Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop

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Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop
Dirty larry.jpg
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Developer(s) Knight Technologies
Publisher(s) Atari Corporation
Director(s) John Smedley
Producer(s) John Skruch
Programmer(s) Tom Schenck
Artist(s) Ken Cashmoor
Michael Hugo
Composer(s) Tom Schenck
Platform(s) Atari Lynx
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player

Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop is a beat 'em up video game developed by Knight Technologies and published by Atari Corporation for the Atari Lynx in 1992.


You play as Dirty Larry, a cop who fights criminals in the city of Steelburg. The player moves through each level beating up criminals, picking up weapons to get to the final boss known as Mr Big.[1]


Robert Jung reviewed the game which was published to IGN. In his final verdict he went on to say that "Conceptually, Dirty Larry had the ingredients to be a easy, no-nonsense action title. Unfortunately, the game balance got thrown out of sync, and the final result lies in video limbo: young players will be turned off by the difficulty of the game, and experienced gamers will finish it too quickly." Jung also noted "That's Larry, not Harry" this is probably a reference to the Dirty Harry movies. He then gave the game a low score of 5 out of 10.[2]


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