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GameStorm is a fan-run not-for-profit annual gaming convention held in the spring in the Portland, Oregon metro area.


GameStorm started in 1998 as a fan-run event at the Clackamas, Oregon Denney's Convention Center. The GameStorm group often provides gaming programming at OryCon and other conventions in the Pacific Northwest as well, and has an extensive game library. GameStorm also hosts panel discussions about games and gaming-related topics, provides space for designers to play-test new products, and cross-promotes for other area conventions.

GameStorm provides a number of different activities for gaming fandom:

GameStorm, like OryCon, is run entirely by fans, with no paid staff, and is sponsored by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.

Iteration Dates Location Attendance Notes
GameStorm 10 March 2008 Red Lion at the Quay - Vancouver, WA 750 Guests of Honor: Robin Laws and Jay Tummelson
GameStorm 11 March 26–29, 2009 Hilton - Vancouver, WA 736 Guests of Honor: Rob Alexander (first-ever Artist GoH), Andy Collins, Rob Heinsoo, Andy and Kristen Looney; debut of Video games
GameStorm 12 March 25–28, 2010 Hilton - Vancouver, WA 802 Guest of Honor: Vincent Baker, Tom Lehmann
GameStorm 13 March 24–27, 2011 Hilton - Vancouver, WA 984 Guests of Honor: Lisa Steenson, Michael A. Stackpole
GameStorm 14 March 22–25, 2012 Hilton - Vancouver, WA 1072 Guests of Honor: Andrew Hackard and Sam Mitschke of Steve Jackson Games, and Jason Bulmahn
GameStorm 15 March 21–24, 2013 Hilton - Vancouver, WA 1188 Guests of Honor: James Ernest, Henry Lopez (Paradigm Concepts)
GameStorm 16 March 20–23, 2014 Hilton - Vancouver, WA 1346 Guests of Honor: Mike Selinker, Shane Lacy Hensley, Lisa Steenson, Zev Shlasinger, Theatre Arcanos (David Coronado, Michelle McNeill, and Matt Branstad)
GameStorm 17 March 19–22, 2015 Hilton - Vancouver, WA 1547 Guests of Honor: Michael Mindes, Creator of Fiasco, Jason Morningstar, and Special Media Guest JR Ralls
GameStorm 18 March 17-20, 2016 Hilton - Vancouver, WA 1550 Guests of Honor: Mike Mulvihill, Shadowrun developer, and Brian Poel
GameStorm 19 March 30 – April 2, 2017 Red Lion Jantzen Beach - Portland, OR 1520 Guests of Honor: Paul Peterson and Jeremy Crawford

Upcoming GameStorm Convention

GameStorm 20 will be April 5-8, 2018, at the Red Lion Jantzen Beach.

Past Guests of Honor

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