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Deep Cotton is an American funk duo based in Atlanta, whose members are Chuck Lightning and Nate "Rocket" Wonder.[1] Part of the Wondaland Arts Society,[2][3] they are also sometimes called the "Punk Prophets".[4]

Music career

Lightning and Wonder met in 2002 at Morehouse College in Atlanta.[5] The pair were roommates, and began collaborating when Lightning overheard Wonder playing music and started shouting to his music. Wonder said this became a competition to see who could "out-crazy" the other person, and their musical collaboration is basically a chance to do "whatever the hell we want."[6]

They produce music, including that of Grammy nominated artist Janelle Monáe, another co-founder of the Wondaland collective.[3] They began to gain notoriety of their own after their song "We're Far Enough from Heaven Now We Can Freak Out" was featured in a Sonos commercial featuring Monáe.[7][8] The single was released in October 2012.[9]

Personal life

Wonder is the older brother of Roman GianArthur, another member of the Wondaland Arts Collective.[10]



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