František Kotlaba

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František Kotlaba
Born (1927-05-27) 27 May 1927 (age 90)
Vlastiboři (near Soběslav), Czech Republic
Nationality Czech
Known for Contributions to taxonomic mycology
Scientific career
Fields Mycology
Institutions Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Author abbrev. (botany) Kotl.

František Kotlaba (born 20 May 1927 in Vlastiboři near Soběslav) is a Czech botanist and mycologist.[1]

Scientific career

After his degree in Natural Sciences and Pedagogy at the Charles University in Prague, Kotlaba received a post at the National Museum in Prague in 1957. From 1962 to 1990 he was a scientific employee of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic at Průhonice.[2] Kotlaba was for a long time in the editorial staff of the journal Mykologické listy and is the author of several books, some of which are of a popular scientific nature. The mycological journal Ceská Mykologie, to which he made numerous contributions, dedicated an edition to him on the occasion of his eightieth birthday in 2007. Also in 2007, a genus of Polypores, Frantisekia, was named in his honour.[3][4]


Kotlaba's main research areas are taxonomy and geographical distribution and ecology of agarics and boletes. Apart from this he has published several works on mushroom conservation.[5] With Zdenek Pouzar in 1972 he influenced fungal taxonomy by defining the mushroom families Entolomataceae and Pluteaceae for the first time, in Ceská Mykologie.[6][7] These family names are still currently in use.

Eponymous taxa


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  • [1] Author details at Species Fungorum
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