GURPS Martial Arts

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GURPS Martial Arts
GURPS Martial Arts cover
Designer(s) Peter Dell'Orto and Sean Punch
Publisher(s) Steve Jackson Games
Publication date 2006 (2nd edition)
Genre(s) unknown
System(s) GURPS

GURPS Martial Arts is a source book for the GURPS role-playing game, published by Steve Jackson Games; the most recent edition was scheduled to be released in 2007. GURPS Martial Arts includes new perks, skills, techniques, styles, weapons, and combat rules for GURPS, as well as history on the martial arts, pregenerated NPCs, and ideas for martial-arts campaigns. The book is an essential for any game that features large amounts of melee combat, in any genre or setting.


Fourth edition

This is a greatly expanded version of the third-edition GURPS Martial Arts source book, revised to work with the fourth-edition GURPS rules. It adds updated versions of combat rules from third-edition books like GURPS Compendium II, many of the weapons and weapon customization rules from GURPS Low Tech, and martial arts-related elements taken from third-edition historical worldbooks such as GURPS Japan and GURPS Swashbucklers. Detailed rules for low-tech battlefield weapons and armor will be reserved for GURPS Low Tech, while rules for firearms and Gun Fu will be covered in the fourth-edition version of GURPS High-Tech.

Publication history

Third edition

Game designer C.J. Carella got his start in the RPG industry with GURPS Martial Arts, published in 1990.[1]

Fourth edition

The authors are Peter Dell'Orto and Sean Punch, who were inspired by but did not reuse the original text written by CJ Carella.


Reviewed in White Wolf #27

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