Dai Sentai Goggle-V

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Dai Sentai Goggle-V
Goggle-V Title Card.jpg
Title Screen
Genre Tokusatsu
Superhero fiction
Science fiction
Created by Toei
Starring Ryouji Akagi
Jyunichi Haruta
Shigeki Ishii
Sanpei Godai
Megumi Oogawa
Narrated by Toru Ohira
Composer(s) Michiaki Watanabe
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 50
Producer(s) Moriyoshi Katō
Takeyuki Suzuki
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) TV Asahi
Toei Company
Toei Advertising
Original network TV Asahi
Original release February 6, 1982 – January 29, 1983
Preceded by Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan
Followed by Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

Dai Sentai Goggle-V (大戦隊ゴーグルファイブ, Dai Sentai Gōguru Faibu, also called Dai Sentai Goggle Five)[Note 1] is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It was the sixth installment in Toei Company's Super Sentai metaseries of tokusatsu television dramas. It aired on TV Asahi from February 6, 1982 to January 29, 1983, with a total of 50 episodes. Its international English title as listed by Toei is simply Goggle V.[1]


The Dark Science Empire Desdark launches its scheme for world conquest from their Destopia Castle in Germany. Dr. Hideki Hongo, founder of the Future Science Laboratory, is saved from one of their attacks by world class explorer Kenichi Akama. Using his Computer Boys & Girls, Hongo recruits five people, including Akama, to form the Dai Sentai Goggle-V (Goggle 5), the only force capable of stopping Desdark.


Future Science Laboratory


The Goggle-V is a team that was recruited and formed by the Future Science Laboratory; their battle phrase is "Fight! Dai Sentai Goggle-V!" (斗え!大戦隊ゴーグルファイブ!, Tatakae! Dai Sentai Gōguru Faibu!). Like Denziman, their surnames include their color.

  • Kenichi Akama (赤間健一, Akama Ken'ichi)/Goggle Red (ゴーグルレッド, Gōguru Reddo): A world class explorer and mountain climber, aged 22. By saving Dr. Hongo from Desdark's Madaramen, he came to realize what peril the world was in. His forehead jewel is the ruby (it has the lowest roll call pitch), symbolizing Atlantis. His rhythmic gymnastic apparatus is the rope. Akama appeared in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai along with his 23 fellow Red Warriors.
    • Weapons: Red Ruby Whip (レッドルビームチ, Reddo Rubī Muchi) and Red Rope (レッドロープ, Reddo Rōpu).
    • Attacks: Red Punch (レッドパンチ, Reddo Panchi), Red Kick (レッドキック, Reddo Kikku), Red Ruby Beam (レッドルビー光線, Reddo Rubī Kōsen), and Red Windmill (レッド風車, Reddo Fūsha).
  • Kanpei Kuroda (黒田官平, Kuroda Kanpei)/Goggle Black (ゴーグルブラック, Gōguru Burakku): The president of the chess club at Touto University, aged 26. He is second-in-command and he specializes in strategy. Normally a janitor at Korakuen Stadium (replaced by the Tokyo Dome after the series ended). His forehead jewel is the emerald (second lowest pitch), symbolizing Asia, specifically Angkor Wat. His rhythmic gymnastic apparatus is the clubs.
    • Weapons: Black Clubs (ブラッククラブ, Burakku Kurabu), Black Emerald Nunchaku (ブラックエメラルドヌンチャク, Burakku Emerarudo Nunchaku), and Iron Arm (アイアンアーム, Aian Āmu).
    • Attacks: Black Shadow (ブラックシャドー, Burakku Shadō), Black Windmill Whirlwind (ブラック風車旋風, Burakku Fūsha Senpū), Energy Dispatch Machine (エネルギー発信機, Enerugī Hasshin Ki), Black Dark Run (ブラック闇走り, Burakku Yami Hashiri), Black Chess Art (ブラック将棋拳法, Burakku Shōgi Kenpō), Screw Kick (スクリューキック, Skuryū Kikku), Black Windmill Kick (ブラック風車蹴り, Burakku Fūsha Keri), Black Clone (ブラック分身, Burakku Bunshin), and Black Junior (ブラックジュニア, Burakku Junia).
  • Saburo Aoyama (青山三郎, Aoyama Saburō)/Goggle Blue (ゴーグルブルー, Gōguru Burū): An ice hockey player and would-be inventor, aged 20. He develops a friendship with Kijima. He is also good with children. His forehead jewel is the sapphire (middle pitch), symbolizing Egypt. His rhythmic gymnastic apparatus is the hoop.
    • Weapons: Blue Ring (ブルーリング, Burū Ringu) and Blue Sapphire Jet Ring (ブルーサファイヤジェットリング, Burū Safaiya Jetto Ringu).
    • Attacks: Portable Rocket (携帯ロケット, Keitai Roketto), Blue Jet Dash (ブルージェットダッシュ, Burū Jetto Dasshu), Blue Jet Kick (ブルージェットキック, Burū Jetto Kikku), Blue Windmill Whirlwind (ブルー風車旋風, Burū Fūsha Senpū), Spin Kick (スピンキック, Supin Kikku), Kangaroo Kick (カンガルーキック, Kangarū Kikku), and Flamingo Kick (フラミンゴキック, Furamingo Kikku).
  • Futoshi Kijima (黄島太, Kijima Futoshi)/Goggle Yellow (ゴーグルイエロー, Gōguru Ierō): He works at a zoo and he is the comedic one of the group. Kijima is the oldest of at 27. His forehead jewel is the opal (second highest pitch), symbolizing Mu (Lemuria). His rhythmic gymnastic apparatus is the ball.
    • Weapons: Yellow Ball (イエローボール, Ierō Bōru), Yellow Opal Megaton Ball (イエローオパールメガトンボール, Ierō Opāru Megaton Bōru), and Yellow Hammer (イエローハンマー, Ierō Hanmā).
    • Attacks: Yellow Holedigging (イエロー穴掘り, Ierō Anahori), Yellow Attack (イエローアタック, Ierō Atakku), Yellow Tackle (イエロータックル, Ierō Takkuru), Yellow Double Throw (イエロー二段投げ, Ierō Nidan Nage), and Yellow Windmill Throw (イエロー風車投げ, Ierō Fūsha Nage).
  • Miki Momozono (桃園ミキ, Momozono Miki)/Goggle Pink (ゴーグルピンク, Gōguru Pinku): A gymnast who works as an announcer at Kourakuen Stadium. Momozono is the youngest at 16, but is very mature for her age. Her forehead jewel is the diamond (highest pitch), symbolizing the Maya and Inca. Her rhythmic gymnastics apparatus is the ribbon.
    • Weapons: Pink Ribbon (ピンクリボン, Pinku Ribon), Pink Dia Baton (ピンクダイヤバトン, Pinku Daiya Baton), and Pink Mirror (ピンクミラー, Pinku Mirā). Special weapon: the ability to transform into multiple disguises and identities, like Cutie Honey.
    • Attacks: Pink Ribbon Bind (ピンクリボン締め, Pinku Ribon Shime), Pink Whirlwind (ピンク旋風, Pinku Senpū), and Pink Heart Hypnosis (ピンクハート催眠, Pinku Hāto Saimin).


The team has many combination attacks, such as the Lightning Ropes (イナズマロープ, Inazuma Rōpu), the Dynamite Clubs (ダイナマイトクラブ, Dainamaito Kurabu), the Ring Spin Typhoons (リングスピンタイフーン, Ringu Supin Taifūn), the Lightning Balls (電光ボール, Denkō Bōru), the Ribbon Sparks (リボンスパーク, Ribon Supāku), the Goggle Victory Flash (ゴーグルビクトリーフラッシュ, Gōguru Bikutorī Furasshu), the Goggle Bomber (ゴーグルボンバー, Gōguru Bonbā), the Sabre Attack (サーベルアタック, Sāberu Atakku), and the Goggle Golden Spear (ゴーグルゴールデンスピア, Gōguru Gōruden Supia). All are armed with Goggle Sabres (ゴーグルサーベル, Gōguru Sāberu). Notably, the team's weapons include versions of all the apparati used in rhythmic gymnastics, usually distributed by one core member to the others.

  • Goggle Brace (ゴーグルブレス, Gōguru Buresu): The Goggle-V's transformation device. To transform, they either call their name (Goggle (color) (ゴーグル(カラー), Gōguru (Karā))) by themselves or the team name together.
  • Goggle Machine (ゴーグルマシーン, Gōguru Mashīn) - Goggle Red's motorcycle.
  • Goggle Cougar (ゴーグルクーガー, Gōguru Kūgā) - The four-wheeled drive for the other Goggle team members.


  • Goggle Caesar (ゴーグルシーザー, Gōguru Shīzā) - The flying fortress that is launched from a pad beneath Kourakuen Stadium, launches three numbered carriers which contain the components of Goggle Robo. It is driven by Goggle Black and Goggle Pink to aid Goggle Robo in battle. It shoots missiles from its "mouth".
    • Goggle Container 1-3 (ゴーグルコンテナ, Gōguru Kontena) - Three remote controlled carrier pods carried by Goggle Caesar. Goggle Jet is carried by Goggle Container 1, Goggle Tank by Goggle Container 2, and Goggle Dump by Goggle Container 3.
  • Goggle Robo (ゴーグルロボ, Gōguru Robo) - A giant robot that is composed of three giant vehicles that combine when the command "Go! Go! Change!" is given. Its main weapon is the Earth Sword (地球剣, Chikyū Ken) and it destroys monsters with its finishing attacks like the Electron Galaxy Slash (電子銀河斬り, Denshi Ginga Kiri) and the Electron Galaxy Missile (電子銀河ミサイル, Denshi Ginga Misairu). Its other weapons are the Goggle Hand (ゴーグルハンド, Gōguru Hando) and the Hand Missile (ハンドミサイル, Hando Misairu), Goggle Flash (ゴーグルフラッシュ, Gōguru Furasshu) and Goggle Spin (ゴーグルスピン, Gōguru Supin).
    • Goggle Jet (ゴーグルジェット, Gōguru Jetto) - Goggle Red's mecha. It is stored in Goggle Container 1, with wings retracted. It forms Goggle Robo's head and chest. It can shoot down Desfighters, but Goggle Red can also use its speed to outmaneuver them. Since it is a jet, it can take off while Goggle Caesar is still airborne.
    • Goggle Tank (ゴーグルタンク, Gōguru Tanku) - Goggle Blue's mecha. It attacks with retractable missile launcher. It forms Goggle Robo's arms and back.
    • Goggle Dump (ゴーグルダンプ, Gōguru Danpu) - Goggle Yellow's mecha. It has a rectangular cavity in the back. It forms Goggle Robo's legs.


  • Dr. Hideki Hongo (本郷秀樹博士, Hongō Hideki Hakase) (1, 2, 49 & 50) - 45 years old. A doctor who works for the Future Science Laboratory and is the founder of Goggle-V.
  • Sayuri Yamamoto (山本さゆり, Yamamoto Sayuri) - The assistant of Dr. Hongou. Even after the doctor leaves, she remains in a research institute, and Goggle-V is supported with Midori.
  • Midori Wakagi (若木みどり, Wakagi Midori) (1-22) - The assistant of Dr. Hongou. Even after the doctor leaves, she remains in a research institute, and Goggle-V is supported with Sayuri.
  • Computer Boys and Girls (Comboy) (コンピューターボーイズ&ガールズ (コンボイ), Konpyūtā Bōizu ando Gāruzu (Konboi)) - Five children in blue tights who comprise the Junior Goggle 5 and support the team proper w/ the Comboyputer. Each follows a specific team member:
    • Tatsuya Ueda (上田 達也, Ueda Tatsuya) (Red, 12 years old)
    • Makoto Takenaka (竹中 誠, Takenaka Makoto) (Black, 10 years old)
    • Haruo Shimada (島田 春男, Shimada Haruo) (Blue, 8 years old)
    • Daisuke Ooyama (大山 大助, Ōyama Daisuke) (Yellow, 10 years old)
    • Akane Aizawa (相沢 あかね, Aizawa Akane) (Pink, 12 years old)

Dark Science Empire Desdark

From the time when iron was discovered in ancient Turkey, the Dark Science Empire Desdark (暗黒科学帝国デスダーク, Ankoku Kagaku Teikoku Desudāku) have existed to move the world in the shadows. United by Fuehrer Taboo, they are based from the Dark Giant Castle Destopia (暗黒巨大城デストピア, Ankoku Kyodaijō Desutopia) that launches giant robots from its gate. It is usually underwater, but it can fly. When in flight, its high-power propulsion winds wreak destructive chaos underneath.

  • Führer Taboo (総統タブー, Sōtō Tabū): A one-eyed 'super gene' product of genetic engineering that hides behind a translucent wall. He is merciless and unforgiving and seeks to reform the Earth in his image. During the final episode, Goggle Red attacked him in one on one battle thrusting him thus revealing the monster he really was in the process behind his translucent wall. When the Desdark Castle was destroyed, he finally appeared in giant form hoping to destroy the Goggle-V. He was ultimately destroyed by Goggle Robo with the eye-poking Electron Galaxy Missile when the default final attack didn't work on him.
  • General Desgiller (デスギラー将軍, Desugirā Shōgun, 1-49): A swordsman field commander in black. He is rivals with Goggle Red and close allies with Mazurka. However he betrayed Mazurka by trying to use her as a bomb. However Mazurka was able to counter and the base exploded along with him. However he was found alive and nursed back to health by the Goggle-V team until he was well to fight with them again. He showed no gratitude to the enemy by revealing the location of their new hiding place to Desmark. He piloted the last of the Kongs, Bear Kong before his death after the defeat of Bear Mozoo which he threatened Desmark in the process to use the robot.
  • Mazurka (マズルカ, Mazuruka, 1-48): The first female field commander introduced. Armed with Dark Sword Black Thunder sword. Serves Desdark faithfully and with extreme fierceness against those who oppose Desdark. She dies when showered with the powerful Hightron energy that makes her invisible and intangible while draining her life force considerably. She was expected to die from the process and the necklace given to her by Desdark would explode for in reality it was a bomb. She took the control from Desgiller and set the bomb to try to destroy Desgiller, but failed.
  • Grand Marshal Desmark (デスマルク大元帥, Desumaruku Dai Gensui, 15-50): A Pharaoh-like commander brought back to life by Taboo. He executed both Iguana and Zazoriya to reorganize Desdark as Fuehrer Taboo ordered him to. He was the last to be destroyed before the emergence of Fuehrer Taboo with Goggle Golden Spear.
  • Bella and Beth (べラ&べス, Bera to Besu, 15-50): The faceless warriors in purple and blue who can assume human forms. They are the twin handmaidens of Desmark. Were fight as two young feisty girl warriors. They were destroyed alongside Desmark.
  • Dr. Zazoriya (ザゾリヤ博士, Zazoriya Hakase, 1-15): A Desdark Scientist dressed as a scorpion-woman who builds mecha-motif robots. An occasional rival of Doctor Iguana. She was put to death by Desmark.
  • Dr. Iguana (イガアナ博士, Igaana Hakase, 1-15): A Desdark Scientist dressed as an iguana-man who builds beast-motif robots. He was put to death by Desmark.
  • Desdark-V (デスダークファイブ, Desudāku Faibu, 45): The evil counterparts of Goggle-V, they were Madaramen. They look exactly like the heroes, but their weapons are dark-grey color.
  • Madaramen (マダラマン, Madaraman): The android foot soldiers in camouflage-colored tights.


  1. Dark Science's Invasion (暗黒科学の来襲, Ankoku Kagaku no Raishū)
  2. Rise up! Futuristic Warriors (起て!未来の戦士, Tate! Mirai no Senshi)
  3. Destopia Attacks (デストピアを撃て, Desutopia o Ute)
  4. Swelling Dark Land Mines (ムクムク暗黒地雷, Mukumuku Ankoku Jirai)
  5. The Devil is a Lurking Legend (悪魔がひそむ昔話, Akuma ga Hisomu Mukashibanashi)
  6. The Villainous Wrestler's Love (悪役レスラーの愛, Akuyaku Resurā no Ai)
  7. Papa is Turned into a Ghost (幽霊になったパパ, Yūrei ni Natta Papa)
  8. Aiming at a Beautiful Professor (狙われた美人博士, Nerawareta Bijin Hakase)
  9. Hell's Mushroom Village (地獄のキノコ村, Jigoku no Kinoko Mura)
  10. The Rare Pomato's Secret (珍種ポマトの秘密, Chinshu Pomato no Himitsu)
  11. The Terrifying Magma Strategy (恐怖のマグマ作戦, Kyōfu no Maguma Sakusen)
  12. Falsehood Coming from a Sandy Hell (嘘から出た砂地獄, Uso Kara Deta Suna Jigoku)
  13. The Great Riot of the Underground Catfish (大暴れ地底ナマズ, Ōabare Chitei Namazu)
  14. It's Serious! The Earth's Sinking (大変だ!地球沈没, Taihen Da! Chikyū Chinbotsu)
  15. The Revived Demonic Commander-in-Chief (甦る悪魔の大元帥, Yomigaeru Akuma no Daigensui)
  16. Red! Close Call (レッド!危機一髪, Reddo! Kikiippatsu)
  17. The Kappa Boy's Tears (カッパ少年の涙, Kappa Shōnen no Namida)
  18. The Day the Adults Disappeared (大人が消える日, Otona ga Kieru Hi)
  19. The Secret of the Haunted House (お化け屋敷の秘密, Obakeyashiki no Himitsu)
  20. The Deadly Poisonous Flowered Cactus (死の花毒サボテン, Shi no Hana Doku Saboten)
  21. Fear! The Fish are Fossilizing (恐怖!魚が化石に, Kyōfu! Sakana ga Kaseki ni)
  22. Attack of the Cursed Puppets! (呪い人形の攻撃!, Noroi Ningyō no Kōgeki!)
  23. The Great Soap Bubble Plan (シャボン玉大作戦, Shabondama Dai Sakusen)
  24. Defeat the Unseen Enemy (見えない敵を倒せ, Mienai Teki o Taose)
  25. The Dinosaur is the Devil's Emissary (恐竜は悪魔の使者, Kyōryū wa Akuma no Shisha)
  26. Black! Great Reversal (ブラック!大逆転, Burakku! Dai Gyakuten)
  27. The Human Jungle! (人間ジャングル!, Ningen Janguru!)
  28. The Revived Dead Mozoos (甦った亡霊モズー, Yomigaetta Bōrei Mozū)
  29. Fear of Sleeping Town (眠りの街の恐怖, Nemuri no Machi no Kyōfu)
  30. Inawashiro's Golden Demon Sword (猪苗代の黄金魔剣, Inawashiro no Ōgon Maken)
  31. Blue! Great Assault! (ブルー!大突撃!, Burū! Dai Totsugeki!)
  32. Startling Boneless Humans (ドキッ骨ぬき人間, Dokihhone-nuki Ningen)
  33. Caesar Great Explosion?! (シーザー大爆破?!, Shīzā Dai Bakuha?!)
  34. It Came Forth! Golden Finishing Move (出た!黄金必殺技, Deta! Ōgon Hissatsu-waza)
  35. Iron-Eating Humans' Attack (鉄喰い人間の襲撃, Tetsu-kui Ningen no Shūgeki)
  36. Shoot-Out! 0.3 Seconds! (決闘!0・3秒!, Kettō! Rei ten San byō!)
  37. The Mysterious Bomber Attacks (謎の爆撃機を撃て, Nazo no Bakugekiki o Ute)
  38. Friendship Attack! (友情のアタック!, Yūjō no Atakku!)
  39. The Devil's Cannibal Album (悪魔の人食い絵本, Akuma no Hitokui Ehon)
  40. The Secret Base is in Danger (秘密基地が危ない, Himitsu Kichi ga Abunai)
  41. A Transformed Papa's Great Adventure (変身パパの大冒険, Henshin Papa no Daibōken)
  42. Assassination! The Scorpion's Snare (暗殺!サソリの罠, Ansatsu! Sasori no Wana)
  43. Fight to the Death! The Oval Struggle (死闘!小判争奪戦, Shitō! Koban Sōdatsusen)
  44. Oh! The Food is in the Sand (あ!食べ物が砂に, A! Tabemono ga Suna ni)
  45. Two Blacks! (二人のブラック!, Futari no Burakku!)
  46. Super Energy Arrival (超エネルギー出現, Chō Enerugī Shutsugen)
  47. This is the Ultimate Weapon (これが最終兵器だ, Kore ga Saishū Heiki Da)
  48. The Secret Base's Last Day (秘密基地最後の日, Himitsu Kichi Saigo no Hi)
  49. Shogun! The Final Challenge (将軍!最後の挑戦, Shōgun! Saigo no Chōsen)
  50. Proceed! To the Shining Future (進め!輝く未来へ, Susume! Kagayaku Mirai e)


A Goggle-V movies was released on March 13, 1982 at the Toei Manga Festival. It takes place some time between episodes 8 and 14.



International broadcasts

  • In the Philippines, Goggle V (Filipino Version) was first aired ABS-CBN 2 in 1987 Every Saturday Morning and on RPN-9 in 1998 Every Sunday Morning.
  • In Italy, the series was broadcast in the mid-1980s and re-broadcast during the Power Rangers' boom in the country
  • In Brazil, the series was aired on Rede Bandeirantes, Rede Record and TV Guaíba as "Goggle Five - Os Guerreiros do Espaço" (Dai Sentai was dubbed as "Gigantes Guerreiros", literally, "Giant Warriors"), acquired from the Italian version, in the early 1990s, following the success of Dengeki Sentai Changeman and Choushinsei Flashman in the previous decade. However, it didn't reach the same popularity of Changeman and Flashman previously had there.
  • This Super Sentai series was very popular in Indonesia during the mid-1980s. It was readily available in VHS and Betamax format for rental during that time. Goggle V was so popular, it's the only Super Sentai that has a Live Stage Show in Jakarta.[2]
  • Goggle-V was the third super sentai series being broadcast in Thailand and the first series for MCOT Channel 9.


Opening theme
Ending theme


  1. ^ Literally translated as Great Squad Goggle-V.


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