Diocese of Ely

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Diocese of Ely
Diocese of Ely arms.svg
Armorials of Bishop of Ely: Gules, three ducal coronets or[1]
Ecclesiastical province Canterbury
Archdeaconries Cambridge, Huntingdon and Wisbech
Parishes 309
Churches 339
Cathedral Ely Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely
Suffragan David Thomson, Bishop of Huntingdon
Archdeacons Hugh McCurdy, Archdeacon of Huntingdon and Wisbech
Alex Hughes, Archdeacon of Cambridge[2]

The Diocese of Ely is a Church of England diocese in the Province of Canterbury. It is headed by the Bishop of Ely, who sits at Ely Cathedral in Ely. There is one suffragan (subordinate) bishop, the Bishop of Huntingdon. The diocese now covers the modern ceremonial county of Cambridgeshire (excluding the Soke of Peterborough) and western Norfolk. The diocese was created in 1109 out of part of the Diocese of Lincoln.

The diocese is ancient, and the area of Ely was part of the patrimony of Saint Etheldreda. A religious house was founded in the city in 673. After her death in 679 she was buried outside the church, and her remains were later reburied inside, the foundress being commemorated as a great Anglian saint.

The diocese has had its boundaries altered various times. From an original diocese covering the historic county of Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely, Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire were added in 1837 from the Diocese of Lincoln, as was the Sudbury archdeaconry in Suffolk from the Diocese of Norwich. In 1914 Bedfordshire became part of the Diocese of St Albans, and western Suffolk became part of the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, whilst Ely took a western part of the Diocese of Norwich. Peterborough remains the seat of the Diocese of Peterborough.[3]

Today the Diocese covers an area of 1,507 square miles (3,900 km2). It has a population of 705,000 and comprises 209 benefices, 303 parishes and 335 churches with 145 stipendiary parochial clergy.


The diocesan Bishop of Ely (Stephen Conway) is assisted by David Thomson, Bishop suffragan of Huntingdon.

There are also six retired bishops living in the diocese who are licensed as honorary assistant bishops:

Alternative episcopal oversight (for parishes in the diocese which reject the ministry of priests who are women) is provided by the provincial episcopal visitor, Norman Banks, Bishop suffragan of Richborough, who is licensed as an honorary assistant bishop of the diocese to facilitate his work there.

The Bishop of Peterborough has also been commissioned as assistant bishop in the diocese so that he can exercise pastoral care in several old Huntingdonshire parishes now within the Peterborough unitary authority: including Stanground, Orton, Woodston, Yaxley and Fletton.[10][11][12][13]

Archdeaconries and deaneries

Diocese Archdeaconries Rural Deaneries
Diocese of Ely Archdeaconry of Cambridge Deanery of Bourn
Deanery of Cambridge North
Deanery of Cambridge South
Deanery of Fordham and Quy
Deanery of Granta
Deanery of North Stowe
Deanery of Shingay
Archdeaconry of Huntingdon and Wisbech Deanery of Ely
Deanery of Fincham and Feltwell
Deanery of Huntingdon
Deanery of March
Deanery of St Ives
Deanery of St Neots
Deanery of Wisbech Lynn Marshland
Deanery of Yaxley



Ely Cathedral[14]

St Peter, Ely

Bourn Deanery

Cambourne Church (CoE/BU/Meth/URC) (Minister: Vacant)[15]

Lordsbridge Team (Team Rector: Alison Myers; Team Vicars: Rebecca Gilbert, Vacant; Self-Supporting Minister: Charles Fraser; Curate: Beth Cope)[16]

  • St Peter, Barton
  • St Michael & All Angels, Caldecote
  • St Mary, Comberton
  • St Peter, Coton
  • SS Peter & Paul, Dry Drayton
  • St Mary, Great Eversden
  • St Mary, Hardwick
  • Assumption of Mary, Harlton
  • All Saints, Haslingfield
  • St Helen, Little Eversden
  • St Andrew, Toft

Papworth Team Ministry (Team Rector: Nigel di Castiglione; Team Vicar: Stephen Day; Associate Priest: Nigel Pearson)[17]

  • SS Helena & Mary, Bourn
  • St Peter, Boxworth
  • St Andrew, Caxton
  • St James, Croxton
  • Holy Trinity, Elsworth
  • SS Pandionia & John the Baptist, Eltisley
  • St Botolph, Graveley
  • All Saints & St Andrew, Kingston
  • All Saints, Knapwell
  • St Mary the Virgin, Longstowe
  • St Peter, Papworth Everard
  • St Michael, Toseland
  • Holy Cross, Yelling

Cambridge North Deanery

Christ the Redeemer, Cambridge (Vicar: Roger Williams)[18]

Christ Church Cambridge (Vicar: Steve Midgley)[19]

St Mary the Great, Cambridge (Priest-in-Charge: Peter Judd; Associate Vicar: Devin McLachlan)[20]

Church at Castle - includes 1 Methodist church (Team Rector: Philipa King; Team Vicar: Janet Bunker; Assistant Curate: Geoff Dumbreck)[21]

  • St Augustine of Canterbury, Cambridge
  • St Giles, Cambridge
  • St Luke, Cambridge (CoE/URC) (Minister: Charles Mather)

St Clement, Cambridge (Priest-in-Charge: Nick Moir; Associate Priest: John Morgan)[22]

St George, Chesterton (Ruth Adams)

St Matthew, Cambridge (Vicar: Frank Price)[23]

The Good Shepherd, Cambridge (Vicar: David Maher; Curates: Judith Gretton-Dann, Rachel Blanchflower)[24]

St Andrew the Great, Cambridge (Vicar: Alasdair Paine; Associate Vicars: Tom Hutchings, Charlie Newcombe; Curate: Rich Alldritt)[25]

St Andrew, Chesterton (Vicar: Nick Moir; Associate Priest: Dorothy Peyton-Jones; Curate: Kathryn Waite)[26]

Fen Ditton, Horningsea and Teversham (Priest-in-Charge: Alun Ford)

  • St Mary the Virgin, Fen Ditton
  • St Peter, Horningsea[27]
  • All Saints, Teversham[28]

St John, Orchard Park (not attached to a deanery) (Vicar: Chris Lowe)[29]

Cambridge South Deanery

St John the Evangelist, Cambridge (Priest-in-Charge: James Shakespeare)[30]

Parish of St Martin (Vicar: Johannes Roth)[31]

  • St Martin, Cambridge
  • St Thomas, Cambridge

Holy Trinity, Cambridge (Vicar: Rupert Charkham; Curate: Oli Benyon)[32]

St Mary the Less, Cambridge (Vicar: Robert Mackley; Curate: Gregory Lipovsky)[33]

St Barnabas, Cambridge[34]

St Bene't, Cambridge[35]

St Botolph, Cambridge[36]

St Edward King and Martyr, Cambridge[37]

St James, Cambridge[38]

St Paul, Cambridge[39]

St Philip, Cambridge[40]

St Andrew, Cherry Hinton[41]

Grantchester and Newnham

  • SS Andrew & Mary, Grantchester[42]
  • St Mark, Newnham[43]

SS Mary & Michael, Trumpington[44]

Ely Deanery

Ely Team Ministry (Priest-in-Charge: Chris Hill; Team Vicar: Natalie Andrews; Curates: David Newton, James Hickish)

Littleport plus Coveney (Vicar/Priest-in-Charge: Howard Robson)

  • St George, Littleport [48]
  • St Peter-ad-Vincula, Coveney

Sutton, Witcham & Mepal (Priest-in-Charge: Mary Hancock)

  • St Mary, Mepal
  • St Martin, Witcham
  • St Andrew, Sutton-in-the-Isle

Grunty Fen Group (Vicar: Fiona Brampton; Associate Priests; Teresa Dixon, Jenny Gage)

  • St Peter, Wentworth
  • St Andrew, Witchford
  • Holy Trinity, Haddenham[49]
  • St Peter, Wilburton

Fincham and Feltwell Deanery

Team (Associate Priest (NSM): Ken Waters)

  • Grimshoe Benefice (Rector: Joan Horan)[50]
    • St Mary, Feltwell
    • St James, Hockwold
    • St Andrew, Northwold
    • St Mary, Southery
    • St Mary the Virgin, Weeting
    • St George, Methwold
  • Barton Bendish with Beachamwell and Shingham Benefice
    • St Andrew, Barton Bendish
    • St Mary the Virgin, Beachamwell
  • All Saints, Boughton
  • Denver and Ryston with Roxham and West Dereham and Bexwell Benefice (Rector: Judith Grundy)
    • St Mary the Virgin, Bexwell[51]
    • St Mary, Denver
    • St Michael, Ryston
    • St Andrew, West Dereham
  • St Margaret of Antioch, Wereham
  • Wretton with Stoke Ferry and Whittington Benefice
    • Christ Church, Whittington
    • All Saints, Wretton

Downham Market and Crimplesham with Stradsett Benefice (Rector: James Mather; Associate Priest (NSM): Alan Davies)

  • St Mary, Crimplesham
  • St Edmund, Downham Market[52]
  • St Mary, Stradsett

St Martin, Fincham

Hilgay Benefice (Acting Priest-in-Charge: James Mather)

  • All Saints, Hilgay
  • St Mark, Ten Mile Bank

Holy Trinity, Marham

Wimbotsham with Stow Bardolph and Stow Bridge with Nordelph Benefice (Vacant)

  • St Mary the Virgin, Wimbotsham
  • Holy Trinity, Nordelph (services held in village hall)
  • Holy Trinity, Stow Bardolph
  • St Peter, Stow Bridge

All Saints, Shouldham

St Mary the Virgin, Shouldham Thorpe

St Andrew, South Runcton

Watlington Benefice (Vacant)[53]

  • SS Peter & Paul, Watlington
  • St Michael & All Angels & Holy Cross, Wormegay
  • St James, Runcton Holme
  • St Botolph, Tottenhill

Granta Deanery[54]

Granta Vale Benefice (Rector: Vacant; House for Duty: Vacant)

  • St Mary the Virgin, Great Abington
  • Holy Trinity, Hildersham
  • St Mary, Little Abington
  • Holy Trinity, Balsham[55]
  • St Mary, West Wickham
  • St Andrew, West Wratting
  • St Mary, Weston Colville

Sawston with Babraham (Priest-in-Charge: Alan Partridge)

  • St Mary the Virgin, Sawston[56]
  • St Peter, Babraham[57]

Linton Group (Team Rector: Margaret Guite; Team Vicar: John Fisher)[58]

  • St Mary, Linton
  • St Mary, Bartlow
  • All Saints, Castle Camps
  • All Saints, Horseheath
  • St Mary, Shudy Camps

Duxford, Hinxton & Ickleton (Priest-in-Charge: Petra Shakeshaft; Associate Priest: Phil Sharkey)[59]

St Mary the Virgin, Great Shelford (Priest-in-Charge: Simon Talbott; Assistant Curate: Monica Cameron)[60]

Harston, Hauxton and Newton (Priest-in-Charge (House for Duty): Brigid Hadfield)[61]

  • All Saints, Harston
  • St Edmund, Hauxton
  • St Margaret of Antioch, Newton

All Saints, Little Shelford (Rector: Simon Scott; Curate: Christopher Henderson)[62]

St Andrew, Stapleford (Vicar: Simon Taylor)[63]

Whittlesford and Pampisford (Priest-in-Charge: Caroline Wilson)

  • St John the Baptist, Pampisford[64]
  • SS Mary & Andrew, Whittlesford[65]

Diocesan news publications

Publication From To
Ely Diocesan Remembrancer[66] May 1885 December 1915
Ely Diocesan Gazette[67] January 1916 November 1989
Ely Ensign[68] December 1989 January 2007
eLife Diocesan Newsletter January 2009 Present


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