Fifteenth Dynasty of Egypt

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The Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Dynasties of ancient Egypt are often combined under the group title, Second Intermediate Period. The Fifteenth Dynasty dates approximately from 1650 to 1550 BC.[1]


Known rulers of the Fifteenth Dynasty are as follows:[1]

Fifteenth Dynasty
Name Dates
Sakir-Har Named as an early Hyksos king on a doorjamb found at Avaris. Regnal order uncertain.
Apophis c. 1590? BC-1550 BC
Khamudi c. 1550-1540 BC

The Fifteenth Dynasty of Egypt was the first Hyksos dynasty, ruled from Avaris, without control of the entire land. The Hyksos preferred to stay in northern Egypt since they infiltrated from the north-east. The names and order of kings is uncertain. The Turin King list indicates that there were six Hyksos kings, with an obscure Khamudi listed as the final king of the Fifteenth Dynasty.

Number of kings named Apepi

Some scholars argue there were two Apophis kings named Apepi I and Apepi II, but this is primarily because there are two known prenomens for this king: Awoserre and Aqenenre. However, the Danish Egyptologist Kim Ryholt maintains in his study of the Second Intermediate Period that these prenomens all refer to one man: Apepi I, who ruled Egypt for 40+X years.[2] This is also supported by this king's employment of a third prenomen during his reign: Nebkhepeshre.[3] Apophis likely employed several different prenomens throughout various periods of his reign. This scenario is not unparalleled since several kings, including Mentuhotep II, the famous Ramesses II, and Seti II, are known to have used two different prenomens during their reigns.


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Preceded by
Fourteenth Dynasty
Dynasty of Egypt
1650−1550 BC
Succeeded by
Sixteenth Dynasty
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