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A deodorizing toilet seat is a toilet seat that comes with integrated air purifier and air freshener solutions to combat bad odours.



Brondell's Breeza activates automatically by using a smart sensor to detect when the user sits on. It captures odours at the source through an optimized intake and quiet fan; purifies the air the air with an odour absorbing activated carbon replaceable filter, and freshens the air with natural aromatherapy vent. It is powered by two D-cell batteries, which last up to 9 months. It was pulled out of the market in 2011, due to high manufacturing costs and low demand.

Swash 1000

Brondell's Swash 1000 features an automatically activated carbon deodorizer which can suck the air from the toilet bowl and blow it through a catalyst wall of activated charcoal that absorbs odours. By pressing the deodorize button, it will run on high for approximately 1 minute. Besides the deodorize function, the Swash 1000 also has features that are common among electronic bidets, such as posterior wash, feminine wash, self-cleaning nozzle, nozzle position adjustment, adjustable water pressure, water and drying temperature setting, oscillating setting, heated seat and others.[1][2]


Kohler's Purefresh has a built in quiet fan that sucks in air and pushes it through an odour-eating carbon filter. It also adds pleasant scents to mask any unwanted odours by flowing air over a scent pack similar to air fresheners. It turns on automatically when someone sits down on it. It is powered by two ā€˜Dā€™ batteries which last around six months, along with the filter, while the scent packs have to be replaced monthly.[3]


The Eliminator is a small suction fan with an activated carbon filter cartridge that is placed within the flush tank. It works by drawing air from the bowl, thus preventing from odours to rise and waft from the toilet bowl into the bathroom when the toilet is in use. The odors are drawn upwards through the independent overflow pipe within the cistern and then pass through the activated carbon filter where the odors are totally eliminated. It is fully automatic with a robust auto sensor system as standard and comes complete with an AC/DC mains adapter or alternatively with a rechargeable battery pack. In 2015, The Eliminator was rebranded as The Odorless and started a Kickstarter project. It successfully raised $33,633 of its pledged of $27,000 goal.[4]

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