First Lady of Honduras

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First Lady of Honduras
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Ana García Carías (Visita de Estado a Ecuador - 2017).jpg
Ana García Carías

since January 27, 2014
Residence Presidential Palace of Honduras
Inaugural holder Micaela Josefa Quezada Borjas
Formation September 16, 1824

First Lady of Honduras is the title attributed to the wife of the President of Honduras. She will use this title while her husband is holding the Honduran Presidency.

List of First Ladies

Term Began Term Ended First Lady President Notes
April 22, 1975 August 7, 1978 Nora Gúnera de Melgar Juan Alberto Melgar Castro Mayor of Tegucigalpa 1994-1998, National Party's Presidential Candidate in the 1997 Election, and an actual Deputy and 6th Vice-President in the National Congress
August 7, 1978 January 27, 1982 Policarpo Paz García
January 27, 1982 January 27, 1986 Roberto Suazo Córdova
January 27, 1986 January 27, 1990 Miriam Bocock Selva de Azcona José Azcona del Hoyo
January 27, 1990 January 27, 1994 Norma Regina Gaborit Rafael Leonardo Callejas Romero She is no longer married with Rafael Callejas
January 27, 1994 January 27, 1998 Bessy Watson Carlos Roberto Reina
January 27, 1998 January 27, 2002 Mary Flake de Flores Carlos Roberto Flores
January 27, 2002 October 8, 2002 Unoccupied Ricardo Maduro President Maduro was single by this time
October 8, 2002 January 27, 2006 Aguas Ocaña Ricardo Maduro She married Ricardo Maduro while he was holding the Presidency. She is no longer married with Ricardo Maduro
January 27, 2006 June 28, 2009 Xiomara Castro Manuel Zelaya
June 28, 2009 January 27, 2010 Siomara Girón Roberto Micheletti
January 27, 2010 January 27, 2014 Rosa Elena de Lobo Porfirio Lobo Sosa
January 27, 2014 present Ana García de Hernández Juan Orlando Hernández
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