Fremont Weir Wildlife Area

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Coordinates: 38°45′N 121°39′W / 38.75°N 121.65°W / 38.75; -121.65

Fremont Weir.

Fremont Weir Wildlife Area is 1,461 acres at the north end of the Yolo Bypass floodway along the Sacramento River in Sutter County and Yolo County.[1] It is 6 miles north-east of the city of Woodland[2] and 15 miles north of Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area and the nearby Sacramento Bypass Wildlife Area. Whenever water in the river exceeds the height of the weir the excess flow runs over the weir and down the Yolo Bypass floodway, thereby reducing the risks of flooding in the city of Sacramento and nearby urban areas along the river.

This flat, level Central Valley riparian habitat has an average elevation of 25 feet above sea level. It provides habitat for valley oaks, willows, sycamore, cottonwood trees, muskrat, river otter, pheasant, valley quail and waterfowl.[3][4]


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