Darkness Falls: The Crusade

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Darkness Falls: The Crusade
Developer(s) Mythic Entertainment
Publisher(s) GameStorm, AOL, Centropolis Entertainment
Release 1999
Genre(s) MUD
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Darkness Falls: The Crusade was an internet fantasy MUD-style game developed by Mythic Entertainment, and which has been hosted by America Online, GameStorm, and Centropolis Entertainment. The game was a sequel to Darkness Falls that was offered on the AOL and Gamestorm gaming services. The game is in large part the intellectual concept behind Mythic Entertainment's Dark Age of Camelot.

This game is no longer available as of early 2006 along with all other games offered on the Mythic-Realms gaming center excluding Dragon's Gate.


The game world consisted of 3 individual realms: Good, Chaos, and Evil; each associated with a primary God: Niord, Ra'Kur, and Arnak respectively. The object of the game was to obtain the other two realms 3 orbs (informally known as Idols) and return them to your own realms shrines and to protect them. There were 3 types of orbs, one for each realm: Knowledge, Power, and Strength. Knowledge gave that realm a 10% increase in experience points gained per kill, power gave a 10% boost in magical abilities, and strength gave a 10% boost in physical combat skills to whichever realm maintained possession. There was also a 4th continent known as Kaid that, depending on the current in-game situation, either rotated between realms or was open to all at once. The maximum level obtainable was 75, an increase from DF1's level 50 max, and was only obtained by a select few individuals and was largely subject to which class they were.


There were seven types of ward: power, endurance, healing, combat, magic, lethargy and anti-scry. Each type of ward had four levels: minor, normal, improved, and greater. Each level increased the benefits given by the ward to the player.

Realm Points

The focus of the game was on player-killing (PK).[citation needed] Each time a player killed a member of an opposing realm, they would gain a certain number of realm points. As a player gained realm points, their realm rank would increase. A higher realm rank would give the player a skill bonus, with the maximum attainable rank being 64,000 realm points, although the total realm points attainable was 65,000. This rank provided a bonus of 37% to all skills.

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