Ecco, ridente in cielo

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"Ecco, ridente in cielo" is a cavatina from Gioachino Rossini's 1816 opera The Barber of Seville, sung by the tenor Count Almaviva, disguised as the poor student Lindoro, at the beginning of act 1.


The aria is an example of the bel canto style.[1] The key signature is C major, but it also modulates into G major and E major and contains chromatic passages. Its vocal range is from F3 to B4; the tessitura is between G3 and G4.[2] The aria is also notable for having a guitar accompaniment.

\time 2/4
g'8\noBeam a'16.\noBeam b'32 c''8\noBeam c''
b'8\(~ \times 4/6 { b'32 d'' c'' b' c'' d'' } c''8\) r
g'8\(\noBeam f''16\)\noBeam g' g'8\(\noBeam e''16\)\noBeam c''
e''8.\trill\( g''32 f''\) d''8
\addlyrics { Ec -- co ri -- den "te in" cie -- _ _ _ _ _ lo spun -- ta la bel -- la au -- ro -- ra }


Ecco, ridente in cielo
spunta la bella aurora,
e tu non sorgi ancora
e puoi dormir cosi'?
Sorgi, mia dolce speme,
vieni, bell'idol mio;
rendi men crudo, oh Dio,
lo stral che mi feri'.
Oh sorte! gia' veggo
quel caro sembiante;
quest'anima amante
ottenne pieta'.
Oh istante d'amore!
Oh dolce contento!
Soave momento
che eguale non ha!

Here, laughing in heaven
emerges the beautiful dawn,
and you are not awake yet
you can sleep like this?
Arise, my sweet hope,
come, my dear idol;
Render less painful, oh God,
The arrow that wounds me.
Oh destiny! I see now
that dear countenance;
this loving soul
has obtained mercy.
Oh moments of love!
Oh sweet contentedness!
Precious moment
It has no equal!


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