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Second Keihan Highway around Hirakata City

The Second Keihan Highway (第二京阪道路, Daini Keihan Dōro) is a national highway and 6-laned Regional High-Standard Highways(expressway) in Japan, leading from Fushimi-ku, Kyoto to Kadoma, Osaka. This road is a bypass of Japan National Route 1.

Expressway part


Daini Keihan Road
第二京阪道路 E89
Route information
Maintained by West Nippon Expressway Company
Length 28.3 km (17.6 mi)
Existed 2003–present
National Route 1
Major junctions
North end Oguraike Toll Booth
H8 Hanshin Expressway Kyoto Route
in Kyoto
South end Kadoma Junction
E26 Kinki Expressway
in Kadoma, Osaka
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

This expressway is officially referred to as the Second Keihan Highway and the Rakunan Connecting Highway (洛南連絡道路, Rakunan Renraku Dōro). It is signed E89 under Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "2016 Proposal for Realization of Expressway Numbering."[1] The length of this road is 28.3 km.

Interchanges and features

No. Name Connections Dist. from start (km) Bus stop Notes Location
Through to H8 Hanshin Expressway Kyoto Route
TB Oguraike TB 0.5 - Kyoto Kyoto Prefecture
1 Oguraike IC 0.9
2 Kumiyama JCT E88 Keiji Bypass 2.0 - Kumiyama
3 Kumiyama-minami IC Kyoto Pref. Route 15 (Uji-Yodo Route) 4.8 -
4 Yawata-higashi IC 5.5 - Yawata
4-1 Yawata JCT E1A Shin-Meishin Expressway 8.5 -
5 Kyotanabe TB/Kyotanabe Matsui IC 9.0 - Kyotanabe
PA Kyotanabe PA/BS S
6 Hirakata-higashi IC National Route 307
Osaka Pref. Route 17 (Hirakata-Takatsuki Route)
11.4 - Hirakata Osaka Prefecture
7 Hirakata Gakken IC 13.0 -
8 Katano-kita IC Osaka Pref. Route 7 (Hirakata-Yamatokōriyama Route) 14.4 - Katano
9 Katano-minami IC National Route 168
Osaka Pref. Route 20 (Hirakata-Tondabayashi-Izumisano Route)
18.5 - Hirakata
10 Neyagawa-kita IC 19.4 - Neyagawa
TN Neyagawa Shoji TN - Length - 780m
11 Neyagawa-minami IC 24.1 -
12 Daini Keihan Kadoma IC Osaka Pref. Route 2 (Osaka Center Circular Route)
Osaka Pref. Route 15 (Yao-Ibaraki Route)
27.4 - Kadoma
- Kadoma TB - -
3-1 Kadoma JCT E26 Expressway (Japan).png Kinki Expressway 28.3 -

Highway Part

The length of this road is 29.7 km.


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