Faiza Rauf

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Faiza Rauf
Born 8 November 1923
Abdeen Palace, Cairo
Died 6 June 1994(1994-06-06) (aged 70)
Westwood, Los Angeles
Full name
Faiza Fouad Rauf
House Muhammad Ali Dynasty
Father King Fuad
Mother Nazli Sabri
Religion Islam

Faiza Fuad Rauf (Arabic: الأميرة فايزة بنت فؤاد الأول‎) (8 November 1923 – 6 June 1994) was an Egyptian princess and a member of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty.

Early life

Princess Faiza was born in the Abdeen Palace, Cairo, on 8 November 1923.[1][2] She was the third child of King Fouad and Nazli Sabri.[3] Princess Faiza was the sister of King Farouk, Princess Fawzia, Princess Faika and Princess Fathia.[4][5] Her maternal great-grandfather was Major-General Muhammad Sharif Pasha, Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, who was of Turkish origin.[6]

Marriage and activities

Princess Faiza did not want to marry a member of the Middle East royal family.[7] Instead, she married to her Turkish cousin Mohammad Ali Bulent Rauf, who was thirty-four years old, in Cairo on 17 May 1945.[8][9][10] Their marriage was arranged through familial relations.[8] He was a Western educated man who was the grandson of Ismail Pasha.[7] King Farouk did not support their marriage, but reluctantly endorsed it.[7] Princess Faiza and her husband lived in the Zohria Palace on Gezira Island in the Nile after their marriage.[1][11]

Princess Faiza was instrumental in Princess Fawzia’s long period of convalescence in Egypt after divorcing from the Shah of Iran in 1948.[12] Fawzia was one of the leading figures of the Red Crescent Society in Egypt during the reign of King Farouk.[13] King Farouk put her and her husband under house arrest due to his suspicion.[1] She and her husband launched a homemade film about a military coup six weeks before the events of 1952.[14] They had no issue, and divorced in 1962.[8][2]

Later life

After the abdication of King Farouk as a result of the 1952 revolution in Egypt, Princess Faiza moved to Istanbul in 1954.[1] Then, she and her husband went to Spain and France.[8] Next, she went to the US and settled in Beverly Hills, leaving her husband in Paris.[8][7] She lived there until her death.[13]


Princess Faiza died on 9 June 1994 at the age of 70 in Westwood, Los Angeles.[4][10][13]




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