Diocese of Truro

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Diocese of Truro
Diocese of Truro arms.svg
Ecclesiastical province Canterbury
Archdeaconries Bodmin, Cornwall
Coordinates 50°14′24″N 5°01′05″W / 50.240°N 5.018°W / 50.240; -5.018Coordinates: 50°14′24″N 5°01′05″W / 50.240°N 5.018°W / 50.240; -5.018
Parishes 225
Churches 313
Cathedral Truro Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop vacant
Bishop-designate: Philip Mounstephen[1]
Acting bishop: the Bishop of St Germans
Suffragan Chris Goldsmith, Bishop of St Germans
Archdeacons Audrey Elkington, Archdeacon of Bodmin and Acting Archdeacon of Cornwall
Truro Cathedral from St Mary's Street

The Diocese of Truro is a Church of England diocese in the Province of Canterbury which covers Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and a small part of Devon.

Geography and history

The diocese's area is that of the county of Cornwall, including the Isles of Scilly, as well as two parishes in neighbouring Devon (St Giles on the Heath and Virginstow). It was formed on 15 December 1876 from the Archdeaconry of Cornwall in the Diocese of Exeter. It is, therefore, one of the younger dioceses.[2] The Christian faith, however, has been present in the region since at least the 4th century – more than 100 years before there was an Archbishop of Canterbury. Many of the communities in the diocese, as well as the parish churches, bear a Celtic saint's name, which is a reminder of the links with other Celtic lands, especially Ireland, Wales and Brittany.

The Diocese of Truro is involved directly and indirectly through its Board of Social Responsibility and in the life of its parishes in tackling some of the economic problems that Cornwall is wrestling with and works closely with statutory and voluntary agencies. There are 313 church buildings.


The diocesan See is vacant; in August 2018, Philip Mounstephen was announced as the 16th bishop of Truro.[3] Chris Goldsmith, the suffragan Bishop of St Germans (which see was created in 1905) is acting diocesan bishop of Truro. At some periods there have also been assistant bishops, including John Wellington (formerly Bishop of Shantung) and Bill Lash, both retired from Sees abroad.[4] The provincial episcopal visitor for parishes in the diocese, among twelve other dioceses in the western part of the Province of Canterbury, which do not accept the ministry of women priests, is Jonathan Goodall, the suffragan Bishop of Ebbsfleet. He is licensed as an honorary assistant bishop of the diocese in order to facilitate his ministry.

The most recent suffragan Bishop of Plymouth in the neighbouring Diocese of Exeter, John Ford, was also licensed as an honorary assistant bishop in Truro diocese.[5] A former Bishop of St Germans, Roy Screech, lives in St Austell.[6]

Archdeaconries and deaneries

Diocese Archdeaconries Rural Deaneries Paid clergy Churches Population People/clergy People/church Churches/clergy
Diocese of Truro Archdeaconry of Bodmin

(est. 1878)[7]

Deanery of Stratton 4 23 21,120 5,280 918 5.75
Deanery of Trigg Major 4 23 19,932 4,983 867 5.75
Deanery of Trigg Minor & Bodmin 9 34 43,004 4,778 1,265 3.78
Deanery of East Wivelshire 6 32 51,370 8,562 1,605 5.33
Deanery of West Wivelshire 7 23 32,799 4,686 1,426 3.29
Archdeaconry of Cornwall Deanery of Carnmarth North 7 22 68,981 9,854 3,136 3.14
Deanery of Carnmarth South 5 13 38,709 7,742 2,978 2.6
Deanery of Kerrier 5 23 32,104 6,421 1,396 4.6
Deanery of Penwith 11 29 64,555 5,869 2,226 2.64
Deanery of Powder 15 34 39,586 2,639 1,164 2.27
Deanery of Pydar 6 24 57,232 9,539 2,385 4
Deanery of St Austell 8 25 65,880 8,235 2,635 3.13
Total/average 87 305 535,272 6,153 1,755 3.51

Rural deaneries

The names of the older deaneries (before 1875) are based on those of the ancient hundreds though the boundaries do not always correspond. East and West (Wivelshire) must have originally had a Cornish name but it is not recorded (Wivel may be from an Anglo-Saxon personal name 'Wifel').[8]

The deaneries created in 1875 in the episcopate of Frederick Temple were Bodmin, Stratton, St Austell and Carnmarth. These remained unchanged until Carnmarth was divided; later still in the 1980s some alterations of boundaries occurred. The need for smaller deaneries was caused by the economic growth of Victorian Cornwall, mainly in tin and copper mining, which increased the population and by a greater effort by the church to encourage church membership.[9]

Coat of arms

Coat of arms of the Diocese of Truro

The arms of the diocese include a saltire gules on which are a crossed sword and key: below this is a fleur de lys sable, all surrounded by a border sable charged with 15 bezants. The saltire is the cross of St Patrick, taken to be the emblem of the Celtic church; the sword and key are emblems of Ss Peter and Paul, the patrons of Exeter Cathedral, and the fleur de lys represents St Mary, patron of the cathedral. The border is derived from the arms of the Duchy of Cornwall.[10] They were designed by the College of Heralds in 1877 and are blazoned thus:

"Argent, on a saltire gules, a key, ward upward, in bend, surmounted by a sword, hilt upward, in bend sinister, both or. In base, a fleur de lys sable. The whole within a bordure sable, fifteen bezants. Ensigned with a mitre."[11]


In 2003 a campaign group was formed called Fry an Spyrys ("Free the Spirit" in Cornish) which is dedicated to disestablishing the Church of England in Cornwall and to reconstituting the Diocese of Truro as an autonomous province of the Anglican Communion. Its most vociferous member is the founder, the Revd Andy Phillips, who also writes under the pen-name "An Bucca". Its chairman is Garry Tregidga of the Institute of Cornish Studies. Phillips states there has been constant speculation that the diocese might be merged back into the Diocese of Exeter for budgetary reasons.[citation needed]

The possibility of a merger was aired unofficially in March 2003, during debate surrounding the formulation of the Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure, which would allow diocesan commissions to make proposals for the reorganisation of dioceses, including their dissolution. However, such a merger has yet to be proposed by any official body within the Church of England. When the possibility was raised by Fry an Spyrys in 2004 it was denied by a Church of England spokesman and also by representatives of the Truro and Exeter dioceses[12] Since then the Diocese of Truro has shown some financial and administrative resilience. Diocesan reorganisation and the People of God campaign rallied human resources and led (by 2007) to a tight but stable financial situation. More recently Lord Lloyd of Berwick, who chairs Parliament's Ecclesiastical Committee, reported to the House of Lords that there are no plans to abolish the Diocese of Truro and to merge it with the Diocese of Exeter.[13]

Jeremy Dowling Review

A 2018 case review commissioned by the diocese reported that four bishops, Maurice Key, Peter Mumford, Michael Ball[14] and Richard Llewellin, had failed to respond to disclosures of abuse by a leading diocesan figure. The diocese had failed to investigate the accusations against Jeremy Dowling, a lay preacher and Synod member, who rose to influential positions including communications officer to the bishop. Dowling was jailed in 2015 for seven years, and again in 2016 for a further eight years, for a series of indecent assaults on boys while teaching at a Cornwall school during the 1960s and 70s. Professor Kim Stevenson, a criminal justice expert said the report made “sadly familiar reading” and she contrasted the situation in Britain with that in Australia where those who concealed or did not act on evidence of a sexual offence faced prosecution.[15][16][17][18]

List of churches in the diocese

Grade I: buildings of exceptional interest. Grade II*: particularly important buildings of more than special interest. Grade II: buildings that are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.

Deanery of Stratton [1]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Boscastle and Tintagel Group
  • Priest-in-Charge: Heather Aston
Kilkhampton (St James the Great) with Morwenstow
  • St James the Great, Kilkhampton (I)
  • Priest-in-Charge/Rector: David Barnes
  • Curate: Alison Hardy
  • NSM: Richard Ward-Smith
The North Kernow Benefice
Poughill (St Olaf King and Martyr)
  • Vicar: Paul Whybrow
Week St Mary Circle of Parishes [3]
  • Rector: Vacant

Deanery of Trigg Major

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Boyton (Holy Name), North Tamerton, Werrington etc.
  • Holy Name, Boyton (II*)
  • St Denis, North Tamerton (I)
  • St Giles, St Giles-in-the-Heath (II)
  • St Bridget, Virginstow (II)
  • St Martin of Tours, Werrington (I)
  • Rector: Vacant
Egloskerry (St Petrock and St Keri), North Petherwin etc.
  • SS Petrock & Keri, Egloskerry (II)
  • St Paternus, North Petherwin (I)
  • St Winwalo, Tremaine (I)
  • St Nicholas, Tresmere (II*)
  • St Michael, Trewen (II*)
  • Vicar: Geoffrey Pengelly
Launceston (St Mary M) (St Thomas the A) (St Stephen)
  • St Mary Magdalene, Launceston (I)
  • St Stephen the Martyr, Launceston (II*)
  • St Thomas the Apostle, Launceston (II*)
  • Christ the Cornerstone, Tregadillett
  • Team Rector: Vacant
  • Curate: Teresa Folland
The Moorland Group
  • St Nonna, Altarnun (I)
  • St David, Davidstow (II*)
  • SS Sidwell & Gulval, Laneast (I)
  • St Clederus, St Clether (II*)
  • Rector: Deryn Roberts
The Three Rivers
  • St Michael, Lawhitton (II*)
  • St Martin, Lewannick (II*)
  • St Briochus, Lezant (II*)
  • St Torney, North Hill (I)
  • St Paternus, South Petherwin (I)
  • Curate: Heather West

Deanery of Trigg Minor & Bodmin

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Blisland (St Protus and St Hyacinth) with Temple etc.
  • Priest-in-Charge: David Seymour
St Tudy (St Tudy) with St Mabyn and Michaelstow
  • St Tudy, St Tudy (I)
  • St Michael, Michaelstow (I)
The Bodmin Team Benefice [9]
  • Team Rector: Paul Holley
  • Team Vicar: Elaine Munday
  • Team Vicar: Cynthia Clemow
Lanteglos By Camelford (St Julitta) with Advent
  • St Julitta, Lanteglos-by-Camelford (I)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Angela Cooper
  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Camelford
  • St Adwena, Advent (I)
St Teath (St Teatha)
  • St Tetha, St Teath (I)
  • St John the Evangelist, Delabole (II)
Lostwithiel Parishes
  • St Brevita, Lanlivery (I)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Paul Beynon
  • NSM: Sheila Bawden
  • Blessed Virgin Mary, Bradoc (I)
  • St Winnow, St Winnow (I)
North Cornwall Cluster of Churches
  • St Peter, Port Isaac
  • St Endelienta, St Endellion (I)
  • St James the Great, Kew (I)
  • St Enodoc, Trebetherick (I)
  • St Michael, Porthilly
  • St Menefreda, St Minver (I)


  • Rector: Elizabeth Wild
  • NSM: Andrew Lewis
St Breoke (St Breoke) and Egloshayle in Wadebridge
  • St Breoke, St Breoke (II)
  • St Petroc, Egloshayle (I)
  • St Conan, Wadebridge (II)
  • St Mary, Wadebridge
  • Rector: John Hereward
  • Curate: Nicola Thornhill

Deanery of East Wivelshire

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Antony (St James the Great) with Sheviock and Torpoint
  • St James the Great, Antony (I)
  • Blessed Virgin Mary, Sheviock (I)
  • SS Philip & James, Maryfield (II*)
  • St James, Torpoint (II)
  • Vicar: Lynn Parker
  • Curate: Claire McIlroy
The Callington Cluster
  • St Mary, Callington (I)
  • St Mellor, Linkinhorne (I)
  • St Paul, Upton Cross
  • St Sampson, South Hill (I)
  • Stoke Climsland Parish Church (II*)
  • Rector: Tony Stephens
  • NSM: Annabel King
Landrake (St Michael) with St Erney and Botus Fleming
  • St Michael, Landrake (I)
  • St Erney, St Erney (II*)
  • St Mary, Botus Fleming (II*)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Cathy Sigrist
  • NSM (Saltash): Pamela Sellix
Saltash (St Nicholas and St Faith)
  • SS Nicholas & Faith, Saltash (I)
  • St Stephen, St Stephens-by-Saltash (I)
The Rame Peninsula Benefice
  • St Andrew, Cawsand (II)
  • SS Mary & Julian, Maker (I)
  • St Germanus, Rame (I)
  • All Saints, Millbrook (II)
  • St John the Baptist, St John (I)
  • Rector: Michael Brown
St Germans (St Germans of Auxerre) [20]
  • Vicar: Vacant
The Tamar Valley Benefice
  • St Andrew, Calstock (I)
  • Cotehele House Chapel (I)
  • St Anne, Gunnislake (II)
  • All Saints, Harrowbarrow (II)
  • SS Leonard & Dilpe, Landulph (I)
  • St Indract's Chapel, Halton Quay
  • St Dominica, St Dominic (I)
  • St Odulph, Pillaton (I)
  • St Melanus, St Mellion (I)
  • Rector: Chris Painter

Deanery of West Wivelshire

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Duloe (St Cuby) and Herodsfoot
  • St Cuby, Duloe (I)
  • All Saints, Herodsfoot (II)
  • Rector: Peter Bellenes
Lanreath (St Marnarck) and Pelynt
  • St Marnarck, Lanreath (I)
  • St Nun, Pelynt (I)
  • Rector/Priest-in-Charge: Marilyn Elliott
  • NSM: Gary Eve
Lansallos (St Ildierna)
Lanteglos By Fowey (St Wyllow)
  • St Wyllow, Lanteglos-by-Fowey (I)
  • St John, Bodinnick
  • St Saviour, Polruan
Talland (St Tallan) [23]
Looe (St Nicholas) and Morval [24]
  • Rector: Philip Sharp
  • Curate: Joachim Foot
  • St Wenna, Morval (I)
Liskeard (St Martin) and St Keyne
  • Vicar: Steve Morgan
  • Curate: Margot Davies
Menheniot (St Lalluwy and St Antoninus)
  • SS Lalluwy & Antoninus, Menheniot (I)
  • St Mary, Merrymeet (II)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Margot Davies
  • Curate (St Ive): Becca Bell
St Ive (St Ive) and Pensilva with Quethiock
  • St Ive, St Ive (I)
  • St Hugh, Quethiock (I)
  • St John, Pensilva
St Cleer (St Clarus)
  • St Clarus, St Cleer (I)
  • Priest-in-Charge/Vicar: Becca Bell
  • Hon. Curate: Philip Biggs
St Neot (St Neot) and Warleggan
  • St Neot, St Neot (I)
  • St Bartholomew, Warleggan (II*)

Deanery of Carnmarth North

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Camborne (SS Martin & Meriadoc), Tuckingmill & Penponds
  • SS Martin & Meriadoc, Camborne (I)
  • Rector: Olive Stephens
  • NSM: Neil Potter
  • All Saints, Tuckingmill (II)
  • Holy Trinity, Penponds (II)
Chacewater (St Paul) with St Day and Carharrack
  • St Paul, Chacewater (II)
  • St Piran, Carharrack
  • Holy Trinity, St Day
  • Priest-in-Charge: Simon Bone
  • Curate: Vacant
  • NSM: Steven Fletcher
Devoran (St John the Evangelist and St Petroc)
  • SS John the Evangelist & Petroc, Devoran (II)1 [29]
Feock (St Feock)
  • St Feock, Feock (II*)1 [30]
St Stythians (St Stythian) with Perranarworthal & Gwennap
Crowan (St Crewenna) and Treslothan
  • St Crewenna, Crowan (II*)
  • Vicar: Dominic Whitting
  • St James, Leedstown
  • St John the Evangelist, Treslothan (II)
Redruth (St Andrew) (St Euny) with Lanner and Treleigh
  • St Andrew, Redruth (II)
  • St Euny, Redruth (II*)
  • Christ Church, Lanner
  • St Andrew, Pencoys (II)
  • St Stephen, Treleigh (II)
  • Team Rector: Caspar Bush
  • Team Vicar: Eliska Mulliner
  • Curate: Angela Brown
St Illogan (St Illogan)
  • St Illogan, Illogan (II)
  • St Mary, Portreath
  • St Illogan, Trevenson (II)
  • Rector: Steven Robinson
  • NSM: Marlene Carveth

1NB in Powder deanery

Deanery of Carnmarth South

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Budock (St Budock)
  • St Budock, Budock (II*)
  • Vicar: Godfrey Bennett
Falmouth (All Saints) [35]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Bill Stuart-White
Falmouth (King Charles the Martyr) [36]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Stephen Tudgey
Mabe (St Laudus)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Steve Smith
  • Curate: Amanda Evans
Mawnan (St Mawnan) (St Michael)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Johanna Clare
Mylor (St Mylor) with Flushing
  • St Mylor, Mylor (I)
  • All Saints, Mylor Bridge
  • NSM: Andrew Stevenson
  • NSM: Jeffrey James
  • St Peter, Flushing (II)
Penwerris (St Michael and All Angels) (Holy Spirit)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
St Gluvias (St Gluvias)
  • St Gluvias, St Gluvias (II*)
  • Vicar: Steve Wales

Deanery of Kerrier

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Constantine (St Constantine)
  • St Constantine, Constantine (I)
  • Gweek Mission Church
  • Priest-in-Charge: Stewart Turner
Helston (St Michael) and Wendron
  • St Michael, Helston (II*)
  • St Wendrona, Wendron (I)
  • St Christopher, Porkellis
  • Team Rector: David Miller
  • OLM: Dorothy Noakes
West Kerrier
  • Annunciation, Ashton
  • St Breaca, Breage (I)
  • St Bartholomew, Porthleven
  • St Sithney, Sithney (I)
  • St Germoe, Germoe (I)
  • Vicar: Peter Johnson
Meneage (St Anthony) (St Martin) (St Mawgan)
  • SS Manaccus & Dunstan, Manaccan (I)
  • St Anthony, St Anthony-in-Meneage (I)
  • St Martin, St Martin-in-Meneage (II*)
  • St Mawgan, St Mawgan-in-Meneage (grade unknown)
  • Rector: Vacant
Mullion (St Mellanus) and Cury with Gunwalloe
  • Vicar: Shane Griffiths
St Keverne (St Keverne), St Ruan with St Grade etc.
  • Rector: Peter Sharpe

Deanery of Penwith

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Carbis Bay (St Anta and All Saints) with Lelant (St Uny) [41]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Suzanne Hosking
  • NSM: Carlyn Wilton
Godrevy [42]
  • Team Rector: Sharon Clifton
  • NSM: Patricia Murley
  • NSM: Sharon Chalcraft
Gulval (St Gulval) and Madron [43]
  • Vicar: Tim Hawkins
  • NSM: Peter Butterfield
Ludgvan (St Ludgvan and St Paul), Marazion, St Hilary etc.
  • SS Ludgvan & Paul, Ludgvan (II*)
  • All Saints, Marazion (II)
  • SS Michael & Piran, Perranuthnoe (II*)
  • St Hilary, St Hilary (II*)
  • Rector: Nigel Marns
  • Curate: Kirsten Norfolk
Newlyn (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Newlyn
  • Priest-in-Charge/Curate: Keith Owen
  • Priest-in-Charge/Curate: Andrew Yates
  • Team Rector/Curate: Sian Yates
Paul (St Pol De Lion)
Penzance (St Mary) (St Paul) (St John the Baptist)
Pendeen (St John the Baptist) with Morvah
  • Priest-in-Charge: Karsten Wedgewood
Sancreed (St Creden)
St Just in Penwith (St Just)
St Buryan (St Buriana), St Levan and Sennen [46]
  • Rector: Vanda Rowe
  • NSM: Joanna Thomas
St Ives (St Ia the Virgin) [49]
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • St John the Evangelist, Halsetown
Towednack (St Tewinock)
  • St Tewinock, Towednack (II*)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Elizabeth Foot
Zennor (St Senera)

Deanery of Powder

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Gerrans (St Gerran) w St Anthony-In-Roseland & Philleigh
  • St Gerran, Gerrans (I)
  • St Philleigh, Philleigh (I)
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Jill Edwards
Highertown (All Saints) and Baldhu
  • All Saints, Highertown
  • Priest-in-Charge: Jeremy Putnam
Isles of Scilly: St Mary's, St Agnes, St Martin's, Bryher and Tresco
  • Chaplain: Perran Gay
  • Curate: Eileen Martin
Kea (All Hallows) (Old Church)
  • All Hallows, St Kea (II*)
  • St Kea Old Church (II*)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Marc Baker
Kenwyn (St Keyne) with St Allen
  • St Keyne, Kenwyn (II*)
  • St Alleyne, St Allen (II*)
  • Rector: Christopher Parsons
  • OLM: Bob Humphries
Probus (St Probus and St Grace), Ladock and Grampound etc. [53]
  • Team Rector: Vacant
  • Team Vicar: Ellen Goldsmith
  • NSM: Linda Whetter
  • Hon. Curate: Mary Richards
St Clement (St Clement)
  • St Clement, St Clement (I)
  • Vicar: Diane Willoughby
  • St Andrew, Malpas
St Just-In-Roseland (St Just) and St Mawes [56]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Kenneth Boullier
  • Curate: Arwen Folkes
Tregony (Not Known) with St Cuby and Cornelly
  • St Cuby, Tregony (I)
  • St Cornelius, Cornelly (I)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Emma Watson
St Michael Penkevil (St Michael)
  • St Michael, St Michael Penkevil (I)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Lynda Barley
Tresillian (Holy Trinity) and Lamorran with Merther
  • Holy Trinity, Tresillian (II)
  • St Moran, Lamorran (II*)
Truro (St Mary's Cathedral and Parish Church) [59]
  • Dean: Roger Bush
  • Canon/Hon. Curate: Alan Bashforth
  • Canon/Curate: Lynda Barley (see above)
  • Canon: Simon Griffiths
  • Curate: Jane Horton
Truro St Paul (St George the Martyr) (St John the Evangelist) [60]
  • Vicar: Christopher Epps
Veryan (St Symphorian) with Ruan Lanihorne
  • St Rumon, Ruan Lanihorne (I)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Philip Greenhalgh
  • St Symphorian, Veryan (I)
  • All Saints, Portloe (II)

Deanery of Pydar

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
The Lann Pydar Benefice
  • St Columba, St Columb Major (I)
  • St Ervan, St Ervan (II*)
  • St Uvelas, St Eval (I)
  • St Mawgan, St Mawgan (I)
  • Rector: Helen Baber
Newlyn (St Newlyn)
  • St Newlina, St Newlyn East (II*)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Hilary Samson
St Enoder (St Enoder)
  • St Enoder, St Enoder (I)
  • St Francis, Indian Queens
Newquay (St Michael)
  • St Michael the Archangel, Newquay (II*)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Jeremy Thorold
  • NSM: Patricia Kneebone
Padstow (St Petroc), St Merryn and St Issey with St Petroc Minor
  • St Petroc, Padstow (I)
  • St Saviour, Trevone
  • Rector: Vacant
  • St Issey, St Issey (I)
  • St Petroc, Little Petherick (I)
  • St Merryn, St Merryn (II*)
Perranzabuloe (St Piran) and Crantock with Cubert
  • St Piran, Perranzabuloe (II*)
  • St Michael, Perranporth
  • St Carantoc, Crantock (I)
  • St Cubert, Cubert (grade unknown)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Anne Brown
  • Curate: Diane Willoughby (see above)
  • Curate: Rachel Monie
St Agnes (St Agnes) and Mount Hawke with Mithian
  • St Agnes, St Agnes (Cornwall) (II*)1 [70]
  • St John the Baptist, Mount Hawke1
  • Soul Church, Porthtowan
St Wenn (St Wenna) and Withiel
  • St Wenna, St Wenn (I)
  • St Clement, Withiel (I)
  • NSM: Elke Deeley
St Columb Minor (St Columba) and St Colan
  • Priest-in-Charge: Christopher McQuillen-Wright
  • Curate: Jeremy Thorold

1NB in Powder deanery

Deanery of St Austell

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Boscoppa (St Luke)
  • St Luke, Boscoppa
  • Priest-in-Charge: Juliet Williams
Luxulyan (St Cyrus and St Julietta)
  • SS Cyrus & Julietta, Luxulyan (I)
St Blazey (St Blaise)
  • St Blaise, St Blazey (II*)
Charlestown (St Paul)
  • St Paul, Charlestown (II)
  • Priest-in-Charge: David Isiorho
Par (St Mary the Virgin) (Good Shepherd)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Par (II)
  • Good Shepherd, Par
Tywardreath (St Andrew) with Tregaminion
  • St Andrew, Tywardreath (II)
  • Tregaminion Chapel of Ease (II*)
Fowey (St Fimbarrus)
  • St Fimbarrus, Fowey (I)
  • Vicar/Priest-in-Charge: Philip de Grey-Warter
St Sampson (St Sampson)
Roche (St Gomonda of the Rock)
  • St Gomonda of the Rock, Roche (II*)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Kenneth Arthur
St Dennis (St Denys)
  • St Denys, St Dennis (II*)
Treverbyn (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Treverbyn (II)
St Austell (Holy Trinity) [75]
  • Vicar: Howard Flint
  • Curate: Ian Gulland
St Goran (St Goranus) with Caerhays
  • St Goranus, Gorran Churchtown (II*)
  • St Michael, St Michael Caerhays (I)
  • St Just, Goran Haven (II*)
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Elizabeth Charlton
St Mewan (St Mewan) with Mevagissey and St Ewe
  • St Mewan, St Mewan (II*)
  • St Peter, Mevagissey (II)
  • All Saints, St Ewe (I)
  • St Mark, Sticker
  • Rector: Marion Barrett
St Stephen in Brannel (Not Known)
  • St Stephen, St Stephen-in-Brannel (I)
  • St George, Nanpean
  • Priest-in-Charge: Emma Westermann-Childs

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