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Francesco Albergati Capacelli (Bologna, 1728 - Zola Predosa, 1804) was an Italian writer and playwright.

A marquess and senator in Bologna and an important administrator in the city, he led a stormy personal life and was married three times. He was accused of murdering his second wife Anna Grassi, a countess of Morcone in a fit of jealousy, and he had to flee from Zola Predosa. He returned after several years during which lived in different cities. His third wife wasted most of his remaining fortune.

But his passion for theatre encouraged him to write a series a number of works. He also translated a number of other important French works to Italian. He was also an avid writer who corresponded with a number of personalities including G. Compagnoni, Francesco Bertazzoli and Francesco Zacchiroli.


  • Le convulsioni (comedy in prose in one act)
  • Nuovo Teatro Comico (1774-1978), 5- volume series including
    • Le convulsioni
    • Il ciarlatano maldicente
    • Pregiudizi del falso onore
  • Novelle morali ad uso dei fanciulli (1779)
  • Il Saggio Amico, Commedia (1769)
  • Pasquale ossia Il postiglione burlato (a joint drana work with F. Malaspina, turned into a one-act drama by Filippo Pallavicino)

Translations from French


  • Lettere piacevoli, se piaceranno (1792) to G. Compagnoni
  • Lettere varie (1793) to Francesco Bertazzoli.
  • Raccolta delle Lettere capricciose di Francesco Albergati Capacelli e di Francesco Zacchiroli dai medesimi capricciosamente stampate, Venice, 1786

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