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Duke of Genoa was a subsidiary title of the King of Sardinia. It was first awarded in 1815 to Prince Charles Felix of Savoy, who became the King of Sardinia in 1821.

Upon the death of King Charles Felix in 1831, the title was given to Prince Ferdinando, the second son of King Charles Albert of Sardinia. The title became extinct in 1996 on the death of Prince Eugenio, a great-grandson of King Charles Albert.

List of Dukes of Genoa

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Prince Charles Felix
Carlos Félix de Cerdeña, por Jean Baptiste Isabey.jpg
6 April 1765
fifth son of Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia and Maria Antonietta of Spain
Maria Cristina of Naples and Sicily
7 March 1807
without issue
27 April 1831
aged 66
Prince Ferdinando
1st Duke of Genoa.jpg
15 November 1822
second son of Charles Albert of Sardinia and Maria Theresa of Austria
Princess Elisabeth of Saxony
22 April 1850
two children
10 February 1855
aged 32
Prince Tommaso
Montabone, Luigi (18..-1877) - Tommaso di Savoia-Genova - 1.jpg
6 February 1854
Palazzo Chiablese, Turin
only son of Ferdinando and Princess Elisabeth of Saxony
Princess Isabella of Bavaria
14 April 1883
Nymphenburg Palace
six children
15 April 1931
aged 77
Prince Ferdinando
Ferdinando di savoia.jpg
21 April 1884
eldest son of Prince Tommaso and Princess Isabella of Bavaria
Maria Luigia Alliaga Gandolfi
28 February 1938
without issue
24 June 1963
aged 79
Prince Filiberto
Filiberto di Savoia-Genova.jpg
10 March 1895
second son of Prince Tommaso and Princess Isabella of Bavaria
Princess Lydia of Arenberg
30 April 1928
without issue
7 September 1990
aged 95
Prince Eugenio
Eugenio di savoia, quinto duca di genova.jpg
13 March 1906
fourth son of Prince Tommaso and Princess Isabella of Bavaria
Princess Lucia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
30 April 1928
Nymphenburg Palace
one daughter
8 December 1996
São Paulo
aged 90

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