the Zangyack's new acting leader Bacchus Gill and feigned surrender to use him to obtain the treasure he sought after during the events Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie. Once helping the Go-Busters defeat Bacchus, the Gokaigers leave Earth in the newest Super Sentai team's hands while they resume looking for treasure in the cosmos.

As of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, where the Gokaigers made a guest appearance in a two episodes as part of the 40th Super Sentai anniversary event, they can now assume the form of their Super Sentai successors.

Captain Marvelous

Captain Marvelous (キャプテン・マーベラス, Kyaputen Māberasu) is the young captain of the Gokai Galleon who transforms into Gokai Red (ゴーカイレッド, Gōkai Reddo). He was originally a resident of a planet invaded by the Zangyack Empire before turning to piracy, though he had no desire or motivation except to pursue the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, which he did not truly believe in at the time. While raiding a Zangyack treasure depository, he met Aka Red, who recruited him to the Red Pirates (赤き海賊団, Akaki Kaizokudan) while telling him to never give up if he wishes to obtain the Greatest Treasure. When the Red Pirates were wiped out in a Zangyack attack after being betrayed by their shipmate Basco Ta Jolokia, Marvelous promised Aka Red to continue his quest for the Greatest Treasure. While he has no idea what the treasure is supposed to be, he makes finding it his only goal in life, eventually forming his own crew of space pirates whose members also share his ideal. Though he is the team leader, Captain Marvelous is an unpredictable sort of character who does reckless things to satisfy his curiosity, stating his actions as what any pirate would do in that particular moment, earning the ire of his crew, especially Don, at times. But his sense of responsibility as a leader is still very well intact, as shown when if his crew is ever in mortal danger, he would use his authority as captain and sacrifice himself, much like Aka Red did for him, to ensure their safety. He is much stronger than he looks as he is usually seen exercising himself by wearing a heavy bracelet while playing darts. His strength is displayed in a flashback in episode 12, where he rips the Zangyack tracking collar off Joe's neck, as well as in episode 21, where he rips the Heart of Hades right out of Ryuuwon's chest. He also has a rather hearty appetite. Before having Doc and Ahim join his crew, Marvelous's bounty was already established at Z=1,000,000 and raised to Z=1,500,000 when they get to Earth. This is eventually raised to Z=3,000,000 and then Z=5,000,000. After the death of Warz Gill, Captain Marvelous's bounty achieved the "Unlimited Reward" status, implying that anyone who takes on and completes the task can name any price that comes to mind. Captain Marvelous manages to defeat Basco to retrieve the five remaining Great Powers that the privateer had stolen, with his crew defeating Akudos to end the Zangyack empire's reign of terror.[1][2]

During the events of Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen, Marvelous abandons the Gokaigers and unites the enemies of the first 35 Super Sentai teams as Dai-Zangyack, with the intention of stealing the Kamen Riders' Great Powers and claiming the Ultimate Treasure in the Universe (宇宙最強のお宝, Uchū Saikyō no Otakara). He battles and apparently destroys every Kamen Rider except for Tsukasa Kadoya, Kamen Rider Decade, and the leader of Dai-Shocker, who likewise seemingly destroyed every Ranger except for Joe and Don However, this ultimately turns out to be a ruse, as Marvelous and Tsukasa learned that the villains were planning on joining forces to defeat the Rangers and Riders, and hatched a plan to prevent this. The "destroyed" heroes were actually sent to another dimension to keep the villains from actually killing them, and were restored in time to battle the united villains and their Big Machine combat mecha. After their victory, Marvelous muses that perhaps friendship with the Kamen Riders is the real Ultimate Treasure in the Universe.

In Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O, Gokai Red can use the Gold Anchor Key to become Gokai Red Gold Mode (ゴーカイレッド ゴールドモード, Gōkai Reddo Gōrudo Mōdo) which later appears in a Special DVD called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Let's Do This Goldenly! Roughly! 36 Round Gokai Change!!.

Captain Marvelous is portrayed by Ryota Ozawa (小澤 亮太, Ozawa Ryota). As a child, he is portrayed by Tatsuomi Hamada (濱田 龍臣, Hamada Tatsuomi).

Joe Gibken

Joe Gibken (ジョー・ギブケン, Jō Gibuken) is the loyal first mate of Captain Marvelous who can transform into Gokai Blue (ゴーカイブルー, Gōkai Burū). He was the first recruit into Captain Marvelous' crew. A man of few words, his cool and serious demeanor offsets his swordsmanship skills, making him the best fighter in the team. Under his stoic and uncaring facade lies a compassionate and kind nature. His catchphrase is, "I'll borrow this," whenever he grabs a bladed weapon from an enemy or another Super Sentai warrior during battle. Joe was once a member of the Zangyack's Imperial Special Forces, but when he was instructed to kill a group of captive children on his first mission, he refused and was imprisoned and beaten for attacking his superior officers while having their prisoners escape, only managing to escape thanks to the apparent sacrifice of his friend, senior and mentor, Sid Bamick. While on the run with a Z=500,000 bounty on his head, unable to settle in any one place for long due to the tracking collar attached to his neck, Joe was saved from his executioners by Captain Marvelous, whom he vowed to follow after Captain Marvelous managed to get the collar off through painstaking effort. After discovering that Sid had not died but was extensively modified to become Barizorg and unable to save him to his dismay, Joe realizes he had already found a new family in the form of the Gokaiger crew without realizing it, and decides to let go of his past and finally able to truly move on after defeating Barizorg. He eventually has his showdown with Barizorg, killing him and finally freeing the soul of his old friend, earning Sid's acknowledgement and finally giving Joe the closure he sought. Before Doc and Ahim joined he had a bounty of Z=1,000,000. Since directly attacking the Zangyack armada sent to conquer Earth, Joe's bounty is eventually raised to Z=2,000,000 and then Z=4,000,000. After the death of Warz Gill, his bounty increases to Z=8,000,000. With five Gokai Sabers and five blue Ranger Keys, Gokai Blue can perform the Final Wave Five-Blade Style Blue Slash (五刀流ブルースラッシュ, Gotōryū Burū Surasshu).[3][4]

Joe Gibken is portrayed by Yuki Yamada (山田 裕貴, Yamada Yuki).

Luka Millfy

Luka Millfy (ルカ・ミルフィ, Ruka Mirufi) is a tomboy who serves as the crew's lookout and can transform into Gokai Yellow (ゴーカイイエロー, Gōkai Ierō). Originally a poor, homeless girl, Luka looked after the other orphans with her friend Cain when their planet was under attack by the Zangyack. From that point on, Luka made a promise to herself that she would create a place where these orphans and many others elsewhere to live in peace, even if it means buying an entire planet to do so. This has made Luka appreciate the value of money and her methods of gaining it borderline on being greedy, even poking fun at the possibility of turning her crewmates in for the bounty. After losing her younger sister Lia to an illness, Luka left their planet to obtain funds by stealing from Zangyack warehouses, with examples being Zagins and energy crystals before she got caught. However, Captain Marvelous and Joe just happened to come by to steal from the empire when she was caught, saving and offering her the chance to make use her skills as their reconnaissance and infiltration expert. Though she refuses at first, Luka joins the crew after hearing their prize is the Greatest Treasure in the Universe and sees the value in obtaining such a thing worth an entire universe. Since joining the Gokai Galleon's crew, Luka has acquired a collection of expensive jewelry which the others will sometimes use to exchange for local currency, much to her dismay. Also, having frequently trained her eyes since childhood by spotting 10 shooting stars before she goes to sleep, Luka has developed acute reflexes in combat, which she uses to make up for her relative lack of physical strength. Her training also enabled her to spot any nearby treasure. Her bounty is initially set at Z=100,000 but is later raised to Z=300,000 upon arriving on Earth, then to Z=750,000 and then Z=1,500,000. After the death of Warz Gill, her bounty increases to Z=3,000,000. Because of the way she lost Lia, Luka sees Ahim as a surrogate little sister, constantly concerned over her safety, a far different personality than her normal tough and cheeky personality she has when around the others.[5][6]

Luka Millfy is portrayed by Mao Ichimichi (市道 真央, Ichimichi Mao).

Don Dogoier

Don Dogoier (ドン・ドッゴイヤー, Don Doggoiyā) is the cheerful and honest ship mechanic, cook and caretaker who can transform into Gokai Green (ゴーカイグリーン, Gōkai Gurīn), his seemingly spineless attitude is actually hiding his true courage which he shows when his friends are in danger. Don ran a repair store in the middle of nowhere until he met Luka and recognized her from her wanted poster when the girl's crew needed repairs on the Gokai Galleon after a brush with the Zanyack. He boarded the Gokai Galleon on his own volition later to honor his promise of helping out with the repairs, claiming himself to be a refugee from a Zangyack-conquered world. Other than fixing the ship, he single-handedly cleaned the filthy living quarters and gave the crew a decent meal before getting on with the needed repairs. Don's skills in gadgetry, cleaning, and cooking impressed Marvelous immensely, leading Don being shanghaied into the crew while being nicknamed "Doc" (ハカセ, Hakase). During battle, due to having little to no martial prowess, Don relies heavily on stealth and trickery using the environment around him to improvise attacks. His clumsiness in battle would often end up looking like he is doing comedic slapstick. He would often choose to flee when Zangyack forces arrive if his teammates are nowhere in sight. While still a bit of a coward, the Gokaigers' adventures on Earth have made him more confident in himself and able to support his teammates better, to the point where he volunteered to develop a new weapon for the team when his team's current weapons proved inadequate for defeating Shieldon. Due to his perceived background, the Zangyack Empire see Doc as no true concern on his own and originally set his bounty at a mere Z=100, but this is later raised to Z=1,000 and then Z=5,000 in response to his meddling in their affairs. Even though his bounty remains puny in comparison to the rest of the crew, he is the only member of the team actually concerned about their increasing value, as it will eventually bring more enemies coming after their heads. His fear is eventually realized when his role in the death of Warz Gill raised his bounty to Z=50,000. The Gokaiger crew would later learn that he was a legendary hero who disappeared after slaying a planet-eating dragon from a magazine, though it was eventually revealed that it's nothing more than a prank Doc played on the rest of the crew. When Captain Marvelous was captured and the rest of the Gokai Galleon crew seemingly killed-in-action, Doc decided to live up to the lie he made regardless and formulates a plan to rescue their captain from his execution by making himself a decoy so Damarasu would fail to notice Navi freeing their captain. After Damarasu's demise, Doc's bounty eventually raises to Z=300,000 as he is finally seen by the Zangyack as a problem even though he is tied with Gai for the lowest bounty.[7][8]

Don Dogoier is portrayed by Kazuki Shimizu (清水 一希, Shimizu Kazuki).

Ahim de Famille

Ahim de Famille (アイム・ド・ファミーユ, Aimu do Famīyu) is a gentle and well-mannered lady who transforms into Gokai Pink (ゴーカイピンク, Gōkai Pinku). The fourth member to join Captain Marvelous, she was the princess of the planet Famille before Zatsurigu of the Zangyack Imperial Guard destroyed her home world and killed her parents for not accepting annexation as threatened to. She came across the pirates by chance while on the run, asking to join their crew so that she can fight the Zangyack forces and inspire hope to any other survivors from her home world and any other planet the Zangyack wiped out. Unlike the rest of her crewmates, she was practically useless when she first started out as a pirate due to having no unique utilitarian abilities, having zero martial prowess, constantly making a mess out of chores with her clumsiness, and very slow to catch up to anything. But unlike most of her more trigger-happy and rude teammates or the otherwise spineless Doc, she usually tries to solve conflicts peacefully. Due to her royal upbringing, she is also unusually courteous, not only making her the crew's diplomat, but also capable of easing any tension among her teammates, who would constantly bicker among themselves before she arrived due to their rougher personalities. Her pacifist ideals and in extension, her appearance, should not be taken as a sign of weakness. Due to her time spent training and living with the other pirates, she is now a competent pirate and fully capable of holding her own in a fight, evident when she fends off an armed kidnapper easily and with grace. She is the most fascinated with many aspects of common Earth culture as, being raised in royalty, she has very little understanding of life outside of her high society lifestyle. Her bounty is initially set at Z=500,000 but is later raised to Z=1,000,000 and then Z=2,000,000. After the death of Warz Gill, her bounty increases to Z=4,000,000. Ahim eventually confronts Zatsurigu and finally avenges her family and every other victim out there with the crew's help.[9][10]

Ahim de Famille is portrayed by Yui Koike (小池 唯, Koike Yui), who previously portrayed Yui Aoyama in the Kamen Rider W finale.

Gai Ikari

Gai Ikari (伊狩 鎧, Ikari Gai) is the only Earthling of the group and a Super Sentai fan who was injured while saving a little girl from being hit by a truck. Soon after, in a dream, Gai was visited by the ghosts of Mikoto Nakadai (Abare Killer), Time Fire, and Dragon Ranger, as they gave him both the ability to become Gokai Silver (ゴーカイシルバー, Gōkai Shirubā) and access to their respective teams' Great Powers. He was originally denied by Captain Marvelous to be a part of the crew as he didn't think Gai brought something unique to his crew nor did he feel that Gai knew what it meant to be an enemy of the Zangyack empire. His enthusiasm and bravery allowed Gai to join the Gokaigers with the vow to use his powers to destroy the Zangyack Empire for good. Upon joining the Gokaigers, his bounty is initially established at Z=100,000, later raised to Z=300,000 due to his role in the death of Warz Gill.[11][12][13][14] Gai also has a strange power to use his imagination to influence the Ranger Keys, fusing them to create variant keys such as the Go-on Wings Key, the Gokai Christmas (ゴーカイクリスマス, Gōkai Kurisumasu) Key with the Gokai Red and Gokai Green Keys, and the Gold Anchor Key with all fifteen sixth hero Ranger Keys. Through the Gold Anchor Key, Gokai Silver can transform into the armored Gold Mode (ゴールドモード, Gōrudo Mōdo), increasing his offensive capacity and defense, though the cumbersome armor slows him down considerably.[15] As such, he mostly uses Gold Mode only for finishing off the Action Commanders. It does not take long for Gai to prove himself a valuable asset to the team, as not only he is a cook as good as Don and a fighter with skills at par with that of Joe's, but as a Super Sentai fan himself, he has a vast knowledge about the previous teams that his shipmates lack. One advantage of his knowledge is his ability to differentiate Shiro Akebono from Daigoro Oume (as both characters are played by Kenji Ohba) just by their scents (as, according to him, Oume smells like anpan, while Akebono smells of the Savanna). As a Super Sentai fan, he has great respect for any past Super Sentai members, to the point of going hysterical when he meets any of them and asking for their autographs. Although he respects those heroes who came before him, he would not hesitate to talk back at any of them if that means defending what he thinks is right, as well as standing up for his team. After the death of Akudos Gill and the dissolution of Zangyack Empire, Gai says his goodbye to his friends on Earth and he sets on his journey with the Gokaigers to the homeworld of Zangyack. Gai is considered both the 200th Super Sentai warrior and the 16th sixth hero of a Super Sentai team.

Gai Ikari is portrayed by Junya Ikeda (池田 純矢, Ikeda Jun'ya).


Navi (ナビィ, Nabyi) is a robotic parrot who originally belonged to Aka Red before serving the Gokaigers in navigating the Gokai Galleon through space to the location of the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, possessing a form of fortune telling called Treasure Navigate (お宝ナビゲート, Otakara Nabigēto) where she flies around before hitting her head and providing cryptic hints on where the Greatest Treasure may be found on Earth. These hints only lead them to meet members of the previous Super Sentai who help them to unlock the true potential of their Ranger Keys or when they have an imminent important event, like their clash with Basco Ta Jolokia or their encounter with Gai Ikari who unbeknownst to the group at the time is Gokai Silver. Once Gai joins the crew, his knowledge of previous Super Sentai teams enables him to determine the meanings behind Navi's fortune-telling. Oftentimes, Captain Marvelous nicknames Navi as "Bird", which she dislikes. Due to her involvement in helping Captain Marvelous escape from his public execution, Navi has a Z=50 bounty placed on her by the Zangyack Empire. The Gokaigers later learn from Basco Ta Jolokia that Navi, being a perpetual machine that requires no observable energy source to function, is actually the gate leading to the Greatest Treasure itself. During the final battle against the Zangyack, Navi pilots the Free Joker to shield the Gokaigers from Zangyack fleet's attack as Marvelous and Gai takes their ride into the Free Joker, reaching and crashing the Gigant Horse. She manages to survive by escaping from the explosion of Gigant Horse, along with the Free Joker crashing on it. After Emperor Akudos Gill's demise, Navi reunites with the crew and later they leave Earth for the new beginning on their journey to the homeworld of Zangyack to find the second Greatest Treasure.[16]

Navi is voiced by Yukari Tamura (田村 ゆかり, Tamura Yukari).


  • Mobilate (モバイレーツ, Mobairētsu): The Mobilates are the Gokaigers' transformation device. The Gokaigers can transform within a tenth of a millisecond by inserting a Ranger Key with the activation call of "Gokai Change" (ゴーカイチェンジ, Gōkai Chenji).[17][18][19][20][21] During the regular transformation sequence, the letters X, X, X and V (the Roman numerals for 35 referencing them as the 35th Super Sentai) form the Gokaigers' suits — the first X forms the chest logo, the second X forms the colored coat, the V forms the helmet and the third X forms the helmet logo. When the team is confronted by enlarged enemies, Gokai Red dials 5501 on the keypad to summon Gokai Galleon for the Gokaigers to board before forming Gokaioh.
  • Gokai Buckle (ゴーカイバックル, Gōkai Bakkuru): The Gokai Buckle is the Gokaigers' means of storing Ranger Keys during battle. Pressing a button on the top of the buckle opens a small compartment that holds a Ranger Key. It is linked to the Gokai Treanger Box holding the Ranger Keys, so any key summoned by the Gokaiger can be teleported into the Gokai Buckle.
  • Gokai Sabre (ゴーカイサーベル, Gōkai Sāberu): The Gokai Sabre is the Gokaigers' primary sword sidearm, resembling a cutlass with a built-in extendable wire, allowing it to be wielded yo-yo-like (which is one of Gokai Yellow's specialty techniques). It is able to utilize the Ranger Keys to activate the Gokai Slash (ゴーカイスラッシュ, Gōkai Surasshu)[22] and Gokai Scramble (ゴーカイスクランブル, Gōkai Sukuranburu)[22] Final Wave attacks. Gokai Blue and Gokai Yellow will typically trade their Gokai Guns with the other Gokaigers for dual Gokai Sabres.[23] In addition, Gokai Yellow can join two Gokai Sabres to form a double-bladed weapon, while Gokai Blue can combine up to three blades in one handle as part of his Five-Blade Style Blue Slash Final Wave attack. With Gokai Silver Gold Mode and the Hurricanegers, the Gokaigers can perform the Gokai Super Ninpou Hurricane Scramble (ゴーカイ超忍法・ハリケンスクランブル, Gōkai Chō Ninpō Hariken Sukuranburu) Final Wave attack. As Gokai Christmas, Gokai Silver can perform the Gokai Christmas Slash (ゴーカイクリスマススラッシュ, Gōkai Kurisumasu Surasshu) Final Wave attack with the Gokai Gun. With Gavan, Gokai Red can perform the Gavan Marvelous Dynamic (ギャバンマーベラスダイナミック, Gaban Māberasu Dainamikku) Final Wave attack. With Gokai Silver Gold Mode, the Gokaigers can perform the Gokai Shooting Slash (ゴーカイシューティングスラッシュ, Gōkai Shūtingu Surasshu) Final Wave attack.
  • Gokai Gun (ゴーカイガン, Gōkai Gan): The Gokai Gun is the Gokaigers' primary firearm sidearm, resembling a flintlock pistol. It is able to utilize the Ranger Keys to activate the Gokai Blast (ゴーカイブラスト, Gōkai Burasuto) and Gokai Scramble Final Wave attacks. Gokai Green and Gokai Pink will typically trade their Gokai Sabres with the other Gokaigers for dual Gokai Guns.[24] In Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, Gokai Pink can perform the Pink Double Attack Part 2 (ピンクダブルアタックパート2, Pinku Daburu Atakku Pāto Tsū) with Super Gosei Pink. With Hurricane Blue, Gokai Yellow and Gokai Pink can perform the Triple Blast (トリプルブラスト, Toripuru Burasuto) attack. One Gokai Gun, modified to contain a second Gokai Cylinder by Don, is able to perform the Double Final Wave. This modification overloads after two shots and is abandoned.
  • Gokai Cellular (ゴーカイセルラー, Gōkai Serurā): The Gokai Cellular is Gokai Silver's transformation device, created by the ghosts of Abare Killer, Time Fire, and Dragon Ranger. Unlike the Mobirates, there is an empty compartment with a built-in scanner that allows the user to assume the form of the scanned Ranger Key. During the regular millisecond tenth long transformation sequence, the letters X, V, and I (the Roman numerals for 16 referencing him as the 16th sixth Sentai warrior, with the I resembling an anchor) form Gokai Silver's suit — the I the chest logo, the X forms the colored coat, the V forms the helmet and its logo. When the Time Fire key is inside, he can dial 000 on the keypad to summon Goujyujin from the future.[25] By using the Gold Anchor Key in the Gokai Cellular, Gokai Silver is able to transform into Gold Mode.
  • Gokai Spear (ゴーカイスピア, Gōkai Supia): The Gokai Spear is Gokai Silver's primary weapon, able to change from its trident-like Spear Mode (スピアモード, Supia Mōdo) to either Gun Mode (ガンモード, Gan Mōdo) or Anchor Mode (アンカーモード, Ankā Mōdo). It is able to utilize the Gokai Silver Key to activate the Gokai Shooting Star (ゴーカイシューティングスター, Gōkai Shūtingu Sutā), throwing the Gokai Spear right through the opponent, Gokai Supernova (ゴーカイスーパーノヴァ, Gōkai Sūpānova), which fires a charged shot with tremendous recoil, Gokai Legendream (ゴーカイレジェンドリーム, Gōkai Rejendorīmu), a powerful attack utilizing the spirits of the other 15 sixth heroes, and Gokai Legend Crash (ゴーカイレジェンドクラッシュ, Gōkai Rejendo Kurasshu), which is like the Gokai Legendream, but utilizes the spirits one at a time, Final Wave attacks.[26]
  • Super Sentai Bazooka (スーパー戦隊バズーカ, Sūpā Sentai Bazūka): The Super Sentai Bazooka is a cannon used by the Gokaigers and Goseigers that is created by the power and spirit of the previous 33 Super Sentai teams. It appears in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle.
  • Gokai Galleon Buster (ゴーカイガレオンバスター, Gōkai Gareon Basutā): The Gokai Galleon Buster is the Gokaigers' double-barreled cannon designed after the Gokai Galleon and the Ohré Bazooka, created by Don as he uses the Ohranger Keys' Great Power to complete it. By using up to five Ranger Keys in any combination, it can perform the Rising Strike (ライジングストライク, Raijingu Sutoraiku) and Rough Wave (派手にウェーブ, Hade ni Wēbu) finishers.[27] When using the Great Powers of the Kamen Rider OOO Keys, it can activate a variation of the Rising Strike known as the Tajador Charge (タジャドルチャージ, Tajadoru Chāgi).[28]

Ranger Keys

The Ranger Keys (レンジャーキー, Renjā Kī) are mysterious special items that were originally scattered across the cosmos until gathered by the Red Pirates. Eventually, after Basco's betrayal, Aka Red gives them to Marvelous to keep safe, learning later with his crew that they will enable to obtain the Greatest Treasure once the Ranger Keys' full power is revealed. Normally stored in a treasure chest called the Gokai Treanger Box (ゴーカイトレンジャーボックス, Gōkai Torenjā Bokkusu), the Ranger Keys are summoned through the Gokai Buckle by a thought-based teleportation system called the Key Road. When used with a Mobirate, the Ranger Keys fold to form keys which can allow the user to become a Gokaiger or access the powers of one of the previous 34 Sentai groups. By using it onĩ the weapons through a port called a Gokai Cylinder, a Gokaiger can perform a Final Wave (ファイナルウェーブ, Fainaru Wēbu) finisher.[29][30][31][32][33][34] By unlocking the Great Power of the Legend Sentai's Ranger Keys, the Gokaigers can access forms of the previous Super Sentai teams' mecha that power up Gokaioh. In addition, the Gokaigers can access special powers as the Legend Sentai members. These include the magic spell Maagi Magi Go Gokai (マージ・マジ・ゴー・ゴーカイ, Māji Maji Gō Gōkai) as the Magirangers, which holds an enemy in place, the Gokai Kurumagic Attack (ゴーカイクルマジックアタック, Gōkai Kurumajikku Atakku) as the Carrangers, the Shinken Six Member Slash (シンケン六連斬り, Shinken Rokuren Giri) as the Shinkengers, a 6-man variation of the Chōriki Dynamite Attack as the Ohrangers, the Vector End: Beat Defender (ベクターエンド・ビートディフェンダー, Bekutā Endo Bīto Difendā) as the Timerangers, and a Jet Phoenix-style attack as the Jetmen. In the Gokaigers' final battle, it is revealed that they can access the Super Modes of the various Super Sentai teams such as the Shinkengers' Hyper Mode and the Dekarangers' SWAT Mode.

Aside from the five Gokaiger keys, the other Ranger Keys are not specific to any of the five Gokaigers. While the Gokaigers can primarily transform into a previous Super Sentai hero of their color, the Gokaigers can use a Ranger Key of any color. For example, in the events of episode 2 and the film Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, each of the Gokaigers transforms into a different previous red hero. When their representative color is not on the previous team, the Gokaiger can transform into the closest analog. For example, when the Gokaigers transform into the Gaorangers, Gokai Green transforms into Gao Black and Gokai Pink transforms into Gao White. If the gender of the original hero is different, the Gokaiger's transformed suit will match the style used by their gender (save for Sun Vulcan, where the female style of a suit had to be created due to the lack of female members). For example, when Gokai Blue and Gokai Yellow transform into Magi Blue and Magi Yellow, respectively, in episodes 1 and 3, the Magi Blue suit is in the male Magiranger style and the Magi Yellow suit in the female style.

By the time they arrived on Earth, the Gokaigers already had all of the Ranger Keys pertaining to the core members of each past Super Sentai team (three for Sun Vulcan, four for Abaranger and five for each remaining team), but did not know that many teams had extra members besides the main ones. The crew manage to obtain the sixth heroes' Ranger Keys from Basco (ex. Dragon Ranger, Abare Killer, the Go-on Wings, and Gosei Knight), which became Gokai Silver's Ranger Keys. But for reasons unknown, Gai's imagination has powerful effects on the Ranger Keys, initially allowing him to merge the Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver Keys into the singular Go-on Wings Key (ゴーオンウイングスキー, Gōon Uingusu Kī), allowing him to transform into a hybridized version of the Go-on Wings (with his right side Go-on Gold and his left Go-on Silver), and then merging all of his Ranger Keys into the Gold Anchor Key (ゴールドアンカーキー, Gōrudo Ankā Kī), allowing him to access Gold Mode.[35] Gai also at one point fused the keys of Gokai Red and Gokai Green to make a new Ranger called Gokai Christmas.

However, Basco had ten more Ranger Keys in his possession, each representing warriors who are indirect members of the previous Super Sentai teams (ex. Signalman and Princess Shinken Red). He summons these warriors to battle the Gokaigers by inserting them in his trumpet Rapparatta. When these Ranger Key summons are defeated in battle against the Gokaigers, Basco has Sally retrieve them before the Gokaigers can take them back. However, with the help of the former Black Knight Hyuuga, the Gokaigers gain possession of the Black Knight Key. Then later the remaining Ranger Keys are retrieved by Gokai Silver after all of the supporting warriors that Basco summoned are all defeated by the Gokaigers using the Ohrangers' Great Power, the Ohre Bazooka, and Goujyujin's finisher before Sally could get them.

In Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, it is revealed that past Super Sentai warriors are able to regain their powers when they take their respective Ranger Keys into their possession. This occurs when the Goseigers steal their keys from the Gokaigers during the latter team's battle with the Zangyack Empire and when Ahim lends the Hurricanegers their Ranger Keys in episode 26. Past warriors are also able to transfer their team's Great Power into a Ranger Key; for example, in episode 20, after Gokai Silver defeats Black Knight and reverts it into a Ranger Key, Hyuuga transfers the Gingamen's Great Power into it. It should be noted that it only requires one member of a team to transfer a team's Great Power and once they transfer their power, everyone else on their team loses their powers, a strategy implemented by Ohrangers Momo Maruo and Goro Hoshino to get their powers away from Basco.

Under various circumstances, Super Sentai warriors who previously died in their series appear to still possess their powers. For example, in episode 18, Mikoto Nakadai can change into Abare Killer in Gai Ikari's dream sequence. In episode 28, Gai Yuki returns to Earth as a ghost who cannot be seen by human eyes, but can still change into Black Condor and fight a squadron of Gormin Sailors - even with the Gokaigers holding his Ranger Key.

Emiri Sanjyo (née Imanaka) had made her own Ranger Key for her one-time identity as Abare Pink, which she gives to Ahim. While it is made from clay, the key works and transforms Ahim into Abare Pink, much to her embarrassment.

The movie pamphlet for Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle reveals how Ninjaman (who appears later in the television series), Gunmazin, and Datas do not have Ranger Keys. As Ninjaman explains in episode 45, the Three God Generals put him in a jar for ten years as punishment for going overboard while trying to rescue a little girl from rampaging zoo animals, and thus was unable to participate in the Legend War. Datas fought along with the other giant robots to fight the first Zangyack fleet as Datas Hyper and ended up unable to fight along with the Super Sentai. Gunmazin may have also fought as a giant, however due to the fact that he has to serve whoever holds his key (good, neutral, or evil), he may not have participated in the war at all. Zubaan was able to survive the giant battle and went on to participate in the war in normal size, thus having his own Ranger Key.

Some Ranger Keys have other special abilities within them. In episode 40, the Gokaigers use the Time Yellow key to enable Goujyu Drill to travel back to the year 2010. In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie, the Gokaigers use the Battle Kenya and Denzi Blue keys to open a portal to Makuu Space for them to rescue Retsu Ichijouji from Chief of Makuu Prison Ashurada and Gavan Bootleg.

After the final battle against Zangyack Emperor Akudos Gill, the Gokaigers send all of the Ranger Keys, along with the Great Powers, back to their respective owners, leaving them left with their own Ranger Keys.

During the events of Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen, Kamen Rider OOO gives the Gokaigers the Core Medals which become Ranger Keys and transforms the Gokaigers into Kamen Rider OOO's six main Combos.[28]

In Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie, there are five mysterious Phantom Ranger Keys (幻のレンジャーキー, Maboroshi no Renjā Kī) which are said to unlock the "Greatest Power in the Universe" (宇宙でもっとも巨大な力, uchu de mottomo kyodai na chikara). The Phantom Ranger Keys would later become the five Buddyloid Ranger Keys.

During the events of Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z, the Gokaigers gain special Ranger Keys which transforms them into six Metal Heroes: Jiraiya, Jiban, Draft Redder, Janperson, Blue Beet, and B-Fighter Kabuto.[36][37]

During the events of the two-part special in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger celebrating the 2000 episodes of the Super Sentai overall, the Gokaigers also gain the Ranger Keys from the first four Sentai teams that succeeded them, the Go-Busters, the Kyoryugers, the ToQgers and the Ninningers.

Gokai Machines

The Gokai Machines (ゴーカイマシン, Gōkai Mashin) are the Gokaigers' personal mecha, each of which are normally stored within the Gokai Galleon.

  • Gokai Galleon (ゴーカイガレオン, Gōkai Gareon): Gokai Red's three-masted galleon-like spacecraft that was originally AkaRed's vessel before the Red Pirates were nearly wiped out, now used by the Gokaigers as their base of operations in their search for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. It is equipped with the Galleon Ram (ガレオンラム, Gareon Ramu), the Galleon Cannons (ガレオンキャノン, Gareon Kyanon), and several beam cannons on its wings. It holds the four other Gokai Machines in a fashion similar to a Matryoshka doll, with Gokai Trailer as the second largest mecha, the third being Gokai Marine, fourth is Gokai Racer and Gokai Jet being the fifth. As part of Gokaioh, the Gokai Galleon forms the robot's head and torso, as well as the Gokai Ken swords.[38]
  • Gokai Jet (ゴーカイジェット, Gōkai Jetto): Gokai Blue's jet-like mecha that forms the helmet and the right arm of Gokaioh. It is armed with a series of beam and vulcan cannons as well as a powerful energy cannon.[39]
  • Gokai Trailer (ゴーカイトレーラー, Gōkai Torērā): Gokai Yellow's semi-trailer truck-like mecha that stores Gokai Marine. Forms the left leg of Gokaioh. Its offensive abilities lie in its strong ramming power.[40]
  • Gokai Racer (ゴーカイレーサー, Gōkai Rēsā): Gokai Green's race car-like mecha that stores Gokai Jet. Forms the left arm of Gokaioh. It is armed with a beam cannon and an energy cannon.[41]
  • Gokai Marine (ゴーカイマリン, Gōkai Marin): Gokai Pink's submarine-like mecha that stores Gokai Racer. Forms the right leg of Gokaioh. It is armed with a beam cannon, tracking torpedoes, and homing mines.[42]

Great Powers

By unlocking the Great Power (大いなる力, ōinaru chikara) of a previous team's Ranger Keys, the Gokaigers can access special powers, often activated with Gokaioh, based on the previous Super Sentai teams' mecha or special powers that power up Gokaioh, through gaining approvals from a member of the past Super Sentai teams. Most of the powers manifesting as mechas are completely redesigned and don the Gokaigers' symbol. Navi states that some Great Powers are useless after obtaining the Carrangers' Great Power. During the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, the Gokaigers obtain eleven Great Powers from past Super Sentai teams (Gorenger, J.A.K.Q, Denziman, Goggle-V, Dynaman, Bioman, Turboranger, Dairanger, Boukenger, Go-onger, and Goseiger). After discovering their own Great Power during their battle with Warz Gill, the Gokaigers obtain all of the remaining Great Powers except for five (Sun Vulcan, Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, and Fiveman) that are in Basco's possession. When Basco is defeated by Captain Marvelous, the Gokaigers also acquire those Great Powers after getting their approval. After Zangyack Empire's fall, the Gokaigers decide to return the Great Powers inside the Ranger Keys to the respective previous teams. In the Super Hero Taisen series of films, the Gokaigers gain the power to temporarily transform into some heroes not from the Super Sentai, like Kamen Rider OOO's alternate forms or Metal Heroes.

  • Mahou Sentai Magiranger: The Magi Dragon (マジドラゴン, Maji Doragon) is a red dragon-like mecha based on the Magirangers' Magi Dragon, which in Magiranger was a combination of Magi Garuda, Magi Mermaid, Magi Fairy, and Magi Taurus, summoned by the Magiranger Keys. Magi Dragon is accessed after Don gains Kai Ozu's approval by showing him that he can summon his courage in dire situations.
  • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: The Pat Striker (パトストライカー, Pato Sutoraikā) is a police car-like mecha based on Deka Red's Deka Machine, summoned by the Dekaranger Keys. Unlike the original Pat Striker, it is larger and includes guns in the front as well as gattling guns on the wheels. The Pat Striker is accessed after Captain Marvelous gains Doggie Kruger's approval by showing him pride that allows him to carve his own path.
  • Juken Sentai Gekiranger: The Geki Beasts (ゲキビースト, Geki Bīsuto) are qi-based projections of the Gekirangers' Geki Beasts, consisting of Geki Tiger, Geki Cheetah, Geki Jaguar, Geki Wolf, and SaiDain[Note 1], summoned by the Gekiranger Keys. The Geki Beasts are accessed after Don and Ahim realizes under Jan Kandou's guidance that one can be strong and training can be done anywhere, gaining his approval in the process.
  • Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger: Gao Lion (ガオライオン, Gao Raion) is Gao Red's totem Power Animal, summoned by the Gaoranger Keys. Gao Lion normally resides on the Sky Island Animarium after the Orgs were defeated. When the Gokai Galleon crew and the Zangyack Empire arrive, he knocks them off of the island for intruding. He later acknowledges the Gokaigers as a Super Sentai team after he sees them fighting for altruistic reasons. This enables him to be summoned to fight alongside them.
  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Modikara (モヂカラ, Mojikara) is the Shinkengers' main elemental kanji-based source of power, summoned by the Shinkenger Keys and channeled through Gao Lion. The Modikara is accessed after the team's bonds impress Kaoru Shiba and they gain her approval.
  • Gekisou Sentai Carranger: While Gokaioh is able to perform an attack that resembles the finisher of RV Robo, Kyousuke states that the Carrangers' pose is the actual Great Power of the Carrangers, leading Navi to believe that some Great Powers are useless. The Great Power is accessed after the Gokaigers manage to appeal to children in Kyousuke's traffic safety act.
  • Himitsu Sentai Gorenger: The Variblune (バリブルーン, Bariburūn) is the Gorengers' bulldog-like flying fortress and base of operations, summoned by the Gorenger Keys. The Variblune first appears in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, where it is accessed after the Gokaigers gain Tsuyoshi Kaijo's approval.
  • J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai: The Great Power of the J.A.K.Q. is obtained during the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, where it is accessed after the Gokaigers gain Sokichi Banba's approval. Though the Great Power has not been used yet, the Sky Ace (スカイエース, Sukai Ēsu), an aircraft piloted by Spade Ace and carries the J.A.K.Q. team, appears alongside Variblune in the film.
  • Denshi Sentai Denziman: The Great Power of the Denzimen is obtained during the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, where it is accessed after the Gokaigers gain Daigorou Oume's approval. In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie, the Great Powers of the Denzimen Keys are used along with the Great Power of the Battle Fever J Keys to open a portal to Makuu Space.
  • Dai Sentai Goggle-V: The Great Power of the Goggle-V is obtained during the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, where it is accessed after the Gokaigers gain Kanpei Kuroda's approval.
  • Kagaku Sentai Dynaman: The Super Dynamite (スーパーダイナマイト, Sūpā Dainamaito) is the Dynamen's signature finisher. The Gokaigers are also able to perform the Dynamen's New Super Dynamite (ニュースーパーダイナマイト, Nyū Sūpā Dainamaito) after obtaining the power. The Great Power of the Dynamen is obtained during the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, where it is accessed after the Gokaigers gain Rei Tachibana's approval.
  • Choudenshi Bioman: The Great Power of the Biomen is obtained during the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, where it is accessed after the Gokaigers gain Shirō Gō's approval.
  • Kousoku Sentai Turboranger: The Great Power of the Turborangers is obtained during the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, where it is accessed after the Gokaigers gain Riki Honoo's approval.
  • Tensou Sentai Goseiger: The Gosei Headders (ゴセイヘッダー, Gosei Heddā) are the Goseigers' living head-like creatures, consisting of the main Gosei Headders, and Skick, Landick, and Seaick Brothers, summoned by the Goseiger Keys. The power to summon the Gosei Headders first appears in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle and are accessed after the Gokaigers gain the Goseigers' approval during their battle against the Black Cross Army.
  • Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger: The Great Power of the Abarangers is normally used for Goujyujin via the Abare Killer Key. But when the entire Abaranger Key set is used, it enables the formation of Goujyu Gokaioh. It is given to Gai by the then deceased Mikoto Nakadai, who also entrusts him the Gokai Silver Ranger Key and the Gokai Cellular.
  • Mirai Sentai Timeranger: The Great Power of the Timerangers is incorporated in one of Goujyujin's alternate modes, Goujyu Drill. It also allows the Gokaigers to travel through time. It is entrusted to Gai by the then deceased Time Fire.
  • Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger: The Great Power of the Zyurangers is incorporated in one of Goujyujin's alternate modes, Goujyu Rex. It is entrusted to Gai by the then deceased Dragon Ranger.
  • Seijuu Sentai Gingaman: The Great Power of the Gingamen is transferred to the Black Knight Key by Hyuuga after his approval and entrusts it, along with the Great Power, to Gai.
  • GoGo Sentai Boukenger: DaiBouken (ダイボウケン, DaiBōken) is the combination of the Boukengers' five GoGo Vehicles in the Bouken Formation, summoned by the Boukenger Keys. Using its GoGo Sword (轟轟剣, Gōgō Ken), it slashes through the target. The power to summon DaiBouken first appears in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, where it is accessed after the Gokaigers gain Satoru Akashi's approval.
  • Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive: Five large fire hoses (消火ホース, Shōka Hōsu) that are based on Victory Robo's Chemical Extinguishers, summoned by the GoGoFive Keys.
  • Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: Fuuraimaru (風雷丸, Fūraimaru) is a ninja-like mecha who was originally the Hurricangers' and Gouraigers' two-part Karakuri Ball combination used to form Gourai Senpuujin, having now been redesigned with an appearance similar to Tenkuujin. Fuuraimaru rides on a large shuriken that he uses as a weapon. Fuuraimaru can execute the Secret Finisher - Crucifixion Shuriken (必殺奥義・磔手裏剣, Hissatsu Ōgi Haritsuke Shuriken) attack where he throws shuriken at an opponent. Though a Great Power of the Hurricangers, Fuuraimaru appears to support Goujyujin during its fight with Sandaaru Jr. before officially summoned for the first time during the battle with Satarakura Jr. Hironori Miyata (宮田 浩徳, Miyata Hironori) reprises his role as Fuuraimaru.[43]
  • Chōjin Sentai Jetman: The Jet Phoenix (ジェットフェニックス, Jetto Fenikkusu) allows the Gokaigers to merge into a giant, flaming Phoenix, a move the Jetman used in their final battle against Radiguet. It was obtained from the then deceased Gai Yuki who believes his Sentai team's true Great Power is the will to overcome any obstacle, even death.
  • Choujuu Sentai Liveman: Super Live Robo (スーパーライブロボ, Sūpā Raibu Robo) is the combination of Live Robo and Live Boxer, as well as the first combination of two individual robots into a single powerful robot, summoned by the Livemen Keys.
  • Chōriki Sentai Ohranger: The Ohré Bazooka (オーレバズーカ, Ōre Bazūka), a powerful cannon loaded with Hyper Storage Crystals (ハイパーストレージクリスタル, Haipā Sutorēji Kurisutaru), as the Ohrangers. The power is to bring the powers of a team together, as it is also used in the completion of the Gokai Galleon Buster, which is similar to the Ohré Bazooka itself.
  • Gosei Sentai Dairanger: Qi-Power (気力, Kiryoku) is the Dairangers' main power source. The Qi-Power is obtained during the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, where it is accessed after the Gokaigers gain Ryou's approval.
  • Engine Sentai Go-onger: Engine Machalcon (炎神マッハルコン, Enjin Mahharukon) is a hybrid between a falcon and a Formula One car as well as the son of Speedor and Bearrv who ends his sentences with "Bari Bari!" (バリバリ!, Bari Bari!), summoned by the Go-onger Keys. However, Machalcon is a reckless troublemaker in Machine World who prefers racing over anything else as his way of coping with his parents never being around. But once Captain Marvelous reveals this character flaw, he allows the purposeless Machalcon to join his crew to find his place in the universe. In battle, able to fire energy blasts from his tail pipes, Machalcon can also fly in Hover Mode (ホバーモード, Hobā Mōdo). As an Engine, Machalcon's number is 13. Though the Gokaigers gain the Go-ongers' Great Power from Saki Rōyama during the events of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, Sōsuke Esumi reveals the power to be the bonds between them and Machalcon. Machalcon is voiced by Hiroaki Hirata (平田 広明, Hirata Hiroaki).
  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Kanzen Soul (カンゼンソウル, Kanzen Souru) is created from the Great Power of the Gokaigers, which is known as the power to seize dreams, which allows Gokaioh, Goujyujin, and Machalcon to combine into Kanzen Gokaioh.
  • Denji Sentai Megaranger: The Mega Wing (メガウイング, Mega Uingu) is a component of Mega Silver's personal jet-like mecha Mega Winger, summoned by the Mega Silver Key. The Great Power of the Megarangers is given to the Gokaigers as "diplomas" by Kenta Date after the Gokaigers attend Moroboshi High School for a day.
  • Battle Fever J: Shiro Akebono, at the time disguised as Santa Claus, gives the Gokaigers the Great Power of the Battle Fever Team as a "present" for saving Christmas. In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie, the Great Powers of the Battle Fever J Keys are used along with the Great Power of the Denzimen Keys to open a portal to Makuu Space.
  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger: Ninjaman (ニンジャマン) was the pupil of the Three God Generals and ally of the Kakurangers. He was sealed within a pot as punishment in the Negakure Shrine, to be released in ten years. After the Gokaigers release him, he decides to observe the Gokaigers to see if they are worthy to have the Kakurangers' Great Power. The Gokaigers then gain Ninjaman's approval and gain the Kakurangers' Great Power, which unknowingly was himself.
  • Dengeki Sentai Changeman: The Earthforce (アースフォース, Āsufōsu) is the mystrious energy source of the Changemen's power. The Great Power of the Changemen was one of the three Great Powers that was stolen by Basco before his failed attempt to claim the Great Power of the Ohrangers. The Great Power is stolen from Shō Hayate, who later calls Goro Hoshino of the United Airforce Overtech Hardware to alert him of Basco's actions. The Great Power is gained after Basco's defeat and Shō's approval.
  • Choushinsei Flashman: The Great Power of the Flashmen was one of the Great Powers that were stolen by Basco off-screen before his failed attempt to claim the Great Power of the Ohrangers. The Great Power is gained after Basco's defeat and Dai's approval.
  • Hikari Sentai Maskman: The Aura Power (オーラパワー, Ōra Pawā) is the mystical power source of the Maskmen. The Great Power of the Maskmen is one of the Great Powers that were stolen by Basco off-screen before his failed attempt to claim the Great Power of the Ohrangers. The Great Power is gained after Basco's defeat and Akira's approval.
  • Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan: The Great Power of Sun Vulcan was stolen by Basco off-screen before the attempted execution of Captain Marvelous. The Great Power is gained after Basco's defeat and Takayuki Hiba's approval.
  • Chikyu Sentai Fiveman: The Great Power of the Fivemen was stolen by Basco off-screen before the attempted execution of Captain Marvelous. The Great Power is gained after Basco's defeat and Remi Hoshikawa's approval.
  • Kamen Rider OOO: The Great Power of Kamen Rider OOO was given to the Gokaigers by Eiji Hino's approval.[28]
  • Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: By using the powers of the Buddyloid Keys on the Gokaioh, giant orange phantom Ranger Keys appear from Gokaioh's hatches and become the Megazord Keys (メガゾードキー, Megazōdo Kī). The Megazord Keys allow Go-Buster Ace, Gokaioh, Go-Buster Lioh, Buster Hercules, and Gouzyujin to become past Sentai robots (ex. Daizyuzin and Magi King). The Great Power of the Go-Busters was accessed when the Gokaigers find out the true bond between the Go-Busters and the Buddyloids.

Greatest Treasure in the Universe

The Greatest Treasure in the Universe (宇宙最大のお宝, Uchū Saidai no Otakara) is a small golden pyramid-shaped object which the Will of the Planet (地球の意志, Chikyū no Ishi) speaks through, as the Treasure was hidden in the center of the Earth which can only be accessed with Navi and the Greater Powers of all 34 previous Super Sentai. It is revealed to grant the ability to freely change the universe in any way the user wishes, inspiring the Gokai Galleon crew to wish for a universe where the Zangyack never existed. However, to grant a wish, the Great Powers must be sacrificed and all previous Super Sentai teams will be erased from existence once the wish is fulfilled. Conflicted between their desires and the sacrifice of their predecessors, the Gokaigers decided that to sacrifice the dreams that the Super Sentai represent would be unfair to the world and decide to destroy the treasure, Gai pulling the trigger to do so, opting to confront the Zangyack Empire with their own strength.

The Will of the Planet is voiced by Tomokazu Seki (関 智一, Seki Tomokazu), who also narrates the show and does the voice of the Gokaigers' equipment.

Giant robots


Pirate Combination Gokaioh (海賊合体ゴーカイオー, Kaizoku Gattai Gōkaiō) is a giant robot that the Gokai Galleon becomes when it releases the Gokai Machines to form its limbs, the vessel's bridge having five ship's wheels for the Gokaigers called the Gokai Darin (ゴーカイダリン, Gōkai Darin). In keeping with the pirate theme, Gokaioh's head is designed with a red dome that resembles a bandanna while its headgear is shaped like a pirate hat. An agile machine, it is armed with the twin Gokai Ken (ゴーカイケン, Gōkai Ken) swords and the built-in Gokai Hō (ゴーカイホー, Gōkai Hō) chest cannon. Gokaioh can use other weapons like the Gokai Bat (ゴーカイバット, Gōkai Batto), a large red baseball bat. Its finisher is the Gokai Star Burst (ゴーカイスターバースト, Gōkai Sutā Bāsuto) where the Gokai Dial (ゴーカイダイアル, Gōkai Daiaru) on Gokaioh's back spins and the hatches on each limb opens up, revealing several cannonballs which are then fired out of the Gokai Hō. The activation call for the Gokai Hō or Gokaioh's other finishers is "Let's Go!" (レッツゴー!, Rettsu Gō!).[44] In Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, Gokaioh performs the Gokai Crash (ゴーカイクラッシュ, Gōkai Kurasshu) finisher with the Gokai Ken. In the final battle against the Zangyack Empire, Gokaioh is damaged by the sheer firepower of the Gigant Horse but was repaired in the aftermath. Gokaioh returns in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie after the Gokaigers commandeered a past version of the Gokai Galleon.

  • Magi Gokaioh (マジゴーカイオー, Magi Gōkaiō): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Magiranger Keys, they summon Magi Dragon from within Gokaioh's hatches, allowing it to become Magi Gokaioh. In this state, Magi Gokaioh can fly and even have Magi Dragon separate from it to attack independently. Magi Gokaioh's finisher is the Gokai Magi Bind (ゴーカイマジバインド, Gōkai Maji Baindo), during which Magi Dragon is launched from Gokaioh and creates a series of magical seals around the opponent that crushes it.[45]
  • Deka Gokaioh (デカゴーカイオー, Deka Gōkaiō): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Dekaranger Keys, they summon the Pat Striker from within Gokaioh's hatches, allowing it to become Deka Gokaioh, which resembles Dekaranger Robo. In this state, Deka Gokaioh can use the parts of the Pat Striker in its arms as firearms in its attacks and even have the Pat Striker separate from it to attack independently. Deka Gokaioh's finishers are the Gokai Full Blast (ゴーカイフルブラスト, Gōkai Furu Burasuto), which fires all built-in weapons at the opponent, and the Gokai Pat Strike (ゴーカイパトストライク, Gōkai Pato Sutoraiku).[46]
  • Gokai Great Geki-Geki Beasts (ゴーカイ大激激獣, Gōkai Dai Geki Geki Jū): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Gekiranger Keys, they summon the Gekirangers' main Geki Beasts from the limb hatches and the Gokai Hō to charge at the opponent in a finisher called the Gokai Great Geki-Geki Beasts.
  • Gao Gokaioh (ガオゴーカイオー, Gao Gōkaiō): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Gaoranger Keys, they summon Gao Lion from the Sky Island Animarium, which Gokaioh combines with in order to become Gao Gokaioh, a centaur-type formation similar to Gao Kentaurus. Gao Gokaioh's finisher is the Gokai Animal Heart (ゴーカイアニマルハート, Gōkai Animaru Hāto) where it releases a powerful energy beam from Gao Lion's mouth while executing two powerful slashes from the Gokai Ken swords.[47]
  • Shinken Gokaioh (シンケンゴーカイオー, Shinken Gōkaiō): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Shinkenger Keys, Gao Gokaioh reforms with Gao Lion's body forming armor for Gokaioh to become Shinken Gokaioh, a humanoid formation similar to Shinkenoh wielding the Gokai Ken blades in the Gokai Naginata (ゴーカイナギナタ, Gōkai Naginata) form, similar to the Daishinken's Naginata Mode used by Kajiki Shinkenoh. Shinken Gokaioh has access to the five primary Shinkengers' Modikara, enabling it to control the elements. Shinken Gokaioh's finisher is the Gokai Samurai Slash (ゴーカイ侍斬り, Gōkai Samurai Giri), which summons a giant Rekka Daizantou to use in a downward slash with flames of 1,000 °C (1,830 °F) emitting from it.[48]
  • Gokai Radical Racing Slash (ゴーカイ激走斬り, Gōkai Gekisō Giri): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Carranger Keys, Gokaioh can perform the Gokai Radical Racing Slash, which is modeled after RV Robo's signature finisher.
  • Goren Gokaioh (ゴレンゴーカイオー, Goren Gōkaiō): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Gorenger Keys, they summon the Variblune, which Gokaioh combines with in order to become Goren Gokaioh. In this state, Goren Gokaioh can fly by using the propellers on the Variblune. Goren Gokaioh's finisher is the Gokai Hurricane Cassiopeia (ゴーカイハリケーンカシオペア, Gōkai Harikēn Kashiopea), which combines the Gokai Ken into a larger one with five stars around it to perform a downward slash. Goren Gokaioh first appears in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle.
  • Gokai All Headder Great Charge (ゴーカイオールヘッダー大進撃, Gōkai Ōru Heddā Daishingeki): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Goseiger Keys, they summon the Goseiger emblem, which is then reformed into the Gosei Cards of the Goseigers' main Gosei Headders, Skick Brothers, Landick Brothers and Seaick Brothers for a finisher called the Gokai All Headder Great Charge, which fires the Gosei Headers at an opponent.
  • Gokai Adventure Drive (ゴーカイアドベンチャードライブ, Gōkai Adobenchā Doraibu): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Boukenger Keys, they summon the GoGo Vehicles from within Gokaioh's hatches which combine to become DaiBouken, which attacks the enemy and leaves the GoGo Ken behind for Gokaioh to perform a finisher called the Gokai Adventure Drive, which is modeled after DaiBouken's signature finisher.
  • Victory Splash (ビクトリースプラッシュ, Bikutorī Supurasshu)/Gokai Prominence (ゴーカイプロミネンス, Gōkai Purominensu): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the GoGoFive Keys, they summon fire hoses from within Gokaioh's hatches and can execute an attack called the Victory Splash. Gokaioh can then perform a finisher called the Gokai Prominence, which is modeled after Victory Robo's signature finisher.
  • In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship, The Gokaigers summon the Variblune, Magi Dragon, the Pat Striker, Geki Tiger, and the Dragon Headder all at once to finish off the Fake Gokaioh.
  • Hurricane Gokaioh (ハリケンゴーカイオー, Hariken Gōkaiō): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Hurricanger Keys, they summon Fuuraimaru, which Gokaioh combines with in order to become |Hurricane Gokaioh. In this state, Hurricane Gokaioh resembles Senpuujin. It is covered with shuriken and is armed with a weapon called the Shushutto Shuriken Chain (シュシュッと手裏剣チェーン, Shushutto Shuriken Chēn). It has an attack called the Gokai Infinite Shuriken (ゴーカイ無限手裏剣, Gōkai Mugen Shuriken), during which Hurricane Gokaioh sends off a flurry of shuriken that strike the target. Its Gokai Fuurai Attack (ゴーカイ風雷アタック, Gōkai Fūrai Atakku) finisher has Fuuraimaru separate from Hurricane Gokaioh before performing its own finisher, the Secret Finisher - Turbulence Cherry Blossoms (必殺奥義・乱れ桜, Hissatsu Ōgi Midare Zakura), to use a cloning ninpou on himself to attack the target with multiple shuriken.[49]
  • Goujyu Gokaioh (豪獣ゴーカイオー, Gōjū Gōkaiō): When all six Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Abaranger Keys, Gokaioh exchanges arms with Goujyujin to become Goujyu Gokaioh, the formation similar to the "Burstosaur Combine" formations used by Abarenoh. In this formation, Gokai Silver's cockpit merges with Gokaioh's main bridge - in front of Gokai Red's Gokai Darin - for all six members to control the mecha. Goujyu Gokaioh's finishers are the Gokai Dengeki Drill Spin (ゴーカイ電撃ドリルスピン, Gōkai Dengeki Doriru Supin) and the Gokai Rex Drill (ゴーカイレックスドリル, Gōkai Rekkusu Doriru).[50]
  • Super Big Burst (スーパービッグバースト, Sūpā Biggu Bāsuto): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Livemen Keys, they summon the Livemen symbols from within Gokaioh's hatches which become the Livemen's mecha and combine into Super Live Robo to perform its signature finisher.
  • Gokai Goujyu Qi-Power Bomber (ゴーカイ豪獣気力ボンバー, Gōkai Gōjū Kiryoku Bonbā): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Dairanger Keys, Gokaioh charges Goujyujin with qi and then rams it through the enemy with the Gokai Goujyu Qi-Power Bomber.
  • Go-on Gokaioh (ゴーオンゴーカイオー, Gōon Gōkaiō): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Go-onger Keys, they summon Machalcon's Engine Cast and Soul, enabling the Engine to resume his true size on Earth for only 10 minutes. From there, Gokaioh combines with Machalcon order to become Go-on Gokaioh, referred to as the "Thunder-Sounding Heroic King" (轟音豪快王, Gōon Gōkai Ō). Able to move at fast speeds, Go-on Gokaioh can use Machalcon's Hover Mode to perform the Gokai Go-on Grand Prix (ゴーカイゴーオングランプリ, Gōkai Gōon Guran Puri) finisher, an overhead vertical slash attack.[51]
  • Ninjaman: When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Kakuranger Keys, they summon Ninjaman who becomes a giant version of himself.
  • Gokai Power Bazooka (ゴーカイパワーバズーカ, Gōkai Pawā Bazūka): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Changemen Keys, the Gokai Hō is charged with Earthforce and allows Gokaioh to perform the Gokai Power Bazooka, which is modeled after the Changemen's team cannon.
  • Gokai Aura Galaxy (ゴーカイオーラギャラクシー, Gōkai Ōra Gyarakushī): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Maskmen Keys, Aura Power flows through Gokaioh and allows it to perform the Gokai Aura Galaxy, which is modeled after Land Galaxy's signature finisher.
  • Gokai Super Dynamite (ゴーカイスーパーダイナマイト, Gōkai Sūpā Dainamaito): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Dynamen Keys, Gokaioh becomes a large ball of light and flies into the enemy in a finisher called the Gokai Super Dynamite.
  • Gokai Jet Phoenix (ゴーカイジェットフェニクス, Gōkai Jetto Fenikusu): When the Gokaigers use the Great Power of the Jetmen Keys, Gokaioh becomes a large firebird to perform the Gokai Jet Phoenix.


Goujyujin (豪獣神, Gōjūjin, lit. "Brave Beast God") is Gokai Silver's personal giant robot that combines the Great Powers of the Abaranger Keys, the Zyuranger Keys, and the Timeranger Keys. Goujyujin is normally in its Time Jet-like Goujyu Drill (豪獣ドリル, Gōjū Doriru) mode, summoned from the Provider Base in 3000 AD to the present with the Time Fire Key and is equipped with the Goujyu Cannons (豪獣キャノン, Gōjū Kyanon). The mecha is controlled with three ship's wheels; each having a key hole like the ones used on Gokaioh. Once the Dragon Ranger Key is used, the mecha assumes the Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus-like Goujyu Rex (豪獣レックス, Gōjū Rekkusu) mode which can use its tail drill called the Goujyu Rex Drill (豪獣レックスドリル, Gōjū Rekkusu Doriru) as a weapon and fires the Goujyu Laser (豪獣レーザー, Gōjū Rēzā) from its mouth. Once the Abare Killer Key is used to assume its AbarenOh-like robot mode, Goujyujin can use change its right arm from Drill Mode (ドリルモード, Doriru Mōdo) to either Shield Mode (シールドモード, Shīrudo Mōdo) for defense or Trident Mode (トライデントモード, Toraidento Mōdo) for slashing attacks. Goujyujin's finisher is the Goujyu Triple Drill Dream (豪獣トリプルドリルドリーム, Gōjū Toripuru Doriru Dorīmu) where Goujyujin splits into its three modes before re-merging at the drill tip to land the threefold drill attack when all three Ranger Keys are used. During the final battle against the Zangyack Empire, Goujyujin is severely damaged by the overwhelming barrage from the Zangyack warships. Goujyujin returns in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie.[52]

  • By using the Abare Killer Key on its own, Goujyujin can also perform a finisher called the Gokai Dengeki Drill Spin (ゴーカイ電撃ドリルスピン, Gōkai Dengeki Doriru Supin), which is modeled after AbarenOh's signature finisher.
  • When Gokai Silver uses the Great Power of the Gingamen by using the Black Knight Key, Goujyujin can perform a finisher called the Goujyu Fierce Cut (豪獣鋭断, Gōjū Eidan), which is modeled after BullTaurus's signature finisher.
  • When Gokai Silver uses the Great Power of the Megarangers by using the Mega Silver Key, Goujyujin can attach the Mega Wing to its back to become Wing Goujyujin (ウイング豪獣神, Uingu Gōjūjin). Wing Goujyujin can perform a finisher called the Gokai Spartan (ゴーカイスパルタン, Gōkai Suparutan), named after Wing Mega Voyager's signature finisher.

Kanzen Gokaioh

Kanzen Gokaioh (カンゼンゴーカイオー, Kanzen Gōkaiō, [Note 2]) is the combination of Gokaioh, Gojyujin, and Machalcon when the Great Powers of the Gokaigers, the Kanzen Soul, is used. Kanzen Gokaioh can use the Kanzen Drill (カンゼンドリル, Kanzen Doriru) on its right arm and the Kanzen Missiles (カンゼンミサイル, Kanzen Misairu) on its left hand. Kanzen Gokaioh's finisher is the Gokai Kanzen Burst (ゴーカイカンゼンバースト, Gōkai Kanzen Bāsuto), which fires its left hand as a powerful rocket punch.[53]

  • With Magi Dragon, Pat Striker, Gao Lion, and Fuuraimaru adding their power into the Gokai Kanzen Burst, Kanzen Gokaioh can perform a stronger version of it called the Gokai Kanzen Super Burst (ゴーカイカンゼンスーパーバースト, Gōkai Kanzen Sūpā Bāsuto).
  • In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie, Kanzen Gokaioh can perform a combination attack of the Kanzen Missiles and Dol Fire called the Dol Gokai Fire (ドルゴーカイファイヤー, Doru Gōkai Faiyā) with Gavan's Electronic Starbeast Dol by riding on it.


  1. ^ In Juken Sentai Gekiranger, SaiDain was technically not one of the Geki Beasts which were manifestations of Qi, but rather a statue given mobility by the power of Geki.
  2. ^ "Kanzen" (カンゼン) is the Japanese word for "complete" (完全, kanzen).


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