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Emperor of Korea was the title of head of state of the Korean Empire between 1897 and 1910.[1]. It was established with the inauguration of Gojong,[2] in November 1897, and ended with the abolition of emperor Sunjong on August 29, 1910. In 1910, the head of the Gyeongsul National Assembly was taken over by the Japanese emperor, and the head of the government was taken over by Japanese Prime Minister Masatake Terauchi as the first governor of Joseon.


Joseon was conquered by Japan, which won the Sino-Japanese War. To emphasize that Korea was an independent country, the title of the monarchy was changed to a great monarchy in 1895. The Chinese emperor named the Emperor in 1897.[3]

During the coronation of the Korean emperor in Gyeongung Palace, The Joseon Dynasty became the Empire of Korea. The government was an absolute monarchy. The Emperor was head of state and had absolute power. Japan's intervention intensified and the Emperor gradually lost power. In 1910, emperor Sunjong abdicated, The Korean Imperial House continued to exist.

List of Korean Emperors

# Portrait Personal name Period of reign Courtesy name (C) /
Pseudonym (Ps)
Temple name (廟號) (T) /
Posthumous name (諡號) (P)
Era name (年號)
Westernized Hangul/Hanja Westernized Hangul/Hanja Westernized Hangul/Hanja Westernized Hangul/Hanja
1 Korea-Portrait of Emperor Gojong-01.jpg Yi Myeong bok
Yi Hui
이명복 (李命福)
이희 (李㷩)
1897–1907 Seongrim (C)
Juyeon (Ps)
성림 (聖臨, C)
주연 (珠淵, Ps)
Gojong (T)
Emperor Tae (P)
고종 (高宗, T)
태황제 (太皇帝, P)
Gwangmu 광무 (光武)
2 Emperor Sunjong.jpg Yi Cheok 이척 (李坧) 1907–1910 Gundang (C)
Jeongheon (Ps)
군방 (君邦, C)
정헌 (正軒, Ps)
Sunjong (T)
Emperor Hyo (P)
순종 (純宗, T)
효황제 (孝皇帝, P)
Yunghui 융희 (隆熙)

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