Dalisandus in Pamphylia

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Dalisandus or Dalisandos (Ancient Greek: Δαλισανδός) was an ancient city and bishopric in eastern Pamphylia,[1] in Asia Minor (Anatolia, Asian Turkey) and remains a Latin titular see.

It was situated near Lake Seydişehri in Turkey.[2]


This Dalisandus is not mentioned in the Synecdemus, which does mention another Dalisandus in Isauria. However, it is included in the Notitiae Episcopatuum of the Patriarchate of Constantinople as a suffragan see of Side, the capital of the late Roman province of Pamphylia Prima.[3][4]

Titular see

No longer a residential bishopric, Dalisandus in Pamphylia is today listed by the Catholic Church as a Latin titular bishopric[2] since the diocese was nominally restored in 1933.

It is vacant for decades, having had the following incumbents of the fitting Episcopal (lowest) rank:[5]

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