Emibai Jinnah

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Emibai Jinnah
Emibai Muhammad Ali Jinnah.jpg
First Lady of Pakistan
Personal details
Born 1878; Karachi, British India
Died 1893 (aged 14–15)
Karachi, British India
Spouse(s) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(1892–1893; her death)[1][2]
Relations See Jinnah family[3][4]

Emibai Jinnah (1878–1893)[5] was the first cousin and first wife of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah from 1892 until her death.[6][7][8][9]

Marriage and death

Emibai Jinnah was born in 1878 in Karachi.

When she was 14 years of age, Muhammad Ali Jinnah's mother Mithibai Jinnah was urging him to marry his cousin Emibai.[10] Jinnah complied with his mother's wishes and married Emibai at Paneli Village.[11][12]

Shortly after the wedding, Muhammad Ali Jinnah left for England to engage in higher academic studies.[8][9], and a few months later Emibai died.

Affected by this tragedy, it was 25 years before Jinnah chose to marry again.[6]. Aged about 40, he took Rattanbai Jinnah (1900–1929) as his second wife on April 19, 1918. Rattanbai passed away on February 20, 1929.

Unlike Maryam, a well known figure in her own right, little is known about Emibai.[13][14]

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