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First Lady of Austria
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Doris Schmidauer

since 26 January 2017
Inaugural holder Luise Renner
Formation 20 December 1945

The First Lady of Austria is the title attributed to the wife (or, in place of a wife, a designee, such as a daughter) of the President of Austria.[1][2] The current First Lady is Doris Schmidauer, wife of President Alexander Van der Bellen, who has held the position since 26 January 2017.[3]

First Ladies of the Second Austrian Republic (1945–present)

First Lady Term Begins Term Ends President of Austria Notes
Luise Renner 20 December 1945 31 December 1950 Karl Renner
Position vacant 21 June 1951 4 January 1957 Theodor Körner Körner was a bachelor.
Martha Kyrle 22 May 1957 28 February 1965 Adolf Schärf Schärf's wife, Hilda Schärf, died in 1956 before he became President. Their daughter, Martha Kyrle, served as First Lady during his tenure in office. President Schärf died in office.
Margarete Jonas 9 June 1965 24 April 1974 Franz Jonas
Herma Kirchschläger 8 July 1974 8 July 1986 Rudolf Kirchschläger
Elisabeth Waldheim 8 July 1986 8 July 1992 Kurt Waldheim
Edith Klestil 8 July 1992 1994 Thomas Klestil Edith Klestil left Thomas Klestil in January 1994 following revelations of his affair with his aide, Margot Löffler.[4][5][6][7] Edith Klestil was voted Austria's "Woman of the Year" in March 1994.[4] The Klestils divorced on 17 September 1998 after forty year of marriage and a four-year separation.[8]
Margot Klestil-Löffler 23 December 1998 (marriage) 6 July 2004 Thomas Klestil President Klestil and Margot Löffler initially agreed to separate in January 1994 following the revelations of their affair,[7] but later reconnected. They married on 23 December 1998, just a few months after Klestil's divorce from Edith Klestil. President Klestil died in office on 6 July 2004.[4] Klestil-Löffler, a diplomat, served as Ambassador to the Czech Republic (2004–2009) and Russia (2009–2014).
Margit Fischer 8 July 2004 8 July 2016 Heinz Fischer
Doris Schmidauer 26 January 2017 Present Alexander Van der Bellen Schmidauer and Van der Bellen married in December 2015.[9] Schmidauer, who is head of personnel and management of the Green Party Parliamentary Club as of January 2017, has expressed a desire to continue working for the Green Party while she serves as Austria's First Lady.[10]


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