Florentius of Peterborough

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Saint Frithestan
Saint, Martyr
Died 7th Century
Venerated in Catholic Church
Feast 27 September

Florentius of Peterborough was a seventh-century saint and martyr.[1][2]

Peterborough Cathedral from the southeast c. 1898.

Florentius was a Roman, and is known to history mainly through the hagiography of the Secgan Manuscript.[3]

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle manuscript E, Florentius' relics were purchased from Bonneval Abbey[4] and moved to Peterborough Cathedral in 1013 or 1016 by Abbot Ælfsi of Peterborough.[5]

Florentius' was venerated at Peterborough along with Cyneswith[6] and Cyniburg. However, his feast day on 27 September might suggest that he was in reality Florentinus of Sedun, who was martyred by the Vandal persecution.[7]


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