Diocese of Exeter

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Diocese of Exeter
Diocese of Exeter arms.svg
Ecclesiastical province Canterbury
Archdeaconries Barnstaple, Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes
Parishes 506
Churches 625
Cathedral Exeter Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Robert Atwell, Bishop of Exeter
Suffragans Nick McKinnel, Bishop of Plymouth
Jackie Searle, Bishop-designate of Crediton
Archdeacons Ian Chandler (on leave), Archdeacon of Plymouth
Christopher Futcher, Archdeacon of Exeter
Mark Butchers, Archdeacon of Barnstaple
Douglas Dettmer, Archdeacon of Totnes
Nick Shutt, Acting Archdeacon of Plymouth

The Diocese of Exeter is a Church of England diocese covering the county of Devon. It is one of the largest dioceses in England. The Cathedral Church of St Peter in Exeter is the seat of the diocesan Bishop of Exeter. It is part of the Province of Canterbury. The diocesan bishop (Robert Atwell since 30 April 2014)[1] is assisted by two suffragan bishops, the Bishop of Crediton and the Bishop of Plymouth. The See of Crediton was created in 1897 and the See of Plymouth in 1923.


The Diocese of Crediton was created out of the Diocese of Sherborne in AD 909 to cover the area of Devon and Cornwall.[2] Crediton was chosen as the site for its cathedral, possibly due it having been the birthplace of Saint Boniface and also the existence of a monastery there.[3]

In 1046, Leofric became the Bishop of Crediton: following his appointment he decided that the see should be moved to the larger, more culturally significant and defensible walled town of Exeter. In 1050, King Edward the Confessor authorised that Exeter was to be the seat of the bishop for Devon and Cornwall and that a cathedral was to be built there for the bishop's throne. Thus, Leofric became the last diocesan Bishop of Crediton and the first Bishop of Exeter.[3]

The diocese remained unchanged until 1876, when the former Archdeaconry of Cornwall became the independent Diocese of Truro.



The current diocesan Bishop of Exeter is Robert Atwell, who is assisted by Nick McKinnel, Bishop suffragan of Plymouth (which see was created in 1923) and Jackie Searle, Bishop suffragan of Crediton (which see was erected in 1897.) The provincial episcopal visitor (for parishes in this diocese – among twelve others in the western part of the Province of Canterbury – which do not accept the ordination of women as priests, since 1994) is Jonathan Goodall, Bishop suffragan of Ebbsfleet (for traditional Anglo-Catholics , and Rod Thomas, Bishop of Maidstone (for Conservative Evangelicals); they are licensed as honorary assistant bishops in the diocese.

There are three former bishops licensed as honorary assistant bishops in the diocese:

Archdeaconries and deaneries

The diocese is divided into four archdeaconries. The Bishop suffragan of Crediton generally oversees the Archdeaconries of Barnstaple and Exeter and the Bishop suffragan of Plymouth the Archdeaconries of Plymouth and Totnes.

Diocese Archdeaconries Rural Deaneries Paid clergy Churches Population People/clergy People/church Churches/clergy
Diocese of Exeter Archdeaconry of Exeter (est. bef. 1083) Deanery of Aylesbeare 9 23 58,471 6,497 2,542 2.56
Deanery of Cadbury 5 36 23,413 4,683 650 7.2
Deanery of Christianity 22* 27* 114,781 5,217 4,251 1.23
Deanery of Honiton 12 38 45,324 3,777 1,193 3.17
Deanery of Kenn 7 25 44,834 6,405 1,793 3.57
Deanery of Ottery 6 22 29,911 4,985 1,360 3.67
Deanery of Tiverton & Cullompton 12 40 51,389 4,282 1,285 3.33
Archdeaconry of Totnes (est. bef. 1140) Deanery of Moreton 6 21 24,363 4,061 1,160 3.5
Deanery of Newton Abbot & Ipplepen 7 19 52,299 7,471 2,753 2.71
Deanery of Okehampton 5 27 21,108 4,222 782 5.4
Deanery of Torbay 17 23 131,539 7,738 5,719 1.36
Deanery of Totnes 10 28 34,237 3,424 1,223 2.8
Deanery of Woodleigh 8 30 23,116 2,890 771 3.75
Archdeaconry of Barnstaple (est. bef. 1143) Deanery of Barnstaple 13 27 65,804 5,062 2,437 2.08
Deanery of Hartland 6 20 35,882 5,980 1,794 3.33
Deanery of Holsworthy 4 21 11,676 2,919 556 5.25
Deanery of Shirwell 5 23 11,477 2,295 499 4.6
Deanery of South Molton 7 31 15,767 2,252 509 4.43
Deanery of Torrington 9 32 17,860 1,984 558 3.56
Archdeaconry of Plymouth (est. 1918) Deanery of Ivybridge 4 10 22,779 5,695 2,278 2.5
Deanery of Plymouth City 33 41 261,382 7,921 6,375 1.24
Deanery of Tavistock 13 30 31,519 2,425 1,051 2.31
Total/average 220 594 1,128,931 5,132 1,901 2.7

*including Cathedral

Coat of arms

The arms of the diocese are Gules two keys in saltire Or a sword hilt downwards in pale Argent with hilt Or surmounted by a mitre. The charges are emblems of Saints Peter (keys) and Paul (sword) who are the patron saints of the cathedral.[8]

List of churches

Outside deanery structures

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Cathedra [1]
  • Dean: Jonathan Greener
  • Canon: James Mustard
  • Canon (Retired): Ian Morter
  • Canon (NSM): John Searle

Deanery of Aylesbeare

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Aylesbeare (Blessed Virgin Mary), Clyst St George, Clyst St Mary, Farringdon, Woodbury with Exton, and Woodbury Salterton [White Cross Mission Community]
  • Blessed Virgin Mary, Aylesbeare
  • St Mary, Clyst St Mary
  • St George, Clyst St George
  • SS Petrock & Barnabas, Farringdon
  • Holy Trinity, Woodbury Salterton
  • St Andrew, Exton
  • St Swithun, Woodbury
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: Chris Cant
Broadclyst (St John the Baptist), Clyst Honiton, Pinhoe, Rockbeare and Sowton [Clyst Mission Community]
  • St John the Baptist, Broadclyst
  • Holy Evangelist, Killerton (?)
  • St Michael & All Angels, Clyst Honiton
  • St Michael & All Angels, Pinhoe
  • Pinhoe Hall Church
  • SS Mary & Andrew, Rockbeare
  • St Michael & All Angels, Sowton
  • Team Rector: Vacant
  • Team Vicar: Bernard Lane
Budleigh Salterton (St Peter), East Budleigh with Bicton, and Otterton [Raleigh Mission Community]
  • St Peter, Budleigh Salterton [4]
  • All Saints, East Budleigh [5]
  • St Michael, Otterton [6]
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: Pennie Hartopp
Littleham (St Margaret) with Lympstone [Littleham cum Exmouth with Lympstone Mission Community] [8]
  • Team Rector: James Hutchings
  • Team Vicar: Benedict Cambridge
  • Curate: Sidney Humphries
  • Curate: Huw Ryden
  • NSM: Maureen Douglas
  • NSM: Lesley Holman
Withycombe Raleigh (St John the Evangelist) (St John in the Wilderness) (All Saints) [Withycombe Raleigh Mission Community]
  • All Saints, Exmouth
  • St John in the Wilderness, Exmouth [9]
  • St John the Evangelist, Withycombe Raleigh
  • Team Rector: Robert Sellers
  • Team Vicar: Stephen Hoyle

Deanery of Cadbury

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bow (St Bartholomew) with Broad Nymet
  • St Bartholomew, Bow1
  • Rector/Vicar: Vacant since 2004
Colebrooke (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, Colebrooke1
Zeal Monachorum (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Zeal Monachorum1
Brampford Speke (St Peter), Cadbury, Newton St Cyres, Poltimore, Rewe, Stoke Canon, Thorverton and Upton Pyne [Netherexe Mission Community]
  • St Peter, Brampford Speke
  • St Michael & All Angels, Cadbury
  • SS Cyr & Julitta, Newton St Cyres
  • St Mary the Virgin, Huxham
  • St Mary the Virgin, Poltimore
  • St John the Baptist, Netherexe
  • St Mary the Virgin, Rewe
  • St Mary Magdalene, Stoke Canon
  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Thorverton
  • Our Lady, Upton Pyne
  • Rector: Katie Cross
  • NSM: Sue Sheppard
Crediton (Holy Cross) (St Lawrence) Shobrooke and Sandford with Upton Hellions [Crediton Mission Community] [12]
  • Rector: Vacant
  • Curate: Paul Fillery
  • Curate: Helen Drever
  • St Lawrence, Crediton
  • St Luke, Posbury
  • Holy Trinity, Yeoford
  • Beacon Church, New Buildings
  • St Swithin, Sandford
  • St Mary the Virgin, Upton Hellions
  • St Swithin, Shobrooke
Creedy, North: Cheriton Fitzpaine, Woolfardisworthy, Kennerley, Washford Pyne, Puddington, Poughill, Stockleigh English, Morchard Bishop, Stockleigh Pomeroy, Down St Mary, Clannaborough, Lapford, Nymet Rowland, and Coldridge
  • St Matthew, Cheriton Fitzpaine2
  • St Petrock, Clannaborough1
  • St Matthew, Coldridge1
  • St Mary the Virgin, Down St Mary1
  • St Boniface, Knowle1
  • St John the Baptist, Kennerleigh2
  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Lapford1
  • St Mary, Morchard Bishop1
  • St Bartholomew, Nymet Rowland1
  • St Michael & All Angels, Poughill2
  • St Thomas a Becket, Puddington2
  • St Mary the Virgin, Stockleigh English2
  • St Mary the Virgin, Stockleigh Pomeroy2
  • St Peter, Washford Pyne2
  • St Mary, Woolfardisworthy East2
  • Priest-in-Charge: Kingsley Cross
  • Team Vicar: Lindsey Starrs

1part of the North Creedy West Mission Community

2part of the North Creedy East Mission Community

Deanery of Christianity

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Alphington (St Michael and All Angels), Shillingford St George and Ide [Alphington Mission Community]
  • St Michael & All Angels, Alphington
  • Rector: Mike Partridge
  • St Ida, Ide
  • St George, Shillingford St George
Exeter (St David) (St Michael and All Angels) [Exeter St David Mission Community] [15]
  • Vicar: Nigel Guthrie
  • Curate: Christopher Durrant
  • Hon. Curate: Peter Lee
Exeter (St James) [Exeter St James Mission Community]
  • St James, Exeter
  • Rector: Henry Pryse
  • Curate: Andrew Down
Exeter (St Leonard with Holy Trinity) [Exeter St Leonard Mission Community]
  • St Leonard, Exeter
  • Rector: Simon Austen
  • Curate: Chris Keane
Exeter (St Mark) (St Matthew) (St Sidwell)1
  • St Mark, Exeter [19]
  • St Matthew, Exeter [20]
  • St Sidwell, Exeter
  • Priest-in-Charge: Tanya Hockley-Still
  • Curate: Toria Ramsey
Whipton (St Boniface)1
  • St Boniface, Whipton
  • Holy Trinity, Whipton
  • Priest-in-Charge: John Byatt
Exeter Holy Trinity [Exeter Trinity Mission Community]
  • Trinity Church Exeter (2003)
  • Vicar: Jonny Elvin
  • Curate: Phill Brokenshire
Exeter, Central (St Martin) (St Mary Arches) (St Olave) (St Pancras) (St Petrock) (St Stephen) [Central Exeter Mission Community] [23]
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Sheila Swarbrick
Exwick (St Andrew)2
  • St Andrew, Exwick
  • Priest-in-Charge: Jeremy Bird
Exeter (St Thomas the Apostle) (Emmanuel) (St Andrew) (St Philip)2
  • St Thomas the Apostle, Exeter
  • Team Rector: Dave Nixon
  • Team Vicar: Charles Keay
Heavitree (St Michael and All Angels) (St Lawrence) and St Mary Steps [Heavitree Mission Community]
  • St Michael & All Angels, Heavitree
  • St Mary Steps, Exeter
  • St Lawrence, Heavitree
  • Team Rector: Robin Eastoe
  • Team Vicar: Jolyon Seward
  • Curate: Alexander Hobbs
  • NSM: Andrew Johnson
Topsham (St Margaret) and Wear [Topsham & Countess Wear Mission Community]
  • St Margaret, Topsham
  • St Luke, Countess Wear
  • Vicar: Louise Grace
  • Curate: Peter Ingerslev
  • NSM: Juliet Horwood
Exeter Network Church [Exeter Network Church Mission Community]
  • Exeter Network Church
  • Minister: Jon Soper

1part of the East Exeter Mission Community

2part of the West Exe Mission Community

Deanery of Honiton [29]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Axminster (St Mary), Chardstock, All Saints, Combpyne with Rousdon and Membury [Axe Valley Mission Community]
  • St Mary, Axminster [30]
  • All Saints, All Saints
  • Holy Cross, Woodbury
  • St Andrew, Chardstock
  • St Mary the Virgin, Combe Pyne
  • St John the Baptist, Membury
  • Team Rector: Clive Sedgewick
  • Curate: Geoffrey Walsh
Broadhembury (St Andrew the Apostle and Martyr), Dunkeswell, Luppitt, Plymtree, Sheldon, and Upottery [Dunkeswell Mission Community]
  • St Andrew, Apostle & Martyr, Broadhembury
  • St Nicholas, Dunkeswell
  • St Mary, Luppitt
  • St John the Baptist, Plymtree
  • St James the Greater, Sheldon
  • St Mary the Virgin, Upottery
  • Rector: John Hayhoe
Colyton (St Andrew), Musbury, Southleigh and Branscombe [Holyford Mission Community]
  • St Andrew, Colyton
  • St Winifred, Branscombe
  • St Michael, Colyford (1889)
  • St Michael, Musbury
  • St Lawrence, Southleigh
  • Rector: Hilary Dawson
  • Curate: Shuna George
  • Curate: Anne Futcher
  • Curate: Christopher Lees
Honiton (St Michael) (St Paul), Gittisham, Combe Raleigh, Monkton, Awliscombe and Buckerell [Honiton Mission Community]
  • St Michael, Honiton
  • St Paul, Honiton
  • St Michael & All Angels, Awliscombe
  • SS Mary & Giles, Buckerell
  • St Nicholas, Combe Raleigh
  • St Michael, Gittisham
  • Team Rector: Sue Roberts
  • Team Vicar: Vacant
Kilmington (St Giles), Stockland, Dalwood, Yarcombe and Shute [Five Alive Mission Community]
  • St Giles, Kilmington
  • St Peter, Dalwood
  • St Michael, Shute
  • St Mary at the Cross, Whitford
  • St Michael & All Angels, Stockland
  • St John the Baptist, Yarcombe
  • Priest-in-Charge: Simon Holloway
Offwell (St Mary the Virgin), Northleigh, Farway, Cotleigh and Widworthy [Offwell Mission Community]
  • St Mary the Virgin, Offwell
  • St Michael & All Angels, Cotleigh
  • St Michael & All Angels, Farway
  • St Giles, Northleigh
  • St Cuthbert, Widworthy
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Seaton (St Gregory) and Beer [Coastal Mission Community]
  • St Gregory, Seaton
  • St Michael, Beer
  • Vicar: Jeremy Trew
  • Curate: Simon Hitchcock
Uplyme (St Peter and St Paul) with Axmouth [Undercliff Mission Community]
  • SS Peter & Paul, Uplyme
  • Rector: Kate Woolven
  • NSM: Ann Stuckey
  • St Michael, Axmouth

Deanery of Kenn

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Christow (St James), Ashton, Bridford, Dunchideock, Dunsford and Doddiscombsleigh [Teign Valley and Haldon Hill Mission Community]
  • St James, Christow
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • St John the Baptist, Ashton
  • St Thomas a Becket, Bridford
  • St Michael, Doddiscombsleigh
  • St Michael & All Angels, Dunchideock
  • St Mary, Dunsford
Dawlish (St Gregory), Cofton and Starcross [Holiday Coast Mission Community]
  • St Gregory, Dawlish
  • St Mary, Cofton
  • St George, Holcombe
  • St Paul, Starcross
  • Rector: Dallas Ayling
  • Curate: Nicholas Hawkins
  • NSM: Christine Curd
  • NSM: John Teed
Exminster (St Martin), Kenn, Kenton with Mamhead, and Powderham [Five Red Churches Mission Community]
  • St Martin, Exminster
  • Rector: John Williams
  • Curate: Mark Lord-Lear
  • Hon. Curate: Peter Dawkes
  • St Andrew, Kenn
  • All Saints, Kenton
  • St Clement, Bishop & Martyr, Powderham
Tedburn St Mary (St Mary), Cheriton Bishop, Whitestone with Oldridge and Holcombe Burnell [North Kenn Mission Community]
  • St Mary, Tedburn St Mary
  • St Mary, Cheriton Bishop
  • St John the Baptist, Holcombe Burnell
  • St Thomas, Oldridge
  • St Catherine, Whitestone (St John the E?)
  • Vicar: Martin Wood
Teignmouth (St James) (St Michael the Archangel), Ideford with Luton, Ashcombe and Bishopsteignton [Haldon Mission Community]
  • St James, Teignmouth [45]
  • St Michael, Teignmouth
  • St Nectan, Ashcombe
  • St John the Baptist, Bishopsteignton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Ideford
  • St John, Luton
  • Team Rector: Roderick Withnell
  • Team Vicar: Stephen West
  • NSM: Val Atkinson

Deanery of Ottery

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Ottery St Mary (St Mary the Virgin), Alfington, West Hill, Tipton St John, Venn Ottery, Newton Poppleford, Harpford, Colaton Raleigh, Payhembury, Feniton and Escot [Otter Vale Mission Community] [47]
  • Team Rector: Stephen Weston
  • Team Vicar: Mark Ward
  • NSM: Richard Allen
  • NSM: Malcolm Dick
  • Hon. Curate: Ann Turner
  • Hon. Curate: John Pangbourne
  • SS James & Anne, Alfington
  • St John the Baptist, Colaton Raleigh
  • SS Philip & James, Escot
  • St Andrew, Feniton
  • St Gregory the Great, Harpford
  • St Luke, Newton Poppleford
  • St Edward the Confessor, Wiggaton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Payhembury
  • St John, Tipton
  • St Gregory, Venn Ottery
  • St Michael the Archangel, West Hill
Sidmouth (St Nicholas with St Giles), Woolbrook, Salcombe Regis, Sidbury with Sidford, and All Saints Sidmouth [Sid Valley Mission Community]
  • SS Giles & Nicholas, Sidmouth
  • SS Mary & Peter, Salcombe Regis
  • SS Giles & Peter, Sidbury
  • St Peter, Sidford
  • All Saints, Sidmouth
  • St Francis of Assisi, Woolbrook
  • Team Rector: Philip Bourne
  • Team Vicar: David Caporn
  • NSM: Annita Denny
Whimple (St Mary), Talaton, Clyst St Lawrence and Clyst Hydon [Churches4All Mission Community]
  • St Mary, Whimple
  • St Andrew, Clyst Hydon
  • St Lawrence, Clyst St Lawrence
  • St James the Apostle, Talaton
  • Rector: Chris Martin
  • Curate: Marc Kerslake

Deanery of Tiverton & Cullompton

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bampton (St Michael and All Angels), Morebath, Clayhanger, Petton and Huntsham [Hukeley Mission Community] [50]
  • Vicar: Kevin Chandra
Bradninch (St Disen)
  • St Disen, Bradninch
  • Priest-in-Charge: Olly Mears
  • Curate: Chris Martin (see above)
Cullompton (St Andrew) (Langford Chapel)
  • St Andrew, Cullompton
  • Rector: Edward Hobbs
  • Curate: Russ Morgan
  • Curate: Olly Mears
Hemyock (St Mary) with Culm Davy, Clayhidon and Culmstock [Upper Culm Valley Mission Community]
  • St Mary, Hemyock
  • St Mary's Chapel, Culm Davy
  • St Andrew, Clayhidon
  • All Saints, Culmstock
  • Priest-in-Charge: David Burton
Sampford Peverell (St John the Baptist), Uplowman, Holcombe Rogus, Hockworthy, Burlescombe and Halberton with Ash Thomas [Sampford Peverell Team Mission Community]
  • St John the Baptist, Sampford Peverell
  • St Mary, Burlescombe
  • St Andrew, Halberton
  • SS Simon & Jude, Hockworthy
  • Holcombe Rogus, All Saints
  • St Peter, Uplowman
  • Team Rector: Vacant
  • NSM: Glyn Lewry
Silverton (St Mary), Butterleigh, Bickleigh and Cadeleigh [Silverton Mission Community]
  • St Mary, Silverton
  • St Mary, Bickleigh
  • St Matthew, Butterleigh
  • St Bartholomew, Cadeleigh
  • Rector: Alan MacDonald
  • NSM: Catherine Jenkins
  • NSM: Thomas Thompson
Tiverton (St Peter) and Chevithorne with Cove1 [55]
  • Rector/Priest-in-Charge: Robert Gordon
  • Curate (St Andrew): Richard Maudsley
Tiverton (St Andrew)1
  • St Andrew, Tiverton
Tiverton (St George) (St Paul)1 [57]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Andy Humm
  • NSM: David Lyddon
Washfield (St Mary the Virgin), Stoodleigh, Withleigh, Calverleigh, Oakford, Templeton, Loxbeare, Rackenford, and Cruwys Morchard [Exe Valley Mission Community]
  • St Mary the Virgin, Washfield
  • St Mary the Virgin, Calverleigh
  • Holy Cross, Cruwys Morchard
  • St Michael & All Angels, Loxbeare
  • St Peter, Oakford
  • All Saints, Rackenford
  • St Margaret, Stoodleigh
  • St Margaret, Templeton
  • St Catherine, Withleigh
  • Team Rector: Stephanie Jeffs
  • NSM: John Roberts
Willand (St Mary the Virgin), Uffculme, Kentisbeare and Blackborough [Culm Valley Mission Community]
  • St Mary the Virgin, Willand
  • Priest-in-Charge: Simon Talbot
  • Curate: John Dale
  • NSM: Michael North
  • St Mary the Virgin, Uffculme
  • All Saints, Blackborough (?)
  • St Mary, Kentisbeare
  • St Stephen, Ashill

1part of the Tiverton Mission Community

Deanery of Moreton

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Ashburton (St Andrew), Bickington, Buckland in the Moor, Holne, Huccaby, Leusdon, Princetown, Postbridge, and Widecombe-In-The-Moor [Ashburton & Moorland Mission Community]
  • St Andrew, Ashburton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Bickington
  • St Peter, Buckland in the Moor
  • St Mary the Virgin, Holne
  • St Raphael, Huccaby
  • St John the Baptist, Leusdon
  • St Gabriel, Postbridge
  • St Pancras, Widecombe-in-the-Moor
  • Priest-in-Charge: David Sherwood
  • Team Vicar: Geoffrey Fenton
Bovey Tracey (St John the Evangelist) with Heathfield1
  • St John the Evangelist, Bovey Tracey
  • St Catherine, Heathfield
  • Vicar: Vacant
Bovey Tracey (St Peter and St Paul and St Thomas of Canterbury) with Hennock1
  • SS Peter, Paul & Thomas of Canterbury, Bovey Tracey
  • St Mary, Hennock
  • Vicar: Graham Hamilton
Ilsington (St Michael)1
  • St Michael, Ilsington
  • Vicar: David Harris
Moretonhampstead (St Andrew), Manaton, North Bovey and Lustleigh1
  • St Andrew, Moretonhampstead
  • St John the Baptist, Lustleigh
  • St Winifred, Manaton
  • Doccombe Chapel
  • St John the Baptist, North Bovey
  • Rector: Simon Franklin
Chudleigh (St Mary and St Martin) with Chudleigh Knighton and Trusham [Chudleigh Mission Community]
  • SS Mary & Martin, Chudleigh
  • Vicar: Paul Wimsett
  • NSM: Martin Fletcher
  • St Michael & All Angels, Trusham
  • St Paul, Chudleigh Knighton

1part of the Bovey Valley Mission Community

Deanery of Newton Abbot and Ipplepen

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Kingskerswell (St Mary) with Coffinswell1
  • St Mary, Kingskerswell
  • St Bartholomew, Coffinswell
  • Vicar/Priest-in-Charge: John Leonard
Abbotskerswell (Blessed Virgin Mary)1
  • Blessed Virgin Mary, Abbotskerswell
Ipplepen (St Andrew) with Torbryan, Denbury, Broadhempston and Woodland [Beacon Parishes Mission Community]
  • St Andrew, Ipplepen
  • SS Peter & Paul, Broadhempston
  • St Mary the Virgin, Denbury
  • St John the Baptist, Woodland
  • Rector: Vacant
Kingsteignton (St Michael) and Teigngrace [Kingsteignton Mission Community]
  • St Michael, Kingsteignton
  • SS Peter & Paul, Teigngrace
  • Vicar: Mark Smith
  • NSM: Sandra Gill
Newton Abbot (All Saints) (St Mary) (St Paul) [Newton Abbot Mission Community]
  • All Saints, Highweek
  • St Paul, Newton Abbot
  • St Mary, Wolborough
  • St Luke, Milber
  • St Bartholomew, Ogwell
  • Team Rector: Patrick Parkes
  • Team Vicar: Nicholas Debney
  • Team Vicar: Gareth Regan
  • Curate: Joe Lannon
Shaldon (St Nicholas) (St Peter), Stokeinteignhead, Combeinteignhead and Haccombe [Shaldon Mission Community]
  • St Nicholas, Shaldon
  • St Peter, Shaldon
  • All Saints, Combeinteignhead
  • St Blaise, Haccombe
  • St Andrew, Stokeinteignhead
  • Rector: Annie Church

1part of the Abbotskerswell Mission Community

Deanery of Okehampton

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Chagford (St Michael), Gidleigh, Throwleigh, Drewsteignton, South Tawton, Spreyton, Hittisleigh, North Tawton, Bondleigh, Honeychurch and Sampford Courtenay [Whiddon Mission Community]
  • St Michael the Archangel, Chagford
  • Team Rector: Paul Seaton-Burn
  • Team Vicar: Nicholas Weldon
  • NSM: Harriet Every
  • NSM: Rita Bullworthy
  • St Peter, North Tawton
  • St James the Apostle, Bondleigh
  • Holy Trinity, Drewsteignton
  • Holy Trinity, Gidleigh
  • St Andrew, Hittisleigh
  • St Mary, Honeychurch
  • St Andrew, Sampford Courtenay
  • St Andrew, South Tawton
  • St Mary's Chapel, South Zeal
  • St Michael, Spreyton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Throwleigh
Okehampton (All Saints) (St James), Inwardleigh, Belstone, Sourton, Bridestowe, Bratton Clovelly, Germansweek, Lydford, Hatherleigh, Northlew with Ashbury, Exbourne, Meeth and Jacobstowe [Northmoor Mission Community]
  • All Saints, Okehampton
  • St James, Okehampton
  • St Mary, Belstone
  • St Mary the Virgin, Bratton Clovelly
  • St Bridget, Bridestowe
  • St Mary the Virgin, Exbourne
  • St German, Germansweek
  • St John the Baptist, Hatherleigh
  • St Petroc, Inwardleigh
  • St James, Jacobstowe (?)
  • St Petrock, Lydford
  • St Michael & All Angels, Meeth
  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Northlew
  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Sourton
  • St Mary, Sticklepath
  • Team Rector: Stephen Cook
  • Team Vicar: Adrian Brook
  • Curate: Rich Foley

Deanery of Torbay [76]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Brixham (St Mary) (All Saints) with Churston Ferrers and Kingswear [Brixham Mission Community]
  • St Mary, Brixham
  • All Saints, Brixham
  • Team Rector: Ian Blyde
  • Team Vicar: John Gay
  • Curate: Pamela Wheeler
Cockington (St George and St Mary) (St Matthew)2
  • SS George & Mary, Cockington (MED)
  • St Matthew, Chelston (1884)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Dave George
  • NSM: Paul Evans
Shiphay Collaton (St John the Baptist)2
  • St John the Baptist, Shiphay (1897)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Paul Ireton
Goodrington (St George) and Collaton St Mary [Goodrington & Collaton St Mary Mission Community]
  • Vicar: Gary Deighton
Paignton (Christ Church) and Preston St Paul [Preston & Christchurch Mission Community]
  • St Paul, Preston
  • Christ Church, Paignton
  • Vicar: John Pout
Paignton (St John the Baptist) (St Andrew) (St Boniface) [Paignton St John Mission Community]
  • St John the Baptist, Paignton
  • St Andrew the Apostle, Paignton
  • St Boniface, Foxhole
  • Vicar: Roger Carlton
  • Curate: Harry Jevons
St Marychurch (St Mary the Virgin)1
  • St Mary the Virgin, St Marychurch (MED)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Robert Ward
Torquay (St John)1
  • St John the Apostle, Torquay (1822)
  • Hon. Curate: John Lee
Babbacombe (All Saints)1
  • All Saints, Babbacombe (1865)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Paul Jones
Torquay (St Martin) Barton1
  • St Martin, Barton (1928)
  • Vicar: Gorran Chapman
Torquay (St Matthias) (St Mark) (Holy Trinity) [Wellswood Mission Community]
  • St Matthias, Wellswood (1857)
  • Rector: John Beckett
  • Curate: Stephen Yates
  • NSM: Paul Barton
Torre (All Saints)3
  • All Saints, Torre (1867)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Peter March
  • NSM (Torre): Paul Evans
Torquay (St Luke)3
  • St Luke, Torquay (1861)
Upton (St Mary Magdalene) [Town Centre Mission Community]
  • St Mary Magdalene, Upton (1848)
  • Priest-in-Charge: Simon May
  • Curate: Robert Densmore
  • NSM: John Garner
  • NSM: Innocent Kiyaga

1part of the Our Lady & All the Saints Mission Community

2part of the West Torquay Mission Community

3part of the All Saints & St Luke Mission Community

Deanery of Totnes

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Brent, South (St Petroc) and Rattery
  • St Petroc, South Brent
  • Blessed Virgin Mary, Rattery
  • Vicar: Vacant
Dartmouth (St Petrox) (St Saviour) and Dittisham [Dartmouth Dittisham Mission Community]
  • St Petrox, Dartmouth
  • St Saviour, Dartmouth
  • St Clement, Townstal
  • Vicar: Will Hazlewood
  • Assoc. Priest: Robert Boyle
  • St George, Dittisham
Diptford (St Mary the Virgin), North Huish, Harberton, Harbertonford, Halwell and Moreleigh1
  • St Mary the Virgin, Diptford
  • St James' Chapel, Avonwick
  • St Leonard, Halwell
  • St Andrew, Harberton
  • St Peter, Harbertonford
  • All Saints, Moreleigh
  • Priest-in-Charge: David Sayle
Ermington (St Peter and St Paul) and Ugborough1
  • SS Peter & Paul, Ermington
  • St Peter, Ugborough
Staverton (St Paul De Leon) with Landscove, Littlehempston, Buckfastleigh and Dean Prior [Dart Valley Mission Community]
  • St Luke, Buckfastleigh [90]
  • St Paul de Leon, Staverton
  • St George the Martyr, Dean Prior [91]
  • St John the Baptist, Littlehempston
  • St Matthew, Landscove
  • Rector: Tom Benson
  • Curate: Fiona Wimsett
Totnes (St Mary) with Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy, Dartington, Maarldon, Ashprington, Cornworthy and Stoke Gabriel [Totnes Mission Community]
  • St Mary, Totnes
  • St John, Bridgetown
  • Team Rector: Julian Ould
  • Team Vicar: Deborah Parsons
  • Curate: Gill Still
  • Curate: Jane Frost
  • Curate: Steven Jones
  • NSM: Angela Sumner
  • St John the Baptist, Marldon
  • SS Mary & Gabriel, Stoke Gabriel
  • St David, Ashprington
  • St Mary, Berry Pomeroy
  • St Peter, Cornworthy
  • St Mary, Dartington
  • St Barnabas, Brooking

1part of the Three Rivers Mission Community

Deanery of Woodleigh

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Kingsbridge (St Edmund the King and Martyr), Dodbrooke, and West Alvington [Kingsbridge Mission Community]
  • St Edmund King & Martyr, Kingsbridge
  • St Thomas a Becket, Dodbrooke
  • All Saints, West Alvington
  • Rector: Jacqueline Taylor
  • Curate: David Bond
Modbury (St George), Bigbury, Ringmore, Kingston, and Aveton Gifford [Modbury Mission Community]
  • St George, Modbury
  • St Andrew, Aveton Gifford
  • St Lawrence, Bigbury
  • St James, Kingston
  • All Hallows, Ringmore
  • Rector: Matthew Rowland
Salcombe (Holy Trinity) and Malborough with South Huish [Salcombe and Marlborough Mission Community]
  • Holy Trinity, Salcombe
  • Vicar: Daniel French
  • Curate: Ruth Frampton
  • NSM: Stephen Ball
  • All Saints, Malborough
  • St Clement, Hope Cove
  • Holy Trinity, South Huish
Stoke Fleming (St Peter), Blackawton, Strete and East Allington [Coast & Country Mission Community]
  • St Peter, Stoke Fleming
  • St Michael, Blackawton
  • St Andrew, East Allington
  • St Michael, Strete
  • Vicar: Ali Shaw
Stokenham (St Michael and All Angels), Slapton, Charleton with Buckland-Tout-Saints, East Portlemouth, South Pool, and Chivelstone [Start Bay Mission Community]
  • St Peter, Buckland Tout Saints
  • St Mary, Charleton
  • St Sylvester, Chivelstone
  • St Winwaloe Onocaus, East Portlemouth
  • St James the Great, Slapton
  • SS Nicholas & Cyriac, South Pool
  • Priest-in-Charge: Pam Kemp
  • NSM: Michael Berrett
  • St Andrew, Beesands
  • St Martin, Sherford
  • St Michael & All Angels, Stokenham
Thurlestone (All Saints), South Milton, Churchstow, Woodleigh and Loddiswell [Aune Valley Mission Community]
  • All Saints, Thurlestone
  • St Mary, Churchstow
  • St Michael & All Angels, Loddiswell
  • All Saints, South Milton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Woodleigh
  • Rector: Daniel Hartley

Deanery of Barnstaple

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Braunton (St Brannock) [Braunton Mission Community] [99]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Anne Thorne
  • NSM: Jean Loveday
  • Hon. Curate: Leslie Buttle
Fremington (St Peter), Instow and Westleigh [Fremington Mission Community] [100]
  • Vicar: Steve Goodbody
  • Curate: Keith Brimacombe
  • Curate: Thomas Simpson
  • St John the Baptist, Instow
  • All Saints, Instow
  • St Peter, Westleigh
Georgeham (St George) [Georgeham Mission Community]
  • St George, Georgeham
  • St Mary Magdalene, Croyde
  • Rector: Mike Newbon
Heanton Punchardon (St Augustine), Marwood and West Down [Villages North Devon Mission Community]
  • St Augustine, Heanton Punchardon
  • St Michael & All Angels, Marwood
  • St Calixtus, West Down
  • Rector: Vacant
  • Curate: Caroline Raby
Ilfracombe (Holy Trinity) (St Peter), Lee, Woolacombe, Bittadon and Mortehoe1 [102]
  • Priest-in-Charge: John Roles
  • Team Vicar: Giles King-Smith
  • Curate: Murray Aldridge-Collins
  • NSM: Linda Walters
  • St Peter, Bittadon
Ilfracombe (St Philip and St James)1
  • SS Philip & James, Ilfracombe
  • Rector: Vacant
Newport (St John the Baptist) and Bishops Tawton2 [105]
  • Vicar: Andy Dodwell
  • NSM: Catherine Scoffield
Pilton (St Mary the Virgin) with Ashford2 [106]
  • Vicar: Nigel Dilkes
  • NSM: Marion Sanders
Sticklepath (St Paul) with Roundswell2
  • St Paul, Barnstaple
  • Vicar: Guy Chave-Cox
Barnstaple (Holy Trinity) and Goodleigh2
  • Holy Trinity, Barnstaple
  • NSM: Shirley Paterson
  • St Gregory, Goodleigh
Barnstaple (St Peter and St Mary Magdalene)2
  • Vicar: David Fletcher

1part of the Coast and 'Combe Mission Community (which also includes the parishes of Berrynarbor and Combe Martin from Shirwell deanery)

2part of the Barnstaple Mission Community

Deanery of Hartland

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Abbotsham (St Helen)
  • St Helen, Abbotsham
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Colin Hodgetts
Appledore (St Mary), Northam, and Westward Ho! [Appledore, Northam, and Westward Ho Mission Community] [110]
  • Vicar: Derek Arnold
  • Team Vicar: David Carrington
  • NSM: Sandra Juniper
Bideford (St Mary), Landcross, Littleham, Monkleigh, and Weare Gifford [Bideford & the Four Villages Mission Community]
  • St Mary, Bideford
  • Team Rector: Claire Rose-Casemore
  • Team Vicar: Marisa Cockfield
  • Curate: Leigh Winsbury
  • NSM: Alan Glover
  • Holy Trinity, Landcross
  • St Swithin, Littleham
  • St George, Monkleigh
  • Holy Trinity, Weare Giffard
Parkham (St James), Alwington, Buckland Brewer, Hartland, Welcombe, Clovelly, Woolfardisworthy West, Bucks Mills and Lundy [Hartland Coast Mission Community] [113]
  • Team Rector: Vacant
  • Team Vicar: Madeline Bray
  • NSM: Kevin Beer
  • NSM: Jane Hayes

Deanery of Holsworthy

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Ashwater (St Peter Ad Vincula), Halwill, Beaworthy, Clawton and Tetcott with Luffincott1
  • St Peter ad Vincula, Ashwater
  • Rector: Jane Lucas
  • St Alban, Beaworthy
  • St Leonard, Clawton
  • SS Peter & James, Halwill
  • Holy Cross, Tetcott
Black Torrington (St Mary), Bradford with Cookbury, Thornbury and Highampton1
  • St Mary, Black Torrington
  • All Saints, Bradford
  • St John the Baptist & the Seven Maccabees, Cookbury
  • Holy Cross, Highampton
  • St Peter, Thornbury
  • Rector: Kathy Roberts
Bradworthy (St John the Baptist), Sutcombe, Putford, Abbots Bickington, Bulkworthy, and Milton Damerel1
  • St John the Baptist, Bradworthy
  • St James, Abbots Bickington
  • St Michael, Bulkworthy
  • Holy Trinity, Milton Damerel
  • St Stephen, Putford
  • St Andrew, Sutcombe
  • Rector: Rick Freeman
Holsworthy (St Peter and St Paul), Hollacombe, Pyworthy, Pancrasweek and Bridgerule1 [116]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Elizabeth Burke

1part of the Holsworthy Mission Community

Deanery of Shirwell

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Combe Martin (St Peter Ad Vincula), Berrynarbor, Lynton, Brendon, Countisbury, Parracombe, Martinhoe and Trentishoe
  • Priest-in-Charge: Samantha Stayte
  • Curate: Bill Cole
  • St Brendon, Brendon2
  • St John the Evangelist, Countisbury2
  • St John the Baptist, Lynmouth2
  • St Mary the Virgin, Lynton2
  • St Bartholomew, Barbrook2
  • St Martin, Martinhoe2
  • Christ Church, Parracombe2
  • St Peter, Trentishoe2
Shirwell (St Peter), Loxhore, Kentisbury, Arlington, East Down, Bratton Fleming, Challacombe and Stoke Rivers [Shirwell Mission Community]
  • St Peter, Shirwell
  • St Peter, Bratton Fleming
  • Holy Trinity, Challacombe
  • St James, Arlington
  • St John the Baptist, East Down
  • St Thomas, Kentisbury
  • St Michael & All Angels, Loxhore
  • St Bartholomew, Stoke Rivers
  • Team Rector: Rosie Austin
  • Curate: Martyn Tyrrell
Swimbridge (St James the Apostle), West Buckland, Landkey, and East Buckland [Four Ways Mission Community]
  • St James the Apostle, Swimbridge
  • St Michael, East Buckland
  • Holy Name Chapel, Gunn
  • St Peter, West Buckland
  • Priest-in-Charge: Shaun O'Rourke
  • NSM: Geoffrey Squire
  • St Paul, Landkey

1part of the Coast and 'Combe Mission Community (which also includes seven churches from Barnstaple deanery)

2part of the Lyn Valley Mission Community

Deanery of South Molton

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bishopsnympton (St Mary the Virgin), Charles, East Anstey, High Bray, Knowstone, Mariansleigh, Molland, North Molton with Twitchen, Rose Ash, and West Anstey [Edgemoor Mission Community]
  • St Mary the Virgin, Bishop's Nympton
  • St John the Baptist, Charles
  • St Michael, East Anstey
  • All Saints, High Bray
  • St Peter, Knowstone
  • St Mary, Mariansleigh
  • St Mary, Molland
  • All Saints, North Molton
  • St Peter, Twitchen
  • St Peter, Rose Ash
  • St Petrock, West Anstey
  • Team Rector: David Baker
  • Team Vicar: Alastair Forman
  • NSM: Penny Lawson
Burrington (Holy Trinity), Chawleigh, Cheldon, Chulmleigh, Meshaw, Romansleigh, Thelbridge, Wembworthy with Eggesford, Witheridge with Creacombe, East Worlington and West Worlington [Little Dart Mission Community]
  • Holy Trinity, Burrington
  • St James, Chawleigh
  • St Mary, Cheldon
  • St Mary Magdalene, Chulmleigh
  • St Mary, East Worlington
  • St John, Weshaw
  • St Rumon, Romansleigh
  • St David, Thelbridge
  • All Saints, Eggesford
  • St Michael, Wembworthy
  • St Mary, West Worlington
  • St John the Baptist, Witheridge
  • Team Rector: Tony Rockey
  • Team Vicar: Adrian Wells
  • NSM: Clive Jobbins
Molton, South (St Mary Magdalene) with Nymet St George, Chittlehamholt, Chittlehampton with Umberleigh, Filleigh, Kingsnympton, and Warkleigh with Satterleigh [South Molton Mission Community]
  • St Mary Magdalene, South Molton [123]
  • St John the Baptist, Chittlehamholt
  • St Hieritha, Chittlehampton
  • Good Shepherd, Umberleigh
  • St Paul, Filleigh
  • St James the Apostle, King's Nympton
  • St George, Nymet St George
  • St John the Evangelist, Warkleigh
  • Team Rector: Michael Grandey
  • Team Vicar: Dave Coleman
  • Curate: Bryant Sanders
  • NSM: Lynn Flatt
  • NSM: Christopher Pouncey

Deanery of Torrington

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Ashreigney (St James)1
  • St James, Ashreigney
  • Priest-in-Charge: Graham Smith
Broadwoodkelly (All Saints)1
  • All Hallows, Broadwoodkelly
Brushford (St Mary the Virgin)1
  • St Mary the Virgin, Brushford
Winkleigh (All Saints)1
Dolton (St Edmund King and Martyr), Dowland, Iddesleigh, and Monkokehampton [Torridge 6 Ecumenical Mission Community] [125]
  • Rector: Susan Oldham
  • NSM: Tony Connell
  • NSM: David Ursell
Newton Tracey (St Thomas À Becket), Horwood, Alverdiscott, Huntshaw, Yarnscombe, Tawstock, Atherington, High Bickington, Roborough, St Giles in the Wood and Beaford [Two Rivers Mission Community]
  • St Thomas a Becket, Newton Tracey
  • All Saints, Alverdiscott
  • St Mary, Atherington
  • All Saints, Beaford
  • St Mary, High Bickington
  • St Michael, Horwood
  • St Mary Magdalene, Huntshaw
  • St Peter, Roborough
  • St Giles, St Giles in the Wood
  • St Peter, Tawstock
  • St Andrew, Yarnscombe
  • Team Rector: Mike Clark
  • Team Vicar: Paul Bysouth
  • Curate: Tracey Doyle
  • Curate: Armynel Speed-Andrews
Shebbear (St Michael), Buckland Filleigh, Sheepwash, Langtree, Newton St Petrock, Petrockstowe, Petersmarland, Merton and Huish [Torridge Mission Community]
  • St Michael, Shebbear
  • St Mary & Holy Trinity, Buckland Filleigh
  • St James the Less, Huish
  • All Saints, Langtree
  • All Saints, Merton
  • St Petrock, Newton
  • St Peter, Petersmarland
  • St Petrock, Petrockstowe
  • St Lawrence, Sheepwash
  • Team Rector: Martin Warren
  • Team Vicar: Susanna Metz
Torrington, Great (St Michael), Little Torrington and Frithelstock [Torrington Mission Community] [127]
  • Vicar: Peter Bevan

1part of the Winkleigh Mission Community

Deanery of Ivybridge

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Sparkwell (All Saints)1
  • All Saints, Sparkwell
  • Vicar/Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Cornwood (St Michael and All Angels)1
  • St Michael & All Angels, Cornwood
Ivybridge (St John the Evangelist) with Harford1
  • St John the Evangelist, Ivybridge
  • St Petroc, Harford
  • Vicar: Chris Osborne
Holbeton (All Saints)2
  • All Saints, Holbeton
  • Priest-in-Charge: Anne Legge
Newton Ferrers (Holy Cross) with Revelstoke2
Wembury (St Werburgh)3
  • St Werburgh, Wembury
  • Priest-in-Charge: Martin Kirkbride
Yealmpton (St Bartholomew) and Brixton3
  • St Bartholomew, Yealmpton
  • St Mary, Brixton
  • Priest-in-Charge: Owen Murphy

1part of the South Dartmoor Mission Community

2part of the Yealm & Erme Mission Community

3part of the Yealmside Mission Community

Deanery of Plymouth City

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bickleigh Roborough (St Mary the Virgin) and Shaugh Prior1
  • St Mary the Virgin, Bickleigh
  • St Anne, Glenholt
  • St Edward King & Martyr, Shaugh Prior
  • St Cecilia, Woolwell
  • Priest-in-Charge: Simon Rundell
  • Curate: Chris Routledge (see below)
  • NSM: Michael Fairall
Plymouth Crownhill (Ascension)1 [133]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Tim Thorp
  • Curate: Simon Rundell (see above)
  • Curate: Chris Routledge (see below)
  • Curate: Richard Wakerell
Charles with Plymouth St Matthias [Plymouth Charles Mission Community]
  • St Matthias, Plymouth
  • Priest-in-Charge: Olly Ryder
  • Curate: Rob Fowler
Devonport (St Bartholomew) and Ford St Mark [St Bartholomew & St Mark Ford Mission Community]
  • St Bartholomew, Devonport
  • St Mark, Ford
  • Vicar/Priest-in-Charge: Richard Silk
  • NSM (St Gabriel): Andrew Overton
Plymouth (St Gabriel) Peverell2
  • St Gabriel, Peverell Park
Sutton-On-Plym (St John the Evangelist), Plymouth St Simon and St Mary Laira2 [136]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
  • NSM: Andrew Overton
Devonport (St Boniface)3
  • St Boniface, Devonport
  • Priest-in-Charge: Mike Doyle
Weston Mill (St Philip)3
  • St Philip, Weston Mill
Devonport (St Budeaux)3
  • St Budeaux, St Budeaux
  • Vicar: Stephen Beach
  • Curate: Adam Price
Devonport (St Michael) (St Barnabas) [St Michael & St Barnabas Mission Community]
  • SS Michael & Barnabas, Devonport
  • Vicar: Tim Buckley
Eggbuckland (St Edward) with Estover [Forder Valley Mission Community]
  • St Edward, Eggbuckland
  • Vicar: Chris Routledge
  • Curate: Carl Budden
  • Curate: Simon Rundell (see above)
  • Curate: Keith Murphy
  • Christ Church, Estover
Elburton (St Matthew) [Elburton Mission Community]
  • St Matthew, Elburton
  • Vicar: James Croucher
  • Curate: Tom Brassil
Ernesettle (St Aidan), Whitleigh and Honicknowle [Our Lady of Glastonbury Mission Community]
  • St Aidan, Ernesettle
  • St Francis of Assisi, Honicknowle
  • St Chad, Whitleigh
  • Vicar: David Bailey
  • NSM: David Watson
Pennycross (St Pancras) [St Pancras Mission Community]
  • St Pancras, Pennycross
  • Vicar: Vacant
Plymouth (Emmanuel), St Paul Efford and St Augustine [Plymouth Emmanuel Mission Community]
  • Emmanuel, Plymouth
  • Team Rector: Karl Freeman
  • Curate: Chris Taylor
  • Curate: Tony Williams
  • Curate: Darryl Cree
  • NSM: Beverley Cree
  • St Paul, Efford
Plymouth (St Andrew) and St Paul Stonehouse [St Andrew St Paul Mission Community] [145]
  • Team Rector: Joe Dent
  • Team Vicar: Leon Sim
  • Curate: Leon Catallo
  • Curate: Lawrence Braschi
Plymouth (St Jude) [St Jude Mission Community]
  • St Jude, Plymouth
  • Priest-in-Charge: Tim Smith
  • Curate: Kimberley Lovell
Plymouth (St Peter) and the Holy Apostles [St Peter & the Holy Apostles Mission Community]
  • St Peter the Apostle, Plymouth
  • St James the Less, Ham Drive
  • St Thomas the Apostle, Keyham
  • Priest-in-Charge: Dave Way
Plympton (St Mary the Blessed Virgin) (St Maurice) [Plympton Mission Community]
  • St Mary the Blessed Virgin, Plympton
  • Team Rector: Rob Harris
  • Team Vicar: Will Sweeney
  • St Maurice, Plympton
Plymstock (St Mary and All Saints) and Hooe [Plymstock Mission Community]
  • St Mary & All Saints, Plymstock
  • St John the Evangelist, Hooe
  • Good Shepherd, Oreston
  • Holy Family, Staddiscombe
  • Team Rector: Jennie Appleby
  • Team Vicar: Dave Appleby
  • NSM: Marion Hinks
Stoke Damerel (St Andrew with St Luke) and Devonport St Aubyn
  • SS Andrew & Luke, Stoke Damerel
  • St Aubyn, Devonport
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Tamerton Foliot (St Mary) and Southway [Tamerton Foliot & Southway Mission Community]
  • St Mary, Tamerton Foliot
  • Team Rector: David Gill
  • Team Vicar: Iain Robertson
  • Holy Spirit, Southway

1part of the Holy Family Mission Community

2part of the Sacred Heart Mission Community

3part of the St Boniface, St Budeaux & St Philip Mission Community

Deanery of Tavistock

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bere Ferrers (St Andrew) [Bere Ferrers with Bere Alston Mission Community] [152]
  • Rector: Nick Law
  • Curate: Dawn Oakley
Buckland Monachorum (St Andrew) [Buckland Monachorum Mission Community]
  • St Andrew, Buckland Monachorum
  • Holy Spirit, Milton Combe
  • Vicar: Graham Cotter
  • Curate: Andrew Farmer
Lifton (St Mary), Broadwoodwidger, Stowford, Lewtrenchard, Thrushelton and Kelly with Bradstone1
  • St Mary, Lifton
  • St Nicholas, Broadwoodwidger
  • St Mary the Virgin, Kelly
  • St Peter, Lewtrenchard
  • St John the Baptist, Stowford
  • St George, Thrushelton
  • Vicar: Tim Deacon
Milton Abbot (St Constantine), Dunterton, Lamerton, Sydenham Damerel, Marystowe and Coryton1
  • St Constantine, Milton Abbot
  • St Andrew, Coryton
  • St Peter, Lamerton
  • St Mary, Sydenham Damerel
  • St Mary the Virgin, Marystowe
  • All Saints, Dunterton
  • Vicar: Andy Atkins
Peter Tavy (St Peter) and Mary Tavy2
  • St Peter, Peter Tavy
  • St Mary, Mary Tavy
  • Rector: Vacant
Tavistock (St Eustachius), Gulworthy and Brent Tor2 [155]
  • Vicar: Christopher Hardwick
  • Curate: Steven Martin
  • Curate: Judith Blowey
  • NSM: Michael Loader
  • NSM: Susan Tucker
  • St Michael de Rupe, Brent Tor
  • Christ Church, North Brentor
Whitchurch (St Andrew)2
  • St Andrew, Whitchurch
  • Priest-in-Charge: Sean Brassil
  • NSM: Miranda Donne
Yelverton (St Paul), Meavy, Sheepstor, Walkhampton, Sampford Spiney and Horrabridge [West Dartmoor Mission Community]
  • St Paul, Yelverton
  • St John the Baptist, Horrabridge
  • St Peter, Meavy
  • St Mary, Sampford Spiney
  • St Leonard, Sheepstor
  • St Mary the Virgin, Walkhampton
  • St Michael & All Angels, Princetown
  • Rector: Nick Shutt
  • Curate: Gary Shirley
  • Curate: Diane Caine

1part of the Tamar Mission Community

2part of the Tavy Mission Community


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Further reading

  • Oliver, George (1846) Monasticon Dioecesis Exoniensis: being a collection of records and instruments illustrating the ancient conventual, collegiate, and eleemosynary foundations, in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon, with historical notices, and a supplement, comprising a list of the dedications of churches in the Diocese, an amended edition of the taxation of Pope Nicholas, and an abstract of the Chantry Rolls; [with supplement and index]. Exeter: P. A. Hannaford, 1846, 1854, 1889

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