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Siemens locomotive of type ES 64 F4 in yellow and silvery Dispolok livery

Siemens Dispolok Ltd. (abbreviation: Dispolok) was a locomotive leasing company wholly owned by Siemens Transportation Systems offering locomotives for hire to European rail operators. On 21 September 2006 it was bought by Mitsui Rail Capital Europe BV (MRCE) a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co. Ltd..[1]

On 24 January 2008 the organisation was renamed MRCE Dispolok Ltd..


Due to technical problems with different locomotives, including the diesel electric Locomotive ME26 (see NSB Di 6) Siemens found itself with locomotives that had been returned from the original purchaser.

In order to avoid a total loss, and with the deregulation of rail transport in Europe taking place it was decided to offer these locomotives to private companies on a leased basis.

Since the new privately owned rail companies were almost all entirely new companies with no experience or infrastructure to deal with locomotive maintenance the leasing agreements included full servicing to be provided by Siemens (or its associates). In addition Siemens offer the leasers an option to buy the locomotives later if they so wished.

Since the concept of operation of the new company put it in competition with the main customers of Siemens Transportation Systems, Displok was created as an independent company with limited liability (see Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) in order to avoid possible legal conflicts.

Mitsui acquisition and incorporation

Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE) became the owner of the Dispolok group of companies in 2006, with the acquisiation Mitsui committed itself to the purchase of 50 Siemens electric locomotives of the Eurosprinter type.[1] Siemens will continue with its core business of manufacturing and selling locomotives but is no longer involved in leasing.

At the shareholders' meeting of 24 January 2008 the decision was made to rename the company MRCE Dispolok Ltd. The integration was completed on 1 April 2008 with all the shares of the subsidiary acquired;[2] with the takeover the livery of the Dispolok locomotives has changed from the yellow and silver of Siemens to black under Mitsui,[3] with the new name "MRCE Dispolok" on the sides of the locomotives.[4] In order to create more unity, the shareholders have made the decision on March the 7th 2013, to rename the company to MRCE GmbH.


  • ES64 P (ES64 EuroSprinter prototype; DBAG Series 127)
  • ES64 U2,[5] (identical to DB Class 182, ÖBB 1016, 1116 (Taurus), MAV 1047)
  • ES64 F4,[5] (identical to DB Class 189, SBB Re 474)
  • ER20 Euro Runner,[5] (identical to ÖBB 2016)
  • Former vehicles:
  • ES64 F: sold to ITL in 2005 (identical to DB Class 152)
  • ME26, sold in 2004, to Vossloh


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