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Eric Hutchinson
Eric Hutchinson Live in Austin Texas 2015 1.jpg
Hutchinson performing at the Piece by Piece Tour in 2015
Background information
Origin Takoma Park, Maryland, United States
Genres Pop, rock, folk, power pop, Blues-rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, guitarist
Instruments Singing, guitar, piano
Years active 2003–present
Labels Let's Break Records,
Warner Bros.

Eric Hutchinson is an American singer-songwriter who plays soulful pop music. He is best known for his songs "Rock & Roll", "OK, It's Alright with Me", "Watching You Watch Him", and "Tell the World". Hutchinson was named an AOL "About to Pop" artist, Yahoo! Who's Next Artist, MSN "One to Watch" Artist and a "VH1 You Oughta Know" Artist.[2] Hutchinson also wrote and performed the theme song for ESPN's Fantasy Focus podcast.[3]

Hutchinson tours extensively and has performed at venues across the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, England, and Dubai. He has toured with such artists as Kelly Clarkson, Jason Mraz, OneRepublic, O.A.R., Pentatonix, Hanson, Tristan Prettyman, John Mulaney and G. Love & Special Sauce.

Hutchinson is also known for the sharp, often colorful suits he wears on stage and on his album covers.


Early life

Hutchinson grew up in Takoma Park, Maryland, graduating from Montgomery Blair High School and then attending Emerson College in Boston.[4][5]

2005–2007: Sounds Like This

In 2005, Hutchinson signed with Madonna's Maverick Records, but the label shut down before his album was released.[6] He independently recorded and released the album Sounds Like This in 2007. The album won praise from gossip blogger Perez Hilton, which sent it to the top ten on the iTunes Store, where it peaked at number five in September 2007 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. It became the highest charting album by an unsigned artist in iTunes history.

The album was picked up by Warner Bros. Records, who released it in May 2008. Eric's 2008 single "Rock & Roll" earned him his first gold record in the United States. "Rock and Roll" also appeared in the series finale episode of the Australian-produced Packed to the Rafters. The single reached #1 in Australia in April 2009. In addition, "Rock and Roll" reached #9 on the ARIA Australian Singles Chart and has been certified Platinum in Australia. "Rock and Roll" has also reached Gold in New Zealand, the U.S. and Norway.

2012: Moving Up, Living Down

Moving Up, Living Down, Hutchinson's second album, was released on April 17, 2012 by Warner Bros. Records. The first single, "Watching You Watch Him" debuted on the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. Hutchinson also returned to the Late Show with David Letterman on February 21, 2012 to perform "Watching You Watch Him." Eric wrote "Watching You Watch Him" as a joke about his wife, Jill's obsession with tennis star Roger Federer.'s review[7] said of the album said: "Hutchinson is a bell tone of a crooner with a knack for writing a catchy hook, and imbues his songs with just enough positive swagger and rhythmic grit to bring to mind a kind of contemporary take on Hall & Oates."

2014: Pure Fiction

Hutchinson released his third album titled Pure Fiction on April 8, 2014 via Kobalt Label Services.[8] The first song on the album, "Tell the World," has been chosen as the theme song for the 2014 mid-season NBC sitcom Growing Up Fisher, and also the song for the first Microsoft Windows 10 commercial.[9][10][11]'s review of the album said: "Pure Fiction, finds him delivering more of his passionate, melodic, and imminently likable songs. Ultimately, the truth of Pure Fiction is that Hutchinson remains an impressive, resonant-voiced singer and a vibrant conduit for catchy, radio-ready pop."

2015: Easy Street

Eric's album, Easy Street, released on August 26, 2016. The album is produced by Hutchinson himself and features the power ballad "Anyone Who Knows Me", which Eric has said is "the song I've been trying to write my whole career."

2018: Modern Happiness

Modern Happiness was released in its entirety October 5, 2018. This was the first album to be released under the name Eric Hutchinson and the Believers with songwriting credits belonging to him and his band. In late 2017, Eric announced that he would release one song per month starting in January 2018 to members of his Patreon only, eventually leading to the album's full release.

2019: Before and After

Eric's newest album, Before and After, is being released one track at a time to members of Patreon. This album was experimental in nature, and has Eric working with different musicians, creating a different, and more jazzier sound. This album includes multiple tracks written for and about his wife, Jill and their daughter Zelda. The full album release is expected late fall.


In the winter of 2015, Hutchinson is on an "Almost Solo" tour. In spring of 2016, Hutchinson will join Rachel Platten on her "Wildfire Tour" in many cities.

Eric's regular touring band, The Believers, consists of Elliott Blaufuss (Guitars, Keys & Vocals), Ian Allison (Bass & Vocals) and Bryan Taylor (Drums, Percussion & Vocals). The band also sometimes features Jessie Payo on Backup Vocals. Eric Hutchinson & The Believers are known for a nonstop show that is high energy, funny, and full of soul.

On October 24, 2016, Eric Hutchinson announced that he would be taking an indefinite break from touring after his "Anyone Who Knows Me" tour. The tour would end at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. on November 2, 2016.


Emerson College's student-run radio station WERS called him "one of the most talented singer-songwriters that Boston has to offer",[12] and he has been compared to Jason Mraz, Stevie Wonder, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel and The Beatles.[13][14][15] Journalist James Campion calls Hutchinson "a major talent with nary a trace of pretension" and "a sure thing."[16]

Hutchinson's music is a combination of rock, folk pop, and powerpop. It has been called "intelligent pop" with "painstakingly placed lyrics, brimming with sarcasm and wit,"[17] and "sunshine pop" with "feel-good playfulness" and a "plucky demeanor."[18]

Hutchinson placed second at the 2002 Los Angeles Songwriter's Grand Slam.[19]


Album Tracks
That Could've Gone Better
  • Released: March 25, 2003
  • Label: Let's Break Records
  • ASIN: B000CAEI9
  1. "Subtitles"
  2. "Rock and Roll"
  3. "Jettison"
  4. "Breakdown More"
  5. "All Used Up"
  6. "Same Mistakes"
  7. "Please"
...Before I Sold Out
  • Released: March 14, 2006
  • Label: Let's Break Records
  • ASIN: B000FTL0A0
  1. "Modern Age"
  2. "All Over Now"
  3. "Outside Villanova"
  4. "Breakdown More"
  5. "Don't Hold Back"
  6. "Call Me Back"
  7. "Rock and Roll"
Sounds Like This
  • Released: May 20, 2008
  • Label: Let's Break Records / Warner Bros. Records
  • Songwriting credits: All songs written by Eric Hutchinson
  1. "OK, It's Alright with Me"
  2. "You Don't Have to Believe Me"
  3. "Outside Villanova"
  4. "Food Chain"
  5. "Rock and Roll"
  6. "Oh!"
  7. "All Over Now"
  8. "It Hasn't Been Long Enough"
  9. "Back to Where I Was"
  10. "You've Got You"
Moving Up Living Down
  1. "Talk Is Cheap"
  2. "Best Days"
  3. "The Basement"
  4. "Watching You Watch Him"
  5. "Breakdown More"
  6. "The People I Know"
  7. "Living in the Afterlife"
  8. "In the First Place"
  9. "I'm Not Cool"
  10. "Not There Yet"
  11. "Lisa" [Bonus Track]
Pure Fiction
  • Released: April 8, 2014
  • Label: Let's Break Records / Kobalt
  1. "Tell the World"
  2. "A Little More"
  3. "Forever"
  4. "I Got the Feelin Now"
  5. "Goodnight Goodbye"
  6. "Love Like You"
  7. "I Don't Love U"
  8. "Sun Goes Down"
  9. "Forget About Joni" (Acoustic)
  10. "Shine on Me" (Acoustic)
  11. "Tell the World" (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
Almost Solo in NYC (Live)
  • Released: October 7, 2014
  • Label: Let's Break Records / Kobalt
  1. "OK It's Alright with Me" – Live
  2. "I'm a Foot Stomper" – Live
  3. "Watching You Watch Him" – Live
  4. "Watching You Eat Shrimp" – Live
  5. "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" – Live
  6. "Emo in College" – Live
  7. "Breakdown More" – Live
  8. "Outside Villanova" – Live
  9. "Amsterdam" – Live
  10. "Shine on Me" – Live
  11. "Rock & Roll" – Live
  12. "Love Like You" – Live
  13. "A Little More" – Live
Easy Street
  • Released: August 26, 2016
  • Label: Let's Break Records / Kobalt
  1. "Dear Me"
  2. "Good Rhythm (feat. G. Love)"
  3. "Anyone Who Knows Me"
  4. "Lost in Paradise"
  5. "Alcatraz"
  6. "American Princess"
  7. "Bored to Death"
  8. "Same Old Thing"
  9. "Anyone Who Knows Me (feat. Kevin 'K.O' Olusola)"
  10. "Dear Me (feat. Kevin 'K.O' Olusola)"
Modern Happiness
  • Released: October 5, 2018
  • Label: Let's Break Records / Kobalt
  1. "Miracle Worker"
  2. "New Religion"
  3. "I’ll Always Be the One Who Makes You Cry"
  4. "Happy Like a Chicken With His Head Cut Off"
  5. "Hands"
  6. "Can’t Stop What’s Coming"
  7. "She Could Be the One"
  8. "Take It Easy On Me"
  9. "For the First Time"
  10. "A Million Bucks On a Queen Motel Bed"

Fun and Games

Eric is the creator of "Songversations", a music listening card game released by Abrams Books in 2017.[20]


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