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Elmo Saves Christmas is a 60-minute television special released on PBS on December 2, 1996.[1] It was released to VHS that same year. In the story, Elmo learns that Christmas can't happen every day, a concept thought to be inspired by the short story "Christmas Every Day" by William Dean Howells. The program was filmed in Sesame Street's usual home, the Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York City. Footage from the film It's a Wonderful Life also appears in the program.


The story all started on Christmas Eve, while everyone on Sesame Street was preparing for Christmas. After Elmo held out a plate of cookies to give to Santa Claus, he paused a moment when Cookie Monster saw him and asked to take one cookie or half a cookie. Elmo told him that the cookies are for the real Santa. Cookie Monster then wanted to trick him. Big Bird said a sad goodbye to Snuffleupagus because he was going to miss him a lot while he was in Cincinnati. Snuffleupagus told him he would be back the day after Christmas and said goodbye as he went off. Grover was selling Christmas trees to everyone. Elmo passed by Maria and Luis, who were bringing presents. Everyone got to decorate a Christmas tree, and the Count counted only one Christmas, plus the Christmas tree. Elmo came home with the cookies to save them for Santa Claus and fell face down on the floor.

Elmo eventually falls asleep, until he is awakened by Santa getting stuck halfway down the chimney. Santa asks Elmo for help, explaining that Elmo would save Christmas for children all over the world. Elmo pulls Santa out, and they discover the cause of the problem: a stowaway reindeer-in-training named Lightning. To thank Elmo, Santa lets him choose a special Christmas present: a pink teddy bear or a magical snow globe. Elmo chooses the snow globe and is granted three wishes. His first wish was a glass of water. Santa tells him he can wish for anything, but to not waste the other two wishes.

On Christmas Day, Elmo is excited by all the good cheer, and he wishes for it to be Christmas every day. This second wish will prove to be yet another mistake. At first, Kermit the Frog reports on a News program that Christmas is tomorrow, and everyone is excited for Santa to arrive. Santa explains to Elmo that Christmas cannot be every day because it would not be special anymore. Lightning, the reindeer-in-training, will take Elmo on a sleigh ride to the future to see the effects of his wish. Meanwhile, Big Bird is upset because Snuffleupagus is still gone, because he isn't due back until the day after Christmas, so he cries out for it to stop being Christmas every day. Maria, Luis, and Gabi become increasingly tired of not working since the Fix-It Shop is now closed every day, while Santa's elves have not been able to take a vacation in months. All the other holidays, especially Easter and the Fourth of July, also never come. Oscar the Grouch, however, is enjoying himself because his trash is surrounded by old wrapping paper and worn-out Christmas trees, and he's pleased that everyone else is becoming as grouchy and miserable as he is.

On next year's Christmas, Elmo and Lightning find Sesame Street in ruins: the Count is "all Christmassed out" after counting all 365 days of Christmas every day, the carolers have lost their voices from singing too much, Christmas trees have become an endangered species, and Big Bird is very unhappy because Snuffleupagus has been gone for a whole year. Also, all the stores (including the Fix-It Shop), have gone out of business, and Santa has decided to retire and move to Florida. Elmo hints that if someone had a wish, they could make Christmas the way it used to be. Elmo tells everyone the truth and tries to undo his wish, although Oscar wants Elmo to go for the roller-blades, and everyone wants Elmo to fix the whole issue. Elmo agrees and makes his wish by shaking the globe until it flies out of his hands and breaks before the wish is granted. Luis then notices that it is still Christmas forever, Big Bird misses Snuffleupagus again, sadly saying goodbye, and everyone else groans in a deeper depression. Since all hope is lost, Elmo and Lightning decide to go back to the night of Christmas Eve when Elmo pulled Santa out of the chimney for the first time. Lightning then agrees to this idea, and after pulling Santa out of the chimney again, Elmo picks the Moo-Bunny, a plush toy which is a cross between a cow and a rabbit.

One night after that, Big Bird is standing alone outside the Fix-It Shop, to be reunited with Snuffleupagus, and then he yells out his name as Snuffleupagus comes closer to give him a great big hug. Snuffleupagus tells him that instead of going all the way to Cincinnati, his grandmother actually came to Sesame Street. Big Bird seems so glad that he does not get to pay for Christmas, even for one day. Afterwards, Elmo reflects that although Christmas cannot be every day, everyone can still keep their Christmas, meaning the spirit of giving. Everyone is delighted that Elmo has brought Christmas back to normal, and they join together around the big Christmas tree.


The cast of Sesame Street

Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets

Additional Muppets performed by Alice Dinnean, Peter Linz, Noel MacNeal, Pam Arciero, Jim Martin, John Tartaglia, Jim Kroupa, Alison Mork and Matt Vogel

Background Muppets

Ernie, Bert, Grundgetta, Herry Monster, Prairie Dawn, Baby Natasha, Forgetful Jones, Ingrid, Penguins, Sherry Netherland, Honker, Anything Muppets, Chickens, Joey and Davey Monkey, Lambs, AM Monster

Songs and sketches

  1. Christmas Story Begins
  2. It's Christmas Again (Introduction)
  3. Cookie Monster and Elmo Get Your Cookies, and Big Bird and Snuffy Go to Cincinnati
  4. Christmas Story Continues, Christmas Story Continued, Sesame Street News Flash, and It's Christmas Again (day after Christmas)
  5. Every Day Can't Be Christmas
  6. It's Christmas Again (Spring)
  7. Christmas in Spring
  8. Give Your Friend an Easter Egg for Christmas
  9. It's Christmas Again (Summer)
  10. All I Want for Christmas Is You
  11. It's Christmas Again Hoarsely (Next Year’s Christmas)
  12. Every Day Can't Be Christmas (Reprise)
  13. Keep Christmas with You (All Through the Year)

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