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The Facebook privacy and copyright hoaxes are a collection of similar internet hoaxes that claim that posting a status on social networking site Facebook constitutes a privacy notice that protects your posts on the site from copyright infringement[1] or that provides privacy protection to their profile information and other content they have posted to the site. The hoax takes the form of a Facebook status that, when posted, urges others to post the same or a similar status.[2][3] The hoax first became popular in May and June 2012, but has since re-appeared multiple times, including in November 2012[3] and then again in 2015, first in January[1] and later in September of that year.[4] All of the hoaxes are based on several misunderstandings, including, with respect to the privacy version, the fact that it incorrectly assumes that Facebook becoming a public company in May 2012 affects how it treats user information,[5] the assumption that posting certain content online can protect someone from adverse legal consequences,[6] and the fact that the hoax ignores that if Facebook wanted to significantly change its terms of service agreement, it would have to provide notification of these changes.[5]


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