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Floor Leaders, also known as a caucus leader, are leaders of their political parties in a body of a legislature.


In the Philippines each body of the bicameral Philippine Congress has a minority floor leader and a majority floor leader. For the Philippine Senate, there is the Majority Floor Leader of the Senate of the Philippines and the Minority Floor Leader of the Senate of the Philippines. For the Philippine House of Representatives there is the Majority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives of the Philippines and the Minority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives of the Philippines. They do not represent political parties but rather political groupings within each body.

United States


In the United States Senate, they are elected by their respective party conferences to serve as the chief Senate spokespeople for their parties and to manage and schedule the legislative and executive business of the Senate. By custom, the Presiding Officer gives the floor leaders priority in obtaining recognition to speak on the floor of the Senate.

In the Senate's two-party system, the floor leaders are the spokespeople from both major parties, elected by their parties. As well serve essentially as executives of their parties within the Senate. The Floor Leaders are referred to as the Senate Majority Leader, who belongs to the party with the most Senators, and the Senate Minority Leader, who belongs to the other major party.

House of Representatives

Similar positions exist in the United States House of Representatives, except that role of majority leader normally goes to the second-highest member of the leadership of the majority party, because it traditionally elects its party leader to the position of speaker.

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