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The Deanery of Lafford is an historic deanery in the Anglican Diocese of Lincoln[1] in England. Located around the market town of Sleaford, it covers an area of c.200 square miles and serves a population of c.36,000.[2]

In 1910 the Deanery was divided into the Deaneries of Lafford i or North Lafford, and the Deanery of Lafford ii or South Lafford. The two Deaneries re-merged in 1964 to form Lafford Deanery.[3]

Parishes of the Gilbertine Benefice were added in 2010.[4]

Rural Deans of Lafford

  • 1978-1987: Thomas George Williamson[5]
  • 1987-1996: John Stephen Thorold[6]
  • 1996-2002: Canon Samuel Hall Speers[7]
  • 2002-2003: Graham Parry Williams[8]
  • 2003-2007: Peter John Mander[9]
  • 2008-2012: John Andrew Patrick[10]
  • 2012-present: Christine Pennock[11]

Parish churches

The following ecclesiastical parish churches were part of Lafford Deanery as of April 2012.

Note: The parish churches marked † were not part of the deanery as it was constituted in the nineteenth century.[12]
  • Anwick, St Edith
  • Asgarby, St Andrew
  • Aslackby, St James
  • Aswarby, St Denys
  • Aunsby, St Thomas Of Canterbury
  • Billingborough, St Andrew
  • Billinghay, St Michael And All Angels
  • Bloxholm, St Mary
  • Burton Pedwardine, St Andrew/Blessed Virgin Mary/St Nicholas
  • Cranwell, St Andrew
  • Dembleby, St Lucia
  • Digby, St Thomas Of Canterbury
  • Dorrington, St James
  • Dowsby, St Andrew †
  • Evedon, St Mary
  • Ewerby, St Andrew
  • Folkingham, St Andrew
  • Great & Little Hale, St John The Baptist
  • Heckington, St Andrew
  • Helpringham, St Andrew
  • Horbling, St Andrew †
  • Kirkby Green, Holy Cross †
  • Kirkby Laythorpe, St Denys
  • Leasingham, St Andrew
  • Martin, Holy Trinity†
  • New Sleaford, St Denys
  • Newton, St Botolph
  • North Kyme, St Luke †
  • Osbournby, St Peter & St Paul
  • Pickworth, St Andrew
  • Quarrington and Old Sleaford, St Botolph
  • Rowston, St Clement
  • Ruskington, All Saints
  • Scopwick, Holy Cross
  • Scot Willoughby, St Andrew
  • Scredington, St Andrew
  • Pointon, Christchurch
  • Silk Willoughby, St Denys
  • South Kyme, St Mary & All Saints
  • Swarby, St Mary And All Saints
  • Swaton, St Michael
  • Threekingham, St Peter
  • Timberland, St Andrew †
  • Walcot, St Nicholas
  • Walcott, St Oswald †


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