Drvenik Veli

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Drvenik Veli
Drvenik veliki satelite.png
Satellite image of Drvenik Veli
Location Adriatic Sea
Coordinates 43°26′39″N 16°08′44″E / 43.444226°N 16.145439°E / 43.444226; 16.145439Coordinates: 43°26′39″N 16°08′44″E / 43.444226°N 16.145439°E / 43.444226; 16.145439
Area 12.07 km2 (4.66 sq mi)
Highest elevation 178 m (584 ft)
County Split-Dalmatia
Population 150 (2011)

Drvenik Veli (Italian: Zirona Grande) is an island in Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. It is situated in the middle of the Dalmatian archipelago, northwest of Šolta, 1.8 kilometres (1.1 miles) from the mainland.[1] Its area is 12.07 square kilometres (4.66 sq mi).[2][3] The highest peak is 178 metres high.[3] The only settlement on the island is the near-eponymous village of Drvenik Veliki (pronounced [dr̩v̞ɛ̌niːk v̞ɛ̂likiː]) with a population of 150 (2011 census).[4]

The island was first inhabited in the 15th[5] or 16th century.[6] In Croatian documents from the 13th century, the island is mentioned as "Gerona" or "Giruna".[5] Main industries are agriculture, fishing and tourism.[5][7] The coast of the island consists of many sand and pebble beaches.[7]

Drvenik Veli


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