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A map of Africa with national flags, excluding dependent territories and partially recognized states

These are the various flags of Africa.

Supranational and international flags

Flag Date Use Description
Link 1997 – Flag of the African Union The flag of the African Union is a green flag with the dark green map of the African continent on a white sun, surrounded by a circle of 53 5-pointed gold (yellow) stars.
Flag of the Arab League.svg 1945 – Flag of the Arab League The flag of the Arab League is two olive branches and 22 chain-links encircling a crescent and the name of the organisation (in Arabic)
Flag of EAC.svg 2008 – Flag of the East African Community
Flag of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.svg 2011 – Flag of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation The flag of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is white with a green crescent and globe, with the Kaaba at the center of the globe.
Flag of OPEC.svg 1960 – Flag of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Flag of SADC.svg 1992 – Flag of the Southern African Development Community

National flags by region

African Great Lakes

Central Africa

Horn of Africa

Indian Ocean islands

North Africa

Southern Africa

West Africa

Flags of African dependencies

Disputed or partially recognised states

Flag Date Use Claimed by Description
Flag of Somaliland.svg 1993 – Flag of Somaliland Somalia
Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg 1976 – Flag of Western Sahara Morocco

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