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Doctor Who: The Card Game is a card game based on the TV series Doctor Who. It was designed by Martin Wallace and published by Cubicle 7 in October 2012.

In 2014 Cubicle 7 announced that they would be releasing a second edition of the card game with new cards and a 2-player variant.[1]

Game Play

In Doctor Who: The Card Game each player takes on the role of the Doctor and his companions in defending locations across time and space from a variety of enemies and they also play the role of the forces of evil by sending enemies to invade the locations belonging to other players.

The number of actions you can perform in your turn varies depending on how many cards you are able to play, as you must always end your turn by passing three cards to the player to your right. Play continues in this manner until the end of the game.[2]


Doctor Who: The Card Game won an Origins Award for Best Card Game in 2013.[3]


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