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Drag Race Thailand
แดร็ก เรซ ไทยแลนด์
Genre Reality competition
Created by RuPaul
Based on RuPaul's Drag Race
  • Araya In-dra
  • Pangina Heals
Opening theme "Drag Race Thailand" theme (season 1–present)
Ending theme "Fly Tonight" (season 1)
Country of origin Thailand
Original language(s) Thai
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Executive producer(s)
  • Piyarat Kaljaruek
Camera setup Multiple-camera
Running time 55–60 minutes
Production company(s) Kantana
Original network
Original release February 15, 2018 (2018-02-15) – present

Drag Race Thailand is a Thai reality competition show based on the American version with RuPaul. The series was licensed by the Kantana Group and premiered on February 15, 2018. The show is hosted by fashion stylist Art-Araya In-dra, while drag performer Pangina Heals co-hosts[1]. Season one saw 10 contestants competing for the title of "Thailand's Next Drag Superstar", resulting in the crowning of Natalia Pliacam on April 5, 2018.

Thai Drag

The co-host is the half-Thai, half-Taiwanese drag queen Pangina Heals. Heals spoke about drag as an artform, saying "People are understanding that drag isn’t about sex or gender, but about performance and making other people happy." Heals also addressed the idea that drag and "ladyboys" are the same thing, saying "Thai people are really accepting of transexual girls, especially with the popularization of the Miss Tiffany's pageant shows."[2]

Heals is the most famous drag queen in Thailand and was the winner of Thailand's first TV drag competition T-Battle.


Season Premiere Date Finale Date Winner Runner(s)-up Miss
Winner Prizes
1 February 15, 2018[3] April 5, 2018 Natalia Pliacam Année Maywong
Dearis Doll
B Ella

Season 1


(Ages and names stated are at time of contest)

Contestant[4] Name[5] Age Hometown Outcome
Natalia Pliacam Assadayut Khunviseadpong 37 Bangkok Winner
Année Maywong Thainisorn Hengsuwan 30 Bangkok Runner-up
Dearis Doll Supattarapon Kasikam 30 Nakhon Pathom
B Ella Anothai Ngeesantiae 30 Nakhon Ratchasima 4th Place
Amadiva Pudthawee Thepkraival 24 Bangkok 5th/6th Place
JAJA Angeles R-Jay Carubio 34 Philippines
Petchra Panupong Jalruensuk 30 Rayong 7th Place
Morrigan Chaipong Piwpong 18 Bangkok 8th Place
Bunny Be Fly Kittameth Seethan 25 Nakhon Ratchasima 9th Place
Meannie Minaj Mananya Puengmai 26 Phrae 10th Place

Contestant progress

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Année Maywong WIN HIGH WIN LOW BTM3 HIGH WIN Runner-Up
Petchra SAFE BTM2 SAFE SAFE ELIM Guest Guest
Morrigan BTM2 SAFE ELIM Guest Guest
Bunny Be Fly SAFE ELIM Guest Guest
Meannie Minaj ELIM Guest Guest
     The contestant won Drag Race Thailand.
     The contestant was the runner-up.
     The contestant was voted Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants.
     The contestant won the main challenge.
     The contestant won the runway challenge.
     The contestant won the main challenge and the runway challenge.
     The contestant received positive judges' critiques but was ultimately declared safe.
     The contestant received negative judges' critiques but was ultimately declared safe.
     The contestant won the main challenge but was in the bottom two.
     The contestant was in the bottom two.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant returned as a guest for that episode.

Lip syncs

Episode Contestants Song Eliminated
1 Meannie Minaj vs. Morrigan "Born This Way"
(Lady Gaga)
Meannie Minaj
2 Bunny Be Fly vs. Petchra "รักยังไม่ต้องการ"
(Marsha Vadhanapanich)
Bunny Be Fly
3 Dearis Doll vs. Morrigan "O.K.นะคะ"
(Katreeya English)
4 Amadiva vs. Natalia Pliacam "Dhoom Dhoom"
(Tata Young)
5 Année Maywong vs. JAJA vs. Petchra "Toxic"
(Britney Spears)
6 Amadiva vs. JAJA "เพลงสุดท้าย"
(Suda Chuenban)
7 B Ella vs. Dearis Doll "Crazy in Love"
(Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z)
B Ella
     The contestant was eliminated after their first time in the bottom two.
     The contestant was eliminated after their second time in the bottom two.


No. in
Title Original air date
1 1 "Contestant's Story[6]" February 15, 2018 (2018-02-15)[6]

  • Mini-Challenge: Photoshoot while being doused with buckets of water
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Morrigan
  • Mini-Challenge Prize: Assign materials for the main challenge
  • Main Challenge: Design a three-in-one runway look which incorporates specific materials that tell a story about the contestant's life
  • Guest Judges: Madame Mod, Madeaw & Pa-Tue
  • Challenge Winner: Année Maywong
  • Main Challenge Prize: 50,000฿ gift voucher from Apex Medical Center
  • Bottom Two: Meannie Minaj and Morrigan
  • Lip Sync Song: "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga
  • Eliminated: Meannie Minaj
  • Farewell Message: "ขอบคุณทุกคนมาก ๆ นะ วันนี้อาจจะยังไม่วันของเรา สู้ๆนะคะ Meannie Minaj"'
2 2 "The Power of Love[6]" February 22, 2018 (2018-02-22)[6]

  • Mini-Challenge: Photoshoot with Blacklight
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Natalia Pliacam
  • Mini-Challenge Prize: 30 minutes for the maxi-challenge instead of 15
  • Main Challenge: Dress up as the bride and groom in a photo shoot
  • Main Challenge Winner: Natalia Pliacam
  • Main Challenge Prize: Custom pair of men's and women's shoes from Tango worth 30,000฿
  • Guest Judges: Marsha Vadhanapanich, Jai Sira
  • Runway Theme: Power of Love
  • Runway Winner: Amadiva
  • 'Runway Prize: 50,000฿ gift voucher from Kharities Medical Aesthetic Clinic
  • Bottom Two: Petchra and Bunny Be Fly
  • Lip Sync Song: "รักยังไม่ต้องการ" by Marsha Vadhanapanich
  • Eliminated: Bunny Be Fly
  • Farewell Message: "ฉันยังไม่ตาย สู้ๆ นะจ๊ะ แล้วเจอกันที่สุดขอบโลก ขอบคุณสำหรับความรัก"
3 3 "Curtain to Couture[6]" March 1, 2018 (2018-03-01)[6]

  • Mini-Challenge: Fairy tale puppet show
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Dearis Doll
  • Mini-Challenge Prize: First to choose which curtains they would use for the main challenge and selected who got to pick second
  • Main Challenge: Create a couture evening gown out of window curtains
  • Guest Judges: Mae Baan Mee Nuad, Prapakas, Cris Horwang
  • Challenge Winner: Année Maywong
  • Main Challenge Prize: 20,000฿ gift voucher from KarmaKamet
  • Bottom Two: Dearis Doll and Morrigan
  • Lip Sync Song: "O.K.นะคะ" by Katreeya English
  • Eliminated: Morrigan
  • Farewell Message: "หนูขอบคุณมากนะที่สอนหนู รักมากนะ ♡ บายพี่จ้า จุ๊บๆ"
4 4 "Drag Race Thailand Debut Season Award[6]" March 8, 2018 (2018-03-08)[6]

  • Mini-Challenge: "Pink carpet" photoshoot
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: JAJA
  • Guests: Ajirapha "Sabina" Meisinger and Natthaya "Grace" Boonchompaisarn
  • Main Challenge: Presenting and accepting "Drag Race Thailand Debut Season Awards"
  • Main Challenge Winner: Natalia Pliacam
  • Main Challenge Prize: One-year supply of Biore products
  • Guest Judges: Ananda Everingham, Sinjai Plengpanich, Pattriya Na Nakorn
  • Runway Theme: Beloved Thai movies
  • Runway Winner: JAJA & Dearis Doll
  • Runway Prize: One-year supply of Vampye eyelashes
  • Bottom Two: Amadiva & Natalia Pliacam
  • Lip Sync Song: "Dhoom Dhoom" by Tata Young
  • Eliminated: None
5 5 "Snatch Game[6]" March 15, 2018 (2018-03-15)[6]

  • Mini-Challenge: Reading challenge
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Amadiva
  • Mini-Challenge Prize: First to choose silk for runway challenge and choose who gets second pick
  • Main Challenge: Snatch Game
  • Guest Judges: Metinee Kingpayom, Polpat Asavaprapha
  • Runway Theme: Design an outfit made from dyed Thai silk
  • Main Challenge + Runway Winner: Natalia Pliacam
  • Main Challenge + Runway Prize: 3 day/2 night stay at the AVANI Garden Room in Pattaya, worth 20,000฿
  • Bottom Three: Année Maywong, JAJA, Petchra
  • Lip Sync Song: "Toxic" by Britney Spears
  • Eliminated: Petchra
  • Farewell Message: "พี่นาตาเลีย, แอนเน่, บีเอลล่า, เดียร์ริสดอล (คิดถึงทุกคนนะ) See you, Petchra"
6 6 "Commercial, Commercial[6]" March 22, 2018 (2018-03-22)[6]

  • Mini-Challenge: Line Mobile presentation clip
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: B Ella
  • Mini-Challenge Prize: Free for use of "Line Mobile by dtac" for 2-years with unlimited package, and privileges for select the partners of main challenge.
  • Main Challenge: Line Mobile parody clip
  • Mini and Main Challenge Guest Judge: Pavarisa Chumvigrant, VP of Marketing "Line Mobile", DTAC TriNet Co., Ltd.
  • Main Challenge Winner: B Ella & Dearis Doll
  • Main Challenge Prize: Free for use of "Line Mobile by dtac" for 3-years with unlimited package for winners, and free 1 year for other compettitors and presenters.
  • Runway Theme: Parody of Araya A. Hargate dressing, and "guest judges" welcoming show.
  • Runway Guest Judges: Araya A. Hargate, Ornapa Krisadee [th]
  • Runway Winner: Dearis Doll
  • Runway Prize: Gift Voucher of Tichin Nintha Krungthep, worth 20,000฿
  • Bottom Two: Amadiva & JAJA
  • Lip Sync Song: "The Last Song (เพลงสุดท้าย)" by Suda Cheunban
  • Eliminated: Amadiva & JAJA
  • Farewell Message:
7 7 "Twins[6]" March 29, 2018 (2018-03-29)[6]

  • Mini-Challenge: "Twin" photoshoot
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Année Maywong + Dearis Doll
  • Mini-Challenge Prize: Assign pairs for first main challenge
  • Main Challenge 1: Design conjoined twins outfit out of Eighteen boxes
  • Main Challenge 1 Guests: DJ Matoom [th], previously eliminated contestants
  • Main Challenge 1 Winner: Année Maywong (+ Meannie Minaj)
  • Main Challenge 1 Prize: 40,000฿
  • Main Challenge 2: Act out a scene inspired by Plerng Phra Nang
  • Main Challenge 2 Guests: Teerasak Promngoen, previously eliminated contestants
  • Runway Theme: Water Festival (Songkran)
  • Runway Guest Judges: Ploy Chermarn, Utt Uttsada, Chom
  • Main Challenge 2 + Runway Winner: Année Maywong
  • Main Challenge 2 + Runway Prize: 30,000฿ gift voucher for ERB spa
  • Bottom Two: Dearis Doll & B Ella
  • Lip Sync Song: "Crazy in Love" by Beyoncé
  • Eliminated: B Ella
  • Farewell Message:
8 8 "Final Runway[6]" April 5, 2018 (2018-04-05)[6]

  • Miss Congeniality: B Ella
  • Runners Up: Année Maywong & Dearis Doll
  • Winner of Drag Race Thailand season one: Natalia Pliacam


The season 1 of Drag Race Thailand was met with a successful rating in Thai television. In was later announced that the first season will premier in the United States in May 2018. The first season also made stirs in the Asian LGBT community, the most prominent of which is a campaign to establish a Rupaul's Drag Race version as well in the Philippines and Taiwan, two of the most LGBT-accepting nations in all of Asia.[7][8]

Season 2

A casting announcement for season two was announced on 4 March 2018.[9] A casting commercial was shown on September 13, 2018, and stated any genders were allowed to apply, as well as non-Thai citizens.[10]


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