Gianelli Power Plant

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Gianelli Power Plant[1]
Aerial photograph of the Gianelli Power plant.
Aerial photograph of the San Luis (William R. Gianelli) Power plant.
Country United States
Location Merced County, California
Coordinates 37°03′33″N 121°04′29″W / 37.05917°N 121.07472°W / 37.05917; -121.07472Coordinates: 37°03′33″N 121°04′29″W / 37.05917°N 121.07472°W / 37.05917; -121.07472
Status Operational
Commission date June 3, 1960 (1960-06-03)
Owner(s) State of California
Operator(s) United States Bureau of Reclamation
Pumped-storage power station
Upper reservoir O'Neill Forebay
Upper res. capacity 56,400 acre feet
Lower reservoir San Luis Reservoir
Lower res. capacity 2,041,000 acre feet
Hydraulic head 290 feet
Pump-generators 8
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 424 MW[2]
Storage capacity 298 Hours[2]
Annual net output 123,480 MWh (2009)[3]
311,535 MWh (2012)[3]
111,800 MWh (2014)[3]

The Gianelli Power Plant, also known as the San Luis Power Plant, is a pumped-storage hydroelectric plant that is at the base of the San Luis Dam in California. During the wet season, turbines pump water from the O`Neill forebay into the reservoir, then when needed during the irrigation season, water flows from the reservoir back through the turbines and generates electricity.[4] This is an unusual use of pumped storage where the intention is to capture irrigation water not to store power.


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