Directorate General of Forces Intelligence

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Directorate General of Forces Intelligence
Directorate General of Forces Intelligence Logo.png
Seal of the Forces Intelligence
Agency overview
Formed 1972 (reformed in 1977)
Jurisdiction President of Bangladesh
Headquarters DGFI Headquarters, Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh
Motto Watch and Listen for the nation, To protect national security
Employees 12,000 (estimate)[1]
Annual budget Classified
Agency executive
Child agency

Intelligence operations seek to provide the policy makers and military commanders with an early warning of impending situations. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of intelligence to continuously monitor and assess threats in order to facilitate commanders in launching timely and appropriate counter measures. Such measures would encompass conduct of combat intelligence, counter intelligence and security intelligence.

DGFI is one of the leading intelligence outfits of Bangladesh and works under direct supervision of the Defence Minister.

DGFI is presently organized into nine different bureaus and 19 detachments through which it carries out the intelligence activities. It underwent major restructuring in 1976, 1994 and 2011 before reaching into present shape. The purpose of each restructuring was to broaden its areas of influence and enhance its organizational capability to undertake varieties of tasks. The outfit operates with officers and men primarily drawn from the Armed Forces. Parallelly, DGFI has its own recruiting system for civilian operatives.  


After liberation, there was no intelligence organization that would operate at operational level to support the Armed Forces on intelligence affairs.

DGFI was established in 1972 with the name of Directorate of Forces Intelligence (DFI). Since then DFI continued its intelligence work under Ministry of Defence. Later, on 24 August 1976, this organization was upgraded and renamed as “Directorate General of Forces Intelligence”. In 1994, the organizational structure of DGFI was revised and the new organogram started functioning from 08 March 1994.

List of Bureau

  •     Counter Intelligence Bureau (CIB)
  •     Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB)
  •     Counter Terrorism Intelligence Bureau (CTIB)
  •     External Affairs & Liaison Bureau (EALB)
  •     Signal Intelligence Bureau (SIB)
  •     Research and Development Bureau (RDB)
  •     Public, Press and Media Bureau (PPMB)
  •     Administrative Bureau (Admin Bureau)
  •     Public Relation and Media Cell (PRMC)
  •    Training Wing (Trg Wg)

List of Detachments

Total 19 detachments located at different districts of Bangladesh.  

General Endeavour

  • Collection, collation, evaluation and dissemination of intelligence on threat of sabotage, subversion and espionage within the area of responsibility.
  • Counter all sabotage, subversion and espionage activities within the area of responsibility in coordination with law enforcing agencies.
  • Investigation on breaches of military security within the area of responsibility.

Significance of Monogram

  1. The monogram of the DGFI is round, which has two circles at the outside and inside the inner circle on purple background another internal circle, lotus the national monogram of Bangladesh is placed, light emission is shown around the circular lotus.
  2. In-between the external two circles, at the top the name of the agency “Directorate General of Forces Intelligence” and at bottom “Bangladesh” is written. Beside the writings, there are two stars at the each side and total four stars representing the four fundamental principles (Nationalism, Socialism, Democracy and Secularism) of constitution of Bangladesh.
  3. Colour of the second circle from outside is made out of colours of three forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) which expresses the significance of combined effort of the members of three forces.
  4. Dark purple in main background is the mixture of the basic colours of the three forces which expresses the importance of combined activities of three forces. The spider web indicates the detective activities of the agency.
  5. The lotus placed on the green background at the centre of the monogram expressing the ethnicity of independent sovereign Bangladesh.
  6. The light emission around the lotus expressing patriotism, loyalty, discipline, concentration, alertness, prudence, wideness and efficiency of the activities of the agency.

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