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Administrative divisions
of Mongolia
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A district (sum; Mongolian: сум, arrow, sometimes spelled soum or—from the Russian form—as somon) is a second level administrative subdivision of Mongolia. The 21 Provinces of Mongolia are divided into 331 districts.[1]

On average, each district administers a territory of 4,200 km2 (1,600 sq mi) with about 5,000 inhabitants, primarily nomadic herders. It[clarification needed] has total revenues of 120 million Tögrög, 90% of which comes from national subsidies.

Each district is again subdivided into bags (brigades; sometimes spelled baghs[1]). Most bags are of an entirely virtual nature. Their purpose is to sort the families of nomads in the district into groups, without a permanent human settlement.

Officially, and occasionally on maps, many district seats (sum centers) bear a name different from that of the district. However, in practice the district seat (sum center) is most often referred to under the name of the district, to the point of the official name of the district seat (sum center) being unknown even to the locals.

Districts map of Mongolia

Arkhangai Province

Districts of Arkhangai Province
19 districts

Bayan-Ölgii Province

Districts of Bayan-Ölgii Province
14 districts

Bayankhongor Province

Districts of Bayankhongor Province
20 districts

Bulgan Province

Districts of Bulgan Province

16 districts

Darkhan-Uul Province

Districts of Darkhan-Uul Province
4 districts

Dornod Province

Districts of Dornod Province
14 districts

Dornogovi Province

Districts of Dornogovi Province
14 districts

Dundgovi Province

Districts of Dundgovi Province
15 districts

Govi-Altai Province

Districts of Govi-Altai Province
18 district

Govisümber Province

Districts of Govisümber Province
3 districts

Khentii Province

Districts of Khentii Province
17 district

Khovd Province

Districts of Khovd Province
17 districts

Khövsgöl Province

Districts of Khövsgöl Province
24 districts

Ömnögovi Province

Districts of Ömnögovi Province
15 districts

Orkhon Province

Districts of Orkhon Province
2 districts

Övörkhangai Province

Districts of Övörkhangai Province
19 districts

Selenge Province

Districts of Selenge Province
17 districts

Sükhbaatar Province

Districts of Sükhbaatar Province
13 districts

Töv Province

Districts of Töv Province
27 districts

Uvs Province

Districts of Uvs Province
19 districts

Zavkhan Province

Districts of Zavkhan Province
24 districts

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