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The Djaberadjabera, also written Jabirrjabirr,[1] were an indigenous Australian people of Western Australia.


The Djaberadjabera held, according to Norman Tindale's estimation, some 800 square miles (2,100 km2) of tribal land on the western side of the Dampier Peninsula. From the coastal area of Sandy Point at Beagle Bay, their territory went south as far as Cape Bertholet. Their inland extension was about 30 miles.[2]

Running clockwise, their neighbours were, to the north, the Nyulnyul, the Warrwa on their eastern flank, the Nimanburu southeast, and the Ngombal to their south.[1][3]

History of contact

By 1953 only 5 members of the tribe were still known to survive, and in 1974 Tindale stated that they were virtually extinct.[2]

Alternative names

  • Tjabartjabara, Tjabirtjabira (Mangala exonym)
  • Tjabiratjabir.
  • Djaberadjaber, Djaberdjaber..[2]



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