Essie Pinola Parrish

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Essie Nellie Fisk - Pinola, Parrish
Born 1902
Died 1979
Nationality Pomo
Known for Basket weaving, Second language acquisition

Essie Nellie Fisk - Pinola, Parrish (1902–1979), was a Kashaya Pomo spiritual leader and an expert basketweaver.[1][2][3]


"She was acknowledged as her people’s “dreamer” at age 6 and had a great ability to prophesy and interpret dreams."[4]

She educated Kashaya (Kashia) children in the Kashaya (Kashia)Pomo language, and "presented Robert Kennedy with a treasured hand-woven basket when he visited the Kashaya reservation to investigate conditions in Indian schools."[4]

She "compiled a Kashaya Pomo dictionary, working with Robert Oswalt, a Berkeley scholar well-known in the field of Indian linguistics."[5] Her work on Kashaya Pomo is in the California Language Archive.[6] She "helped create over 20 anthropological films documenting Pomo culture and ceremonies."[7]

Essie Parrish, "along with Mabel McKay, of the revitalized Bole Maru Dreamer religion, spoke at the New School in New York on March 14, 1972."[8]


"Toward the end of the world, when I am no longer here ... it's important people remember and respect."[9]

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