Executive Secretary of the United States Department of State

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Executive Secretary of the
United States Department of State
U.S. Department of State official seal.svg
Seal of the United States Department of State
Lisa D. Kenna

since May 15, 2017
Appointer United States Secretary of State
Inaugural holder Lucius Durham Battle
Formation 1961
Website Official website

The Executive Secretary of the United States Department of State is the Director of the Executive Secretariat. The position holds a rank equivalent to an Assistant Secretary.[1][2] Each Executive Secretary is appointed by the Secretary of State.[1]

The Executive Secretary serves as the liaison and the clearinghouse between the State Department’s bureaus and the leadership offices of the Secretary, the Deputy Secretaries, and the Director of Policy Planning. The Executive Secretary also manages relations between the State Department and the White House, the National Security Council, and other cabinet-level agencies.[3] As the head of the Executive Secretariat, the Executive Secretary also manages the State Department's Operations Center and prepares briefing papers about the Department during transitions between presidential administrations.[1]

List of Executive Secretaries

Tenure Executive Secretary Secretary of State
1961–1962 Lucius Durham Battle Dean Rusk
1962–1963 William H. Brubeck
1963–1969 Benjamin Huger Read
1969–1973 Theodore Lyman Eliot Jr. William P. Rogers
1973–1974 Thomas R. Pickering Henry Kissinger
1974–1976 George Stoney Springsteen Jr.
1976–1977 C. Arthur Borg
1977–1981 Peter Tarnoff Cyrus Vance, Edmund Muskie
1981–1983 L. Paul Bremer Alexander Haig, George P. Shultz
1983–1985 Charles Hill George P. Shultz
1985–1987 Nicholas Platt
1987–1989 Melvyn Levitsky
1989–1991 J. Stapleton Roy James Baker
1991–1993 W. Robert Pearson James Baker, Lawrence Eagleburger
1993–1994 Marc Isaiah Grossman Warren Christopher
1994–1996 Kenneth C. Brill
1996–1998 William Joseph Burns Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright
1998–2001 Kristie Ann Kenney Madeleine Albright
2001–2002 Maura Ann Harty Colin Powell
2002–2005 Karl William Hofmann
2005–2007 Harry K. Thomas Jr. Condoleezza Rice
2007–2009 Daniel Bennett Smith
2009–2012 Stephen D. Mull Hillary Clinton
2012–2014 John R. Bass Hillary Clinton, John Kerry
2014–2017 Joseph E. Macmanus John Kerry
2017–present Lisa D. Kenna Rex Tillerson, Mike Pompeo


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