Empire (online game)

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Empire MUD Logo
Developer(s) Farhaj "Astafas" Hashmi, project community
Engine DikuMUD
Platform(s) Platform independent
Release 1992
Genre(s) Fantasy MUD
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Empire was a MUD, a text-based online role-playing game, founded in 1992 by Farhaj "Astafas" Hashmi and several associates. It received critical praise.

Game characteristics

Empire was set in a medieval fantasy world; gameplay is primarily hack and slash. The MUD was noted as complex and unsuitable for beginners.[1][2]

Player character names and statistical information were not initially divulged to other players. This has been considered to foster an improved atmosphere for role-playing.[2] Player killing is unrestricted; though that was not the primary focus of the game, it was generally prominent in commentary.[1][2]


Empire was founded in 1992.[3] It apparently went offline in July 2010, its operations spanning 18 years.[4]


Empire received critical praise for using identity ambiguity and player versus player conflict to create a tense and exciting atmosphere, and for its pace of development.[2][1] It has been called "one of the best MUDs out there".[2]

Technical infrastructure

Empire was based on DikuMUD.[2]


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