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Dhu’ayb bin Mūsā al-Wādi‘ī al-Hamdānī (died 10 Muharram 546 AH (1151 CE) in Hooth, Yemen) was the first Da'i al-Mutlaq, a position of spiritual authority in Musta'li Isma'ili Islam. He was appointed to the position by Queen Arwa al-Sulayhi of Yemen on 22 Sha'ban 532 AH. Syedna Dhu’ayb was a member of the Banu Hamdan tribe that ruled Yemen.

Appointment as Dai al-Mutlaq by Arwa al-Sulayhi

Arwa al-Sulayhi had been named "Hujja" by Ma'ad al-Mustansir Billah, the Fatimid Imam. Dai was the intermediary between the Imam (whose headquarters were at Cairo and Yemen), and called Dai al-Balagh. Dai Lamak ibn Malik and his son Dai Yahya ibn Lamak (d. 1126 AD) were the dai of that era.[1] After the death of the twentieth Ismaili imam Al-Amir, his child At-Tayyib Abi l-Qasim, only a few years old, became the twenty-first Imam. As Tayyib was not in a position to run the Ismaili dawah ("mission"), Al-Amir authorised Arwa al-Sulayhi to run it. She empowered Dhu'ayb ibn Musa to manage the dawah in Yemen under instruction of Imam Amir and extend its influence in India. The Dai had become the Dai al-Mutlaq ("dai with absolute authority") and was made independent from political activity. Because of the independence of the dai, the Fatimid dawat could survive even after Arwa al-Sulayhi's Sulayhid dynasty had lost power in Yemen[2]

Zoeb bin Mūsā in the history of the Imāmī-Tāyyībī-Mustā‘līan Bohras

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